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Hospital Information System (DS4U HIS)

DS4U HIS platform has a team of skilled professionals to manage hospital operations, medical, administrative, financial, and legal issues, etc. Simultaneously, we can customize the existing solutions as per your needs. In addition, our his hospital information system has many applications specially crafted to satisfy healthcare data needs.

Who Are We in Hospital Information System?

Our existence is for the last 15+ years in the healthcare IT sector marked our position for HIS. We deliver a highly scalable, authentic hospital information system that is capable of providing web-based, cloud-based service. Simultaneously, they get the following benefits by availing our hospital information management system (HIMS):


Enhanced Care Platform


Modular Offerings


Meet Global Standards


Improvised User Experience

What Are the Characteristics of Our Hospital Information System (HIS)?

The software aims to centralize the hospital operations and other admin to legal activities of the healthcare station. Here are some of the pioneer characteristics which make our HIS stand out from others:

Speedy Functionality

Easy Accessibility to Dashboard

Quick Access to Drug & Billing Info

Dignified Errors

Less Supervision Needed

Economical At all Levels

Individual Logins & Access Controls

Low-Cost Offerings

Multi-Lingual Support

Consultation Reports

What Expertise Do We Share with Hospital Information System?

Here is a glimpse of what technology or platform we expertise in framing the HIS for healthcare centers.

  • Net, C#
  • Winform,
  • MS SQL
  • DevExpress Component
  • MVP
  • WCF
  • EAV solution on the database layer
  • Entity Framework 4.1
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Why Should You Choose Us for Your Hospital Information System?

There are several options available in the healthcare IT sector, but choosing the right one becomes a daunting task. Hence, here are a few reasons why you should choose us for your HIS solution development:


Connecting One Department with Other


Cutting Down the Workload in Premise


Accuracy via Electronic System


Optimizing Patient Journey


Pharmacy Automation


Integrated Back Office Management


Synchronized Information


Informed Decision Making

The best part of utilizing the HIS into your healthcare workflow solves the acceptance and scheduling of patient bookings. It also helps doctors finding out spaces to check the history and other medical states of the patients.

  • Seamless Booking Interface
  • Automated Reminders for Monthly Visits
  • Notification for Slot Booking (in emergencies)
  • Clean Patient Record
  • Easy Appointment Handling
  • Staff can Management Appointments on Dashboard
  • Instant Scheduling

The software allows you to prepare a patient health record history and serve it as a consultation report. The records stored in the HIMS help administration take a clear insight into the patient’s health and provide consultation accordingly.

  • Finest Consultation
  • Free Prescription Facility
  • Availability of Prescription anytime
  • Least Chargeable Consultation
  • Information About Medication
  • Precise History Medicine
  • Easy Cancellation

Our software helps any clinic manage three main aspects of healthcare, i.e., Laboratory, Radiology Reports & Inventory. Reports like radiology, CT Scans, and others. are some of the essentials that help in doing proper investigations.

  • Authentic Lab Reports
  • Inventory Flows
  • Error Free Collection of Inventory
  • Systematic Management of Lab Reports & Inventory
  • Better Assistance in Radiology Reports
  • High Reliability
  • Futuristic Insight to Reports & Inventory
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Development Process DS4U Follows For Hospital Information System

  • Requirement Analysis

  • UX/UI Designing

  • Development

  • Quality Analysis

  • Deployment and Delivery

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