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Healthcare IT Consulting Services

Enhancing healthcare delivery through Technology

Our years of experience and expert guidance help healthcare organizations implement the latest technology solutions. We work closely with you to improve patient care and boost revenue.

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Healthcare IT Consulting Service

Healthcare IT Consulting Services

We specialize in healthcare technology and industry regulations, assisting healthcare organizations in adopting digital healthcare solutions within time and budget.

Increase in User

20% More Revenue

Our healthcare IT consulting services help you optimize your revenue cycle management, resulting in increased revenue and improved financial performance.


15% Reduced Costs

We identify opportunities for cost savings and help you implement solutions to reduce your overall healthcare spending.

Decrease Rates

Improved data security

We provide robust cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive patient information, ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

UI/UX Storytelling

Improved Workflows

Our solutions streamline your workflows and automate your processes, reducing errors and freeing up your staff’s time to focus on patient care.

User Experience

More Patients

We help you implement technology solutions that improve patient engagement, reduce the length of stay, and result in better patient satisfaction.


Better Results

Optimized digital healthcare empowers clinicians for real-time course correction, elevating recovery rates and transforming patient outcomes.


Digital roadmap

A technology roadmap that aligns with your business goals and ensures that your technology investments are optimized for the long term.


Regulatory compliance

We help you navigate complex healthcare regulations and ensure that your technology solutions comply with industry standards.


Vendor management

We assist in vendor selection and management, ensuring that you have the right technology partners to meet your needs and goals.


Improved population health

Our healthcare IT consulting services enable you to implement population health management strategies, resulting in holistic health outcomes.

Customer Satisfaction

Enhanced interoperability

We help you achieve interoperability between disparate systems, enabling seamless data exchange and collaboration across the care continuum.

data driven

Innovation and differentiation

Our healthcare IT solutions provide you with innovative technology that differentiates your organization from competitors and enables you to deliver superior patient care.

Our Healthcare IT Solutions Include

We are known to deliver the most satisfactory solution for patient care, secure PHI, and automated management that has made us grab a position among the top-notch healthcare consulting companies.

Healthcare IT Consulting Services

Healthcare Business Intelligence Solution

Our tailor-made BI solutions are designed and developed to address the actual needs of the businesses. Dreamsoft4u offers prominent business intelligence solutions that fulfill the objective of healthcare units and provide growth in a short time.

  • The rapid growth of team members and company
  • Fulfillment of set objectives
  • Business forecasting
  • Data validation
  • Ensure privacy and information security
  • Quick reporting
Healthcare Development Solutions

Digital Transformation Solutions

Our readymade and custom-based softwares offer a significant shift to companies witnessing the digital transformation. We help healthcare units accelerate their customer outreach and improvise patient care via streamlined communication.

  • Real-time patient interaction
  • Innovative healthcare solution
  • Dynamic 3D module
  • Voice-based telehealth mechanism
  • Analytical abilities
  • Authentic remote patient care
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Medical Image Analysis

Our team of medical IT consulting delivers simplified interoperable solutions. We build medical image analytical tools with the help of Machine Learning to effectively analyze this data. Simultaneously, it helps in obtaining authentic & actionable reports on patients’ minor and critical health conditions.

  • Scalable diagnostic
  • Boosting treatment possibilities
  • Ensuring patient safety
  • Enhancing health statistics
  • Quality treatment
  • AR/VR technology

What Are The Common Healthcare It Consulting Services We Offer?

Healthcare Software Development

Healthcare Software Development

  • Bringing flexible architecture & required interface.
  • Simple UI/UX design for physicians, nurses, and patients.
  • Following HIPAA compliance and other mandated regulations.
  • Training sessions (on-demand) for doctors, patients, and staff.
  • Timely healthcare software support & maintenance facility.
Healthcare Software Integration

Healthcare Software Integration

  • Dreamsoft4u offers multiple & systematic integrations.
  • You can integrate your software with third-party apps.
  • We offer clinical software integrations.
  • Dreamsoft4u provides management software integrations.
  • IoMT integrations with your existing software.
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HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Migrations

  • We deliver HIPAA -based cloud migrations.
  • Offering AWS, Azure, etc., migrations.
  • Flexible migration from one platform to another.
  • Optimizing tools operations via HIPAA-Compliant.
  • We utilize cloud resources for stable functioning.
Healthcare Software Optimization

Healthcare Software Optimization

  • We work our best to optimize the app performance.
  • Rebuilding of your healthcare software architect.
  • Introducing new features.
  • Implementing advanced technologies.
  • Security and compliance improvement.
Healthcare IT Consulting Support

Best Healthcare IT Consulting Support

  • We provide sustainable healthcare IT services.
  • Dreamsoft4u delivers best-in-class Healthcare IT solutions.
  • Healthcare IT infrastructure monitoring & maintenance.
  • Reactive IT support, i.e., L1, L3 support.
  • High-end healthcare IT tools for each of your needs.
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Cyber Security & HIPAA Compliance

  • HIPAA compliance for better safety of PHI.
  • We offer high-end facility access control.
  • Proper user management and encrypted information sharing.
  • Timely security checkups.
  • A proper backup of information from breaches or cyber threats.

Our Pioneer Healthcare IT Consulting Services We Offer

Patient Engagement Solutions

Patient Engagement Solutions

We are professionals in building patient engagement healthcare IT solutions. Simultaneously, we offer the following features in our healthcare IT services:

  • We develop tailor-made patient portals.
  • Offers highly sustainable patient websites.
  • mHealth app for tracking health parameters, nutrition standards, etc.
  • Chronic disease management applications.
  • Health monitoring and education tools.
  • Clinical and medicinal apps.
Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Dreamsoft4u offers effective RPM solutions to give you the correct audience reach and business opportunities. Following are the benefits from our RPM tool:

  • Proper analysis of patient data.
  • Healthcare accessibility to far-flung areas.
  • Best healthcare management tool.
  • Available authentic patient health reports.
  • Higher patient engagement.
  • Sharing of PHI with integrated Healthcare IT solution System.
elemedicine Software

Telemedicine Software

In the direction of optimizing the healthcare system, Dreamsoft4u is offering huge help through its Telemedicine Software. The facilities include:

  • Quick scheduling of appointments.
  • Personalized remote diagnosing.
  • Quick vital tracking.
  • Automation in every process like billing & management.
  • Integration with EHR.
  • Great staff and physician performance.
Healthcare Development Solutions

High-End Digital Therapeutics & Disease Management

Our skilled professionals build world-class chronic disease management and digital therapeutics. The software facilitates the following benefits:

  • Notification for scheduled appointments
  • Cancelation alerts
  • Lab test results reminders and medication alerts
  • Various disease-specified therapy schemes.
  • Nutrition and activity tracker
  • Systematic health report generation
Virtual Realit Software

Providing Virtual Reality (VR) Software

Dreamsoft4u being the health IT consulting firm utilizes VR technology to deliver the best healthcare outcomes. The benefits include:

  • Providing medical training & education.
  • A valuable guide for healthcare start-ups & professionals.
  • Surgery training and planning.
  • Understanding of pain management of chronic disease.
  • Patient rehabilitation.
  • Physical therapy.
Healthcare IT Consulting Service

Image Analysis Software

We believe in healthcare technology consulting and guide our clients on software handling. The features include:

  • Operational activities through medical image tools.
  • Utilization of DICOM, PACS, and other medical imaging tools.
  • Training programs for the use of CT, MRI, PRT, Ultrasounds, etc.
  • 3D image scanning of human body & parts.
  • Image analysis for a broader range of medical image standards.
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Patient Relationship Management

Dreamsoft4u offers a powerful patient relationship management (PRM) system. The facilities include the following:

  • Best-in-class patient dashboard
  • Magnificent UI/UX
  • All information at a single place
  • Direct chat and support with the physician
  • Patient count and vital detail for physician
  • Booking count, cancelation & other management
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Healthcare Data Management & Analytics

We deliver top-notch healthcare consulting services that include Data Management and Core Analysis. The benefits include:

  • Great patient outcomes
  • Analysis of physician & nurse performance
  • Research and development progress analysis
  • Building strategy to enhance healthcare business
  • Financial data analysis
  • Medical facilities and device usage
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Collaboration & Internal Process Automation

Dreamsoft4u believes in good collaborations and tries to accomplish new automation in the workflows. The facility includes:

  • We provide office 305 based collaboration
  • Workflow automation for multi-team patient care.
  • Keeping medical, administrative, and staff well-aware of critical data.
  • Remote work-culture for staff members
  • Policy management and ticketing culture
  • Authentic learning management system
Healthcare software

Facility Tracking Software

Our team of professionals brings in the healthcare consulting firm to give consultations on IoT softwares. The features include:

  • Optimized workflows.
  • Staff work tracking to avoid overloading & overtime.
  • Dreamsoft4u offers Inpatient tracking with intelligent sensors.
  • We build tools to deliver safe and timely patient care.
  • Track of underutilized or overutilized equipment.
  • Robust hospital management.

A Step By Step Guide For Dreamsoft4u Healthcare IT Consulting


Business Analysis

Once you have requested to hear from our healthcare IT consultant, we will approach you within 24 hours. Then an on-call negotiation is created to make a business analysis. It might be an on-call discussion or a one-on-one meeting. We leave this to you on how you feel convenient.

Software Design & Development

We generally prefer face-to-face sessions as it helps us address the procedure effectively. Moreover, a precise understanding of the project and development procedure is delivered to the client. Hence we recommend face-to-face conversations. But, it is also whether you want an on-call discussion or one-on-one meeting.

Project Planning

Now that everything is finalized like the client has shared his business idea and our technical aspect, we align our team on the project with a prior discussion with you. People and their roles with their expertise are fully defined to the client, and an estimation is shared.

Risk & Support Management

Next is risk and support management. Any project has some risks of failure or colossal success. We try to explain all the possibilities and success ratios of any project so that transparency can be maintained accordingly.

Project Delivery

The second final step is the project delivery. We estimate a schedule for the final delivery of the project. Our team works day & night to accomplish the delivery goals for 100% client satisfaction.

Project Launched

Years Experience

Satisfied Customers

Client Retention

Ready to Get Started ?

With over a decade of experience in custom healthcare software development, DreamSoft4U is the leading Healthcare software development company in USA. Till now, the company has successfully delivered 1600 projects to its global clients including doctor discovery, appointments, check-in, billing and more.

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Healthcare Consulting Services

Why Choose DreamSoft4U for Healthcare Consulting Services?

Choosing Dreamsoft4u for your healthcare IT solution business will thrive it towards success in the industry. Our experts, and a team of highly skilled professionals, make timely project delivery and follow an exact development process. The ideas and technology we utilized are best-in-class and deliver result-driving outcomes. Below we have shared some of our expertise to let you know “Why to Choose Us?”

Healthcare IT Consulting Services

Professionals of Big Data & BI

Our skilled team brings up their experiences & professionalism in Big Data & Business Intelligence to align complex data. It helps them create personalized dashboards that are accessible anywhere without any troubles.
Healthcare IT Consulting Services

Healthcare Domain Understanding

With over years of experience in the healthcare industry, we have acquired a firm grasp on healthcare IT services terms, i.e, Telemedicine, Telehealth, EHR, EMR etc. It helped us maintain interoperability and the best healthcare ecosystem.
Healthcare Development Solutions

Expertise In Building Mobile UX

Our team of professional developers utilizes their expertise in creating the finest UI/UX for mHealth applications. The interface is intuitive, very user-friendly, and a kid can operate the app efficiently.
Healthcare Development Solutions

Data Security & Privacy

We provide highly secure patient information by following HIPAA compliance. It ensures data safety and privacy. Simultaneously if it is not followed, the healthcare consulting services are banned, or the company has to pay hefty penalties.
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Regulatory Standards & Compliance

Our team at Dreamsoft4u works round-the-clock to provide authentic support and regulatory compliance to the healthcare industry. It covers HIPAA, DICOM, ICD-10, HITECH, and other standards.
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Dreamsoft4u is a healthcare consulting group that believes in 100% transparent working. Our work involves user management that only a specific person will get access to any information. This helps in overcoming the problem of breach and safety issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about our processes and how we work with the help of the following FAQs

Healthcare consulting is the procedure of providing knowledge about the recent trends, development aspects, projects and delivery plans etc.

The healthcare It consultants give an overview of the company’s profile, development and projects done, achievements etc.

The services include EHR, EMR, PHR, HIPAA Compliance, Telemedicine, Telehealth etc. Dreamsoft4u offers highly secure and effective app development on all of the services.

Any professional in Healthcare Consulting gives services related to medical and health aspects. It includes medical imaging, patient portal, hospital management and physician’s dashboard.

Healthcare IT Project- for smaller projects pricing starts from 2,000 USD & for large scale projects it could increase to half a million USD.

Dreamsoft4u provides 100% transparency, reliability, and accountability on each of its projects developed. Besides 24*7 technical support, technically competent staff for solving any issue is an add-on.

Yes, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients. We respect your business values and ideas. Your project plans are completely safe with us.