12 Best Reasons Why Use Laravel to Build Web App Development

12 Best Reasons Why Use Laravel to Build Web App Development

Laravel Web App Development

Developers find difficulty in choosing the proper framework for their application in the initial stages of project development. So, here we have come up with some stages that a developer should keep in mind while choosing the proper Laravel PHP framework for their web app development. It includes Development cost, Experience, Third-party integration, Popularity, Deployment, Testing, etc

Before choosing a framework, you need to contemplate on programming language and software development community to perform the task for you. PHP Development Services is an open-source, widely-used programming language. It is a powerful tool for making web pages . It comes with a variety of frameworks that have robust technical capabilities. Those frameworks are- Zend, Slim, CakePHP, Symfony, Yii 2, Phalcon, Laravel, etc.

Among all of the above frameworks, Laravel is the most acclaimed framework of PHP. Why is Laravel’s most popular framework? Why should developers choose Laravel amongst a variety of frameworks? You will find the answer to the above questions in this article. Before it, you have to understand what Laravel is? So, let’s get started! 

What is Laravel?

“Taylor Orwell” created Laravel. It is the most popular and power-packed open-source framework of PHP. It is an advanced alternative to the Codelgniter framework and follows a modal-view-controller design pattern based on the Symfony framework.

The popularity of the Laravel PHP framework increased more after releasing version 3. With this version, Laravel comes with the following features-

  • Command Line Interface ( known as Artisan)
  • Support for the Database system
  • Migrations
  • Packaging system (known as bundles)

Laravel has many tools and frameworks to help you build modern web applications. It offers a library of guides, documentation, and tutorial videos that help developers learn and gain expertise. Simultaneously, it has simplified the efforts of the laravel web app development company in gaining the correct user traction. 

From time to time, Laravel has come up with a new version and gets more popular with each one. In June 2011, the first stable version was released, Version 5.6 ( February 2018), Version 5.7 (September 2018), Version 5.8 (February 2019), Version 7 (March 2020), and Version 9 (February 2022).

We have seen what Laravel is. Let’s see the reasons why use it to build web app development?

Reasons to Use Laravel PHP Framework to Build Web Apps

Laravel php  framework

There are many outstanding reasons to choose Laravel. The top reasons are well explained by laravel web app development companies. Thus, here are the best 12 reasons to choose laravel for web app development.

1. Simple Coding Languages

No one in this world looks for a complex way to finish their work. Everyone wants an easier way to complete the process. In the same way, web developer utilizes laravel web development services to render the most scalable apps easily. Laravel is the one that helps developers to develop an application with the simplest coding languages. In comparison to other frameworks, it is one of the simplest coding languages. It is ideal for all types of projects.

This framework has an impressive syntax that helps developers to make their work easier. The developers can create diverse applications with the features of Laravel and satisfy the needs of various clients.

2. URL Routing

URL Routing is necessary for web applications. Without URL Routing, it is difficult for web applications to understand what the users want. It will display a blank or error page. Users use web development by clicking links or typing to see contents like a product description, an article, a contact form, etc. Laravel services allow the simple method of defining routes and make work easy for developers.

3. Effective Queue Service

The situations happen like server failure or applications becoming expensive when constant communication occurs between two parts of an application or between two or more applications. Laravel PHP framework happens to be the savior. 

Developers try to avoid these situations by adopting a message queue system at the initial stages of project development and ignoring other techniques. It helps the developers speed up the applications, maintain integrity, and load balancing.

But in Laravel, developers adopt the Queue service because it effectively manages web applications’ traffic and avoids server failure. Later on, it helps developers in time-consuming tasks like sending emails and speeds up web support to your application.

The developers can expressively define their command schedule with the help of the command schedule of the Laravel framework.

4. Impact on Market Shares

Initially, Laravel was used in several domains. Since 2019, there has been an increment in the use of Laravel. This increment will increase more in upcoming years.

According to a report, approximately 2,28,000 websites have been built by Laravel around the world. In India, with the help of Laravel 10,000 websites are created. The number will increase more in the coming years due to its popularity.

There are some domains that use Laravel Real estate, Computer, Technology, Electronics, Science & Education, Arts & Entertainment, and Business & customer service. Therefore, it is the best web development framework for the PHP family.

5. Handle Configuration Errors

Every user is looking for an error-free application or how an application handles errors because it will impact the app’s usability or customer satisfaction. The popularity of the application depends on it.

The most common place where errors are detected is Data-entry forms and display after clicking submit. No user wants to use applications that have errors. The user will stop using it if there is no proper error handling. It will decrease the popularity and usability of any applications.

Laravel PHP framework is configured with error handling tools and integrated with a Monolog logging library.

6. Assistance 24*7

Laravel is always available for developers at the time of requirement. It is an open-source framework that makes it available for developers in no time.

Developers can clear their doubts and discuss them in the virtual assistance space. The developers can also take assistance 24*7.

It is one of the famous frameworks in the IT community because Laravel has a group of prominent experts who improve the framework through their hard work.

7. Authentication and Authorization System

The creators and owners must ensure that only authorized, and paid users have access to use it and prevent unauthorized users.

Laravel delivers a highly secured framework for users. It only restricts users’ access to secure resources. It offers security against threats to users and restricts unauthorized users. Laravel PHP framework also delivers the validation of data by an authorization system.

8. Testing

Any developers can be certain about the bugs, crashes, or errors of the application only after testing and verification. After that, a developer is sure about the application and ready to release it in the market. Laravel services have automation testing that is more accurate than manual testing and helps in saving time.

Web developers make sure that every module of the web application services is tested before the site goes live. Developers examine each and every part of the website. Testing clears bugs and makes trouble-free applications for end-users.

9. Support File Caching

Web developers require high-end equipment to handle the requests of users who visit websites and send requests at the same time.

Laravel services the one that has high-end equipment that handles hundreds of requests at the same time. Laravel supports caching like Redis, Memcached, DynamoDB, and relational databases.

10. MVC Architecture

MVC means model view controller. It is a pattern that separates business logic, application, and domain from the remaining user interface. The separation will be between model, view, and controller. Laravel PHP framework is based on this architecture.

This model, view, and controller-based architectural pattern has many features like high performance, easy extension, fast intuition, and scalability.

Additional Reasons to Choose Laravel Framework

11. Artisan Tool:

Artisan is its own command-line interface of Laravel. Developers require a command line to develop and manage Laravel projects. In such conditions, Artisan Tool helps the Laravel project.

These uses are commonly in models, migrations, publishing package assets, managing database migrations, and seeding & generating boilerplate code for a new controller. By implementing new custom commands, Artisan can extend its functionality and capabilities.

12. Blade Templates:

Laravel has its own inbuilt-template engine that is known as Blade Template Engine. In comparison to other PHP templating engines, it is powerful, simple, and lightweight.

It makes the web development process faster. It doesn’t restrict the developers’ use of their code and allows them to use pre-defined code.

These are the reasons why Laravel is popular amongst web developers & development companies. Its power-packed features make it the popular choice of developers. Apart from these features, the framework has some limitations also.

Now, after getting a deep insight on reasons to choose laravel, let’s see the limitations of Laravel web development.



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Disadvantages of Laravel Web App Development

So, here are a few limitations to the framework which doesn’t impact the popularity of the Laravel PHP framework but, yes, will make you count your step.

1. The composer of Laravel web development is not strong enough if you compare it with pip (for python), Ruby gems, and nom.

2. The development of the Laravel framework is slower as compared to other frameworks.

3. Not every upgrade has a positive impact on web development. Sometimes it will be problematic. Developers may face trouble when a version gets upgraded.

4. It is not as mature as other frameworks.

5. Laravel is new, so for developers who have been using other frameworks for a long time, it is not easy for them to shift to a new framework.

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In this article, we have discussed the reasons for choosing the Laravel PHP Framework in 2022. Moreover, we have tried to answer the following important questions related to the Laravel web development framework:

1. What is Laravel?

2. What are the reasons to choose Laravel amongst other PHP frameworks to build web app development?

3. What are the features of the Laravel framework?

4. What criteria should a developer keep in mind while choosing a framework for their application?

5. What are the limitations of the Laravel framework?

We hope the article has helped you to find your answers related to the Laravel PHP Framework and understand the Laravel services.

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