SaaS Based EMR-EHR Software Development and Integrations

SaaS Based EMR-EHR

SaaS-Based EMR & EHR Product Development

The system that has been designed on the SaaS platform had left a broad impact on the web. The information derived from online social media services made way for the growth of cloud computing. Our team of dreamsoft4u has utilized these SaaS-based applications and managed to aid the clients by cutting down on cost and jobs, exchanging computing.

What Is Offered Under SaaS Based Product Development?

The team initiates building SaaS-Based EMR and EHR Solutions by getting the business goals, competitive advantages, etc. Based on these fundamental units, we share our thoughts with the stakeholders and build up the optimal SaaS user experience. Following are the consideration that we accommodate in the application:


Behaviour & Needs of User


Discovery & Strategy Planning


Visual Design


Agile Development

What Features Makes Our SaaS-Based EHR & EMR Apps Stand Out?

A few characteristics play a significant role in the construction of building a SaaS-Based Application Development. The attributes defined here give the application a smooth & flawless, high-class working for a long run.

User Experience Architecture

Quality Assurance Testing

Analytics and Measurement

Building Open Source-based EMR/EHRs

Extensive testing

Meaningful use Consultation

ICD-10 transition


Database performance

Best Billing Systems

Our Expertise

This section will describe our expert segment and what we can add to your healthcare business. Bringing up your hopes for establishing a SaaS-Based EHR & EMR integrations will always be fruitful.

  • Higher Security
  • Database performance
  • Enhance UI
  • Handling Info on Multiple Provider
  • Data Double Entry Reduction
  • Access to Personal Medical History
  • No need of Certification with EMR facility
  • Digital Copies of Patient Charts
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Why Choose Us for SaaS-Based Product Development?

Choosing us will overcome your healthcare-related problems like sharing information securely, assigning jobs, exchanging information through medical images, etc. Following are the reason that you must read for the best possible SaaS-based development:


Working Since 2003 In Healthcare Sector


Team of Highly Skilled Professionals


Huge Experience in SaaS-Based Development


Comprehensive Solution


Extensive Functionality


Keen Global Market Insight


Predicting New Healthcare Demands


Round-the-clock expert support

Deploying SaaS in a company’s healthcare activity is not just easy but a super functionality implementation. It is among the robust data management solution that brings super flexibilities and working flows in the administration.

  • Remarkable Growth
  • High Quality of Service
  • Flexible Architecture of Healthcare
  • Helps with Day-to-Day Operation
  • Handling Administrative Tasks
  • Management of Claims
  • In-depth Business Insights

The SaaS-based healthcare solutions offer significant ease in handling all the work levels. It just acts a few taps. Configuration of setting is just simple as possible. Moreover, the suite denotes the following benefits:

  • Provides Business Peak Statistics
  • Records of 100% Patient Recovery
  • Genuine Reporting
  • Significant Volume for Storing Data
  • Focus on Other Imperative Tasks
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Ease of Sharing Information

Sometimes, building a robust, significant healthcare tool comes with extra bucks or a burden on the pocket. But with SaaS-Based EHR Solutions, everything becomes smooth and convenient.

  • High-Class Connectivity not Needed
  • Cloud-Storage
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Higher Compatibility
  • Easily Installed Programs
  • Economic Development Phase
  • Ready to Use & Customization Options
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We ensure to provide the best and unique service to our clients, fulfilling their requirements. We don’t say it, but our clients speak on behalf of us.

Development Process DS4U Follows For SaaS Based Product Development

  • Requirement Analysis

  • UX/UI Designing

  • Development

  • Quality Analysis

  • Deployment and Delivery

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