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Integrated Telehealth Solutions

Integrated Telehealth Solutions for Healthcare

The expert panel of Dreamsoft4u has a highly qualified team for implanting Integrated telehealth solutions for Healthcare in client’s health systems. The team integrates or develops an intelligent solution of delivering the best healthcare practices and understanding the required strategy. Our team provides adequate eHealth infrastructure that deals in cutting down on healthcare costs & offering significant care experience to clients.

What Uniqueness Do We Add in Telemedicine App Development Solutions?

Healthcare provider like Dreamsoft4u offers prominent healthcare to the people in need. But, it might get happen that the client becomes unable to visit the clinic on time. Simultaneously, the doctors also become unavailable on location due to some hectic schedules. At this time, we deliver four kinds of services that meet every patient and doctor’s requirements. These are indicated below:

Integrated Telehealth Solutions


Integrated Telehealth Solutions

Store & Forward

Integrated Telehealth Solutions

Remote Monitoring

Telehealth Solutions

Mobile Health/Wellness

Telehealth Solutions

What Are the Features of Integrated Telehealth Solutions?

There are so many benefits of Telehealth Solutions for Healthcare. The prominent ones are given in the context below—read out all the excellent characteristics our team implements while integrating healthcare solutions for you.

Telehealth Solutions

Knowing the range of strategic telehealth options

Set Clear Goals

Telehealth Solutions

Develop a Comprehensible Telehealth Strategy

Telehealth Solutions

Provide a Customer-specific Program Development Roadmap

Highly Aligned & Sustainable Working Environment

Understand Industry Standards

Involving Best Practices

Work through Alignment & Culture Change Issues

Cloud-Based Telehealth Software

FHIR Interoperability

Our Expertise That Delivers Authentic Hipaa Compliant Telehealth Platforms

Our professionals are highly trained and dedicated to their work that each task becomes flawless. Moreover, the team focuses on delivering some benchmarks that remain in the mind of the client forever.

  • SaaS-based Interoperability
  • Video Conferencing without Buffer
  • Intellect Medical Consultations
  • Sharing Clinical & Administrative Data
  • Transmission of Images Smoothly
  • A Hold on e-Prescription for healthcare
  • Interfacing with Telesurgery Equipment
  • Telepsychiatry sessions via Patient Portal
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Why Dreamsoft4u Is the Best Platform for Advanced Telehealth Solutions?

Choosing us will accomplish your two pioneer goals, i.e., best telehealth solution and ultimate growth. Still, there so many things you get while associating with our telemedicine solutions. So here is a quick look at advances you get choosing us:


Telehealth App Development Compatibility with All Platform


Leveraging SMS


VoIP Facility


Device Camera API


We Offer Patient Engagement System


Provider-Based Portal


On-demand Virtual Doctor Apps


HIPAA Compliance

Our telehealth solutions are the best option for offering highly scalable remote healthcare practices. The tool offers HD Video Conferencing in rural to urban areas, with a physician consultation from all devices. Other benefits include:

  • Synchronized telehealth with screen sharing
  • Recording functions
  • MCU (Multipoint Control Units)
  • Reliable Streaming Software
  • Single Sign-On Capabilities
  • IVR Facility
  • Technical Support

The telehealth solution is shifting the preference from administration-based working to consumer-centric working. Specialists are obtaining new sources to develop or integration new models that can target home-based patients quickly. It includes:

  • Patient-Base Extending to Home-based care
  • No Specific Hours for Consultations
  • New or Customized Patient Reach Models
  • Improved Healthcare Environment
  • Tremendous Patient Response
  • Dashboard for All Analytics
  • Systematic Procedure

The patient can enjoy several benefits by gaining access to our provided healthcare solutions. The ease of checking health statistics, analyzing healthcare standards, etc., are some of the result-driving solutions we offer. More include:

  • Dedicated Patient Portal
  • Analytics on Dashboard
  • Personalized Medication
  • Access to Health Reports
  • Scalable Appointment & Scheduling
  • Deep Insight to Healthcare
  • Reduced Re-admissions
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We ensure to provide the best and unique service to our clients, fulfilling their requirements. We don’t say it, but our clients speak on behalf of us.

Development Process DS4U Follows For Integrated Telehealth Solutions

  • Requirement Analysis

  • UX/UI Designing

  • Development

  • Quality Analysis

  • Deployment and Delivery

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