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DreamSoft4u is one of the most reliable email marketing agencies with its existence for more than 15 years. The company offers best-in-class email marketing services to businesses that want to boost their brand awareness by reaching out to the right set of audiences and increasing sales. Are you the one willing to leverage the potential of email marketing? Connect with us and get benefits from our result-oriented email marketing services.

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What is Email Marketing?

Build a Loyal Community Around Your Brand

Email marketing is the most powerful digital marketing tactic available when it comes to generating and converting leads.

According to the studies, besides the growth and prominence of mobile messengers and chat applications, around 61 percent of consumers prefer to interact with the brands via email. It is not just the preference of a single age group or gender but everyone.

The widespread usage and increasing global relevance of email have made email marketing more critical.

Emails are used globally as a content distribution channel by a staggering 87 percent of business-to-business (B2B) marketers and 79 percent of business-to-consumer (B2C) advertisers.

What is email marketing? Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy used by thousands of businesses worldwide to create brand recognition, generate sales, and build client relationships.

Email marketing companies use different email service providers (ESPs) to send auto-generated, personalized emails to promote brands and make announcements. It can be anything from weekly email newsletters to promo alerts to customer survey forms and event invitations.

Are you leveraging the full potential of email marketing to grow and promote your business? How is your email marketing campaign doing in this competitive digital world?

Start your email marketing planning today and find the most effective email marketing strategy to move your email marketing contacts down your sales funnel.

Let DreamSoft4uManage Your Email Marketing Campaign

Failure to understand what email marketing is and how to maximise email campaigns for B2B and B2C transactions can result in uncoordinated promotion strategies, low customer volume, and significant business decline.

Don’t let this be the case for your brand. Invest in conversion-oriented email marketing services from the best email marketing companies and get smart with your digital marketing spending and online promotions.

DreamSoft4u offers a comprehensive range of email marketing services that can be personalised as per your business needs, financial capabilities, and market standards.

Schedule a consultation with our email marketing agency, and let’s talk about the significance of services in attaining your business goals.

The Importance of Email Marketing

Many marketers think about why email marketing is essential when social media platforms are so widely available, and social media visitors have grown exponentially over time. But here’s the thing: People still go to their emails to find special deals from the brands they are interested in. Forty-four percent of users check their emails for brand promotions, whereas only 4 percent go to social media platforms for ad campaign details.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. With the plethora of opportunities that web email marketing offers, you are closer to driving more conversions for your business.

Not yet convinced about why email marketing is essential for brand growth? Here are more reasons investing in an email marketing campaign service is essential.

Build Customer Loyalty

Strong client relationships require regular brand interactions, and this can be achieved via routine web email marketing communications with the customers. Also, it enables companies to generate brand loyalty and parallelly drive sales. Moreover, connecting with and marketing to an existing client through best email campaigns is around 6 to 12 times less expensive than other marketing channels. Likewise, paid advertising and social media marketing. Targeted email marketing helps in driving more business and saves hard-earned money.

Expand Your Business Reach

Email campaigns are considered way more effective in expanding business reach and engagement than traditional marketing methods. According to the statistics, 72% of email users check their inboxes more than six times a day, whereas around 92% of internet users have at least one email account. With the help of experienced email marketing specialists, you can reach your target audiences’ inboxes on any device while staying non-invasive and compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act.

Connect With Different Audiences

Using B2C and B2B email marketing, you can leverage the benefit of hyper-personalised communication to reach out to your target audience. On the one hand, traditional marketing methods let you focus only on delivering a broad message to a large audience base. In contrast, email marketing allows you to offer unique discounts and codes, personalised messages, and data-driven campaigns based on criteria like birthdays, regions, and customer loyalty value (CLV).

Save Time and Effort

Email marketing, either for small businesses, franchises, or multi-location firms, is comparatively less resource-consuming than traditional marketing. There is no need to consider any postage or labeling for each distributed campaign. With targeted email marketing, you can connect or engage with your ideal market segments within a few minutes, irrespective of numbers, whether hundreds or a hundred thousand. If you don’t have time to learn about the technicalities of email campaign optimization, DreamSoft4u can help you.

Test Email Campaigns and Drive Strong Results

Online email marketing lets you test your marketing efforts in different ways to determine if your marketing efforts are hitting on targets. You can run A/B and multivariate testing to examine almost every component of your email campaign, from the subject line to the time spent on content within the campaign itself. This provides valuable insights to inform which part of your email marketing strategy needs changes to drive the most engagement with your email campaigns.

Track Your Analytics

Email marketing software provides data and analytics to offer you valuable insight into the performance of your targeted email marketing efforts and deployed campaigns. The most frequent reported engagement metrics include open rates, click rates and click-through rates (CTRs), bounces and conversions. An experienced email marketing specialist can strategize and apply it for better reach to your audiences based on the reported data. Build direct connections with the prospects and clients and grow customer loyalty with DreamSoft4u.

Email Marketing Services for Small Business

Build Your Brand Value and Increase Your Response Rates

Deciding where to invest your money isn’t a decision one should take lightly. You must ensure that every penny spent on your marketing efforts should deliver an ROI, or you risk losing your money and the opportunity to close more sales.

Email marketing services for small businesses are a cost-effective way to promote business and generate good revenue. According to a McKinsey study, emails are 40 times more effective than Twitter and Facebook in attracting new customers. Besides, 80 percent of the industry experts agree that the best email campaigns drive customer acquisitions and retention.

  • Reach customers in real-time
  • Build credibility
  • Launch targeted messaging
  • Communicate in-depth information
  • Optimize time and budget
  • Track your campaign results
  • Gain better brand recognition
  • Increase website traffic
  • Develop your unique brand
  • Connect with more customers

How effective is email marketing for small businesses? You are going to find out.

Take your small business email marketing to the next level with DreamSoft4u’s email marketing services for small businesses. Our email marketing agency provides drip marketing automation services that let you further cement your unique brand identity in your customers’ minds.

But first, find out 1) what is drip marketing? 2) How our marketing automation services can accelerate your business growth?

What is Drip Marketing?

On average, nearly 51 percent of companies use drip marketing automation to enhance their marketing efforts and deliver more favorable campaign results.

Drip marketing, a.k.a automated email marketing or drip campaigns, is an email campaign optimization technique that uses drip software to send out a series of automated emails based on specific timeframes and user actions.

Automated email marketing campaigns provide enduring value to subscribers by slowly ‘dripping’ useful information, such as brand updates or product teasers, from time to time. The end goal of email marketing automation is to head customers towards a final conversion point.

How does drip marketing software function?

Email marketing companies leverage drip marketing software to provide email marketing automation. Email marketing software:

  • Facilitates precise email segmentation
  • Provides control over personalizing email copy and sending frequency
  • Allow email personalization
  • Facilitates A/B testing capabilities
  • Integrates drip marketing campaigns with other tools
  • Consists of basic analytics such as click rates

What are the different types of drip marketing campaigns?

There are three different types of drip marketing for each stage of your email marketing funnel.

1. Top-Of-Funnel (TOFU) Drip: It’s like an entry point for your email marketing funnel. This type of drip is used to initiate a conversation with your prospects.

2. Education Drip: It is considered the second phase of the email marketing funnel. This type of drip marketing campaign aims to provide in-depth information about your brand offerings and close more sales.

3. Re-engagement Drip: Re-engagement drip marketing campaign focuses on bringing disengaged customers back into your email marketing funnel through special deals and offers.

Need help with email marketing automation?

Drip email marketing is all about relevance and timing. Our email marketing automation agency can develop highly segmented drip marketing campaigns that drive high open and click rates by carefully analyzing various intent signals like user interest, information need, and other behavioral metrics.

Connect with our email marketing automation agency and get our top-shelf email marketing service that boosts your drip email marketing efforts.

DreamSoft4u’s Email Marketing Campaign Services

Brand Communication Solutions That Attract More Customers

Being one of the most reliable email marketing companies, DreamSoft4u ensures all its email campaign services meet client’s business objectives and marketing budgets. Other than this, we offer best-in-class email marketing services considering your email marketing goals.

Email Marketing Performance Audit and Strategy

Trends come and go now and then, but your email marketing strategy must adapt. Our email marketing company conducts B2C and B2B email marketing audits to find out factors that greatly influence your marketing success and pinpoint issues that disrupt your email marketing strategy. Our email services include:

Campaign and Template Review

Our email marketing experts review your email templates and email campaigns from the past 12 months and determine your email marketing performance and engagement. We review your email design, subject line, and call-to-action (CTAs) to find problems and inefficiencies.

Technical Review

To ensure your email newsletters and other marketing emails reach the right audience, our email marketing professionals check for all the technical issues with your current setup, including deliverability issues, spam complaints, and potential domain and IP blacklisting.

Data Review

According to the reports, 25-33 percent of email addresses get outdated every year. To help you find out that you’re working with updated email lists. We consider several factors like email metrics, your top and lowest performing campaigns, unsubscribes, and subscriber demographics.

Program Review

It reviews your existing email automation, audience segmentation, email list health (growth/shrinkage), and a comprehensive email marketing strategy review. Conducting a program review is to find out the best possible ways to improve your marketing results.

Email Marketing Management

Are you struggling with your monthly email services? Our email marketing agency connects with your in-house team to help them create an effective email marketing strategy that brings long-term profitability to your business. Here’s our comprehensive range of email marketing campaign services.

Review of Marketing Goals and Targeting

Being an industry’s best email marketing service provider, we work with your in-house team to determine how effective your email marketing is in attaining your business goals. We review your target audience and look for opportunities you have missed out on from previous or ongoing email marketing campaigns.

Brand Guidelines and Asset Coordination

Garnering a great ROI on email marketing strategy demands consistent and dedicated efforts. Therefore, we emphasize complying with your brand guidelines. Besides, we do understand the requirement of changing content at regular intervals so that it can bring success to your brand.

Campaign Design and Deployment

We at DreamSoft4u, provide our clients a full spectrum of email marketing campaigns services. We design and develop each email considering your specific requirements. Also, we manage the campaign deployment as well in order to ensure a good sales and revenue for our clients.

Ongoing List Maintenance:

We, being a trusted email marketing partner, not only focus on user engagement but also make sure that you are targeting the right audience base or not. Also, we fulfill our responsibility of classifying unengaged contacts consciously so that already connected and new users keep engaged.

Campaign Tracking and Reporting

Our team of email marketing specialists provides clients with a detailed monthly report on email marketing campaigns. These reports consist of your previous months’ campaigns, including significant insights such as open rate, click rate, conversions, etc. Besides, we conduct meetings with your team regularly.

Ongoing Management and Optimization

The email marketing team at DreamSoft4u walks the extra mile to ensure the health of your ESP account. They work hard to optimize your ESP account for outstanding performance. This includes needed segmentation, list cleaning, and altering marketing strategy as per engagement and other factors.

Email Marketing Automation Management

For businesses like eCommerce, Shopify and others, email marketing is much more than just launching monthly newsletter services and email marketing campaigns. If you want to take your email marketing optimization to newer heights, you must consider email automation. Our email marketing automation management services include.

Drip Campaign Sequences

Ongoing communication is a must to keep your audience engaged. Therefore, our email marketing solutions focus on finding out the best drip sequences for client businesses. Also, we do avail them with multi-step campaigns that help keep customers engaged and increase conversions.

Welcome Series

Each time a client submits information to your website, they are interested in your product or service. Give them what they are looking for with a custom welcome series. Our email marketing experts curate a multi-step sequence that educates your contacts and encourages conversion.

Customer Win-Back

Our email marketing automation agency provides clients with win-back reengagement automated campaigns to reclaim unengaged contacts and add them back to the list of their active subscribers. With our email services, you can be assured that your customers/prospects won’t get distracted from the competitors in the market.

Web Activity Campaigns

Being a reliable email marketing services company, we build highly-targeted campaigns and display specific content for each visitor. We attain this feat by using insights from your website activities. The best way to push recommendations based on product views, clicks on certain web pages, and different actions are taken.

eCommerce Email Marketing Services

Are you looking for the best email marketing services for Shopify or other eCommerce platforms? You can rely on our email marketing team as it consists of highly experienced email marketers who are competent with different ESPs so that you can leverage Shopify email marketing and other eCommerce marketing campaigns. Utilize our eCommerce email marketing services and robust automation to establish your eCommerce business in the competition.

ESP Migration

Already having a popular ESP, and it is not ideal for your eCommerce email marketing campaigns? You can get the help of our email marketing team to migrate your existing campaigns, templates, and segmented contacts to your preferred ESP by getting back up and running in no time. We support a range of popular eCommerce platforms—likewise, WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce.

Email Strategy

Our email marketers conduct thorough research and create the best strategy to reach your target audience. We also offer our global clients recommendations on content strategy, automated campaigns, discount recommendations, and a plan for ongoing email newsletters services. You can contact our email marketing experts to know more about the best email marketing for Shopify and other eCommerce platforms.

Template Design

DreamSoft4u comprises a team of email marketing eCommerce experts, including experienced designers and developers, to create email templates from scratch. They are experts in Shopify email marketing and other eCommerce email marketing to create templates to engage your target audience and encourage conversions.

Email Automation Strategy

Shopify email marketing and eCommerce experts here at DreamSoft4u create plans to streamline workflow and automate campaigns with the help of dedicated tools so that your business can encourage customers and prospects to drive conversions. They also take care of abandoned carts, shopping sequences, welcome series, and VIP reengagement automation.

Email Newsletters Services

DreamSoft4u is a top-notch email marketing agency that offers cost-effective email newsletter services to global clients to keep their existing or potential customers in the loop with their product updates, brand promotions, and other marketing campaigns. Other than this, we’ve got covered all the technical processes involved. You can avail our following email newsletter services.

Tailored Email Campaigns

We build and manage targeted email marketing campaigns for our clients that meet their business objectives. Are you looking for a company that offers a simple plan for newsletter deployment? DreamSoft4u is a one-stop destination. Here we leverage businesses with RSS-to-email feed creation so that their audience stays updated from their blogs. Moreover, we build complex automation with conditional follow-up emails concerning your recipients’ position in your email marketing funnel.

Professional Templates

According to the studies, professional emails with clear designs are preferred over plain text communications. Our email marketing specialists are competent in designing and developing email templates that match your brand’s unique identity and business goals. Also, we ensure the responsiveness and rendering of email templates on different devices and screens.

Product and Service Promotions

We ensure that our clients receive a business-oriented email marketing solution with our email newsletter services. To do so, we personalize the content of each email newsletter so that it appeals to your ideal market. Your subscribers will receive emails telling them precisely what they want to hear and offering them precisely what they want to buy.

Email Newsletter List Management

Our email marketing specialists work closely with you to ensure your email newsletter list is growing steadily. To attain this feat, they optimize your site accordingly to encourage email newsletter signups and maintain your sending reputation in the front row with all mailbox providers. Other than this, you can benefit from our rich industry experience and your email sharing and reduce the unsubscribes count to a greater extent.


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Having extensive years of experience in providing email marketing solutions to its clients, Dreamsoft4u has become a renowned name in digital marketing services. The company successfully ruled for 15+ years and has delivered more than 1600+ projects with 98+ client retention. We have more than 1000+ happy clients in our development book and are working rigorously to manage more. If you are looking for best-in-class email marketing services, then Dreamsoft4u can fulfill all your email marketing needs.

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Why Choose DreamSoft4u for Your Email Marketing Campaign

DreamSoft4u is a top-notch email marketing agency that offers cost-effective email newsletter services to global clients to keep their existing or potential customers in the loop with their product updates, brand promotions, and other marketing campaigns. Other than this, we’ve got covered all the technical processes involved. You can avail our following email newsletter services.

Full-Service Email Marketing Campaign

Being a top-rated email marketing agency, DreamSoft4u offers a full spectrum of email services ranging from Shopify email marketing, drip marketing, email marketing automation, etc. Our expert team of email marketing specialists builds personalized email marketing solutions to get you covered with the different email marketing services concerning your business needs, demands, and target audience.

Multivariate and A/B Campaign Testing

We at DreamSoft4u are not just focused on creating and launching email marketing designs and templates. We also manage the task of testing every aspect associated with your email marketing campaigns. From the subject line to email content to their send schedules. This approach enables us to determine the best for your web email marketing campaign.

Tailored List Segmentation

We understand and support that the best email marketing service differs from client to client, considering their business goals and target audience. That’s why we conduct in-depth research and utilize cutting-edge technological tools to meticulously categorize your audience list and ensure that suitable candidates receive your emails at the right time.

Integrated Digital Marketing Services

Marketers deeply understand the impact of email marketing and its ROI. If you also want to enjoy a higher ROI, improved efficiency, accessibility, and customer loyalty, you need a combination of online marketing tactics tailored to your brand. DreamSoft4u leverages its clients with a comprehensive set of digital marketing services, apart from email marketing services. Including search engine optimization (SEO), online reputation management (ORM), link building, and others.

Detailed Email Marketing Reports

We create tailored email marketing campaigns for your unique business requirements. Also, we provide you with a detailed, custom monthly report to let you know about the campaigns’ efficiency. It includes open rates, traffic referred to your website, and leads/sales generation. You can track the results of your email campaign’s through the Google Analytics dashboard and generate monthly reports whenever you want. We integrate your email campaigns with your Google Analytics so that you can get deeper insights into how recipients are interacting with your website.

Experienced Email Marketing Specialists

DreamSoft4u has a team of email marketing professionals with years of experience using various email marketing platforms. We have a keen eye on the market to know about the latest digital platforms, email marketing software, and email marketing strategy to avail yourself of the best of the best email marketing service. Allow us to help you through your email marketing campaigns so that you and your business can grow to newer heights.

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FAQs related To Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the approaches used for digital marketing. It enables businesses to promote their products and services to existing or potential customers. Fundamentally, it is just a piece of content either containing text or exciting deals and offers to steal customers’ attention. Email marketing can extend your reach to a broader audience base, increase user engagement, and create a brand awareness that builds a loyal customer base to cross-sell and up-sell your products.

You can grow your email list organically by offering a deal like a sale or discount coupon to buy your product. That will let people buy your product by putting their email addresses. Besides, you can send an exciting piece of content and convince them to fill in their email address to read its full copy. Subscription forms are also a better option for growing your email list.

Quality assurance is the most significant aspect of the creation of email campaigns. Before clicking on the send button, you should double-check email content for spelling mistakes, improper use of the word, or other minor errors, as it can be a disaster for your audience. Besides, you can use the pre-send checklist to analyze the quantity of your email.

Time schedules to send emails entirely depend on your audience. You can identify the right time to send emails by understanding the activities and behavior of your customers. For this, you can take the help of the available tools. But always keep one thing in mind; don’t overly send emails; else you may be blocked or added to the spam list.

We don’t offer any fixed plan to our clients. We provide them with a tailored plan based on your business goals, customers, and the unique idea they want to implement.