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Support and Maintenance Services

Keeping Your Business Apps At Peak Performance Always

Keep your software in top shape with our comprehensive support and maintenance services. From fixing bugs to upgrading and enhancing your software, we make sure it stays forever up-to-date.


Support and Maintenance

The perfect blend of design and technical expertise to keep your software up-to-date and performing at its absolute best – every single day!


99.9% Uptime

We maximize software uptime with automated repair scripts – reducing mean time to repair (MTTR) by one third


25% Higher CRR

Our comprehensive services protect your business around the clock- safeguarding against potential threats and bolstering customer retention rates


20% Less Spending

Access to specialized expertise and tools, proactive monitoring, and timely repairs save you downtime, system failures, and costly expenditure.


Maximum ROI

Our smart support, monitoring, and maintenance services help you maximize software ROI and adapt to new changes with ease.


More Productivity

Reducing spending on hardware upgrades and major system repairs can free up resources for other business initiatives


Improved Security

Improved security and protection against potential threats build trust with end users and enhance brand reputation


Maintenance Strategy Development

Our consultants provide strategic planning to help you choose the right maintenance service packs, updates, and patches that align with your business goals.


Ongoing Support

Our team provides you with on-time assistance for a seamless experience, keeping your applications always up-to-date and fully functional.


Proactive Monitoring

Our team uses advanced monitoring tools to track system performance, detect anomalies, and provide recommendations for optimization.


70% less vulnerability

On average data breaches cost companies $3.86 million per year. Optimizing maintenance processes reduces data breach instances and saves money.


Actionable Insights

Tracking system performance metrics identifies areas where optimization is needed, leading to improved efficiency and productivity for your clients


50% More Software Lifespan

Addressing potential issues, threats, and bugs before they become major problems extends the life of your software by up to 50%

DreamSoft4u Application Support and Maintenance Services

  • checkServing 30+ industries since 2003,
  • checkOn-premise and Remote Specialists,
  • checkCustomized maintenance plans,
  • checkGuaranteed SLAs,
  • check24/7 (Phone, Chat, and Email) support

Available 24/7 to deploy hot-fixes

95% Client Satisfaction Rate

5min issue response time

7 days for minor updates and bug fixes

Application Maintenance and Support for Transforming Business

Our team is well-versed in the latest compliance requirements and offers support for audits, certifications, and assessments. With our 24/7 support, you can rest assured that your business IT assets are always steady, safe, and high-performing.


Stable, Reliable, and Bug-Free Apps – All the Time

  • Bug Fixes: Get value-driven support operations to keep your app healthy and high performing.
  • Feature enhancements: Hire developers to identify and implement new features or functionality to your app.
  • Security updates: Work with certified experts to protect against the latest threats and vulnerabilities.
  • User Support: Provide your users with the help they need to ensure a positive user experience.

Our 5-Step Software Maintenance Cycle


Evaluation and Analysis

Identifying any potential issues and areas that require improvement.


Planning and Preparation:

For necessary updates, bug fixes, security patches, and performance enhancements.


Implementation and Testing:

Implementing planned changes and thoroughly testing the software to ensure it functions optimally and securely.


Deployment and Release:

Once the testing phase is complete, we deploy the updated software and release it.


Ongoing Monitoring and Support

Ensuring that the software remains as optimal as ever with timely checks, consistent monitoring, and updates.

App Maintenance and Support Services

Our app maintenance and support services help your business software stay up-to-date, secure, and performing at its best. We provide a wide range of services.

Mobile App Maintenance

Everything you need to keep your app safe and efficient, from feature extension and migration scripts to backend server modification and performance enhancement.

Web App Maintenance

We specialize in minor, incremental, and major enhancements to keep your web applications stable, secure, and glitch-free. Our continuous testing guarantees 24*7 high performance.

Performance Monitoring

We use the latest test frameworks and techniques to identify and resolve performance bottlenecks. Experience top application performance for business continuity and user loyalty.

Application Re-engineering

Our application re-engineering services help businesses modernize their legacy applications. Our experts future-proof your applications and give you a clear competitive edge.

Application Integration

Integrate business applications with other systems to improve efficiency and streamline processes. We specialize in integrating custom and off-the-shelf applications- ensuring they work seamlessly together.

Application Support

Keep business applications always up and running. Get 24/7 support with uninterrupted monitoring, and ensure your applications are always available to your users.

In need of a software maintenance and support team that can keep up with the fast-paced demands of modern technology?

Our team of experts utilizes an agile, DevOps approach to provide:

  • 24/7 availability and quick response times to support requests
  • Maintenance packages ranging from L0 (monitoring) to L3 (complex issue resolution)
  • Assistance and discounts on Microsoft, AWS, and other cutting-edge technologies
  • AI and ML-powered tools for intelligent app maintenance and issue resolution
  • Customized services that can scale with your business, whether you need a full-time team or on-demand support
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SLA-driven Application Support and Maintenance


  • Prompt response to critical issues
  • Basic troubleshooting and ticket creation
  • Proactive monitoring and alerting


  • 24/7 availability for all applications
  • Troubleshooting and problem diagnosis
  • Escalation to higher tiers as needed


  • Advanced troubleshooting and issue resolution
  • Root cause analysis

  • Bug fixes and software upgrades


  • Expert-level support for complex issues
  • Application re-engineering and optimization
  • Security and compliance support

Application Maintenance Services


Application Upgrade
  • Update existing modules to the latest versions
  • Minimal disruption to business operations
  • Compatibility testing for smooth integration
  • Enhanced functionality and user experience
  • Reduced vulnerabilities and software errors


Application Security Management
  • Regular vulnerability scanning and security audits
  • Implementation of security best practices and protocols
  • Protection against external threats and attacks
  • Secure access controls and user management
  • Data encryption and backup to prevent loss or theft


Application Performance Management
  • Real-time monitoring of application user experience
  • Proactive issue identification and resolution
  • Regular performance tuning and optimization
  • Scalable solutions that can handle increased traffic and usage
  • Improved user experience and satisfaction


Application Compliance Management
  • Ensuring compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, and other standards
  • Regular audits and assessments to identify non-compliance
  • Implementation of necessary changes and updates to maintain compliance
  • Risk assessment and management to minimize potential legal and financial penalties
  • Build loyalty and trust among customers and stakeholders

Our Pricing Plans


Fixed Price:
  • Ideal for a specific maintenance or support service.
  • Based on hours and resources spent.


Price Per Ticket:
  • For on-demand maintenance and support services.
  • Prompt and flexible (L0,L1,L2, & L3)


Monthly Basis:
  • Ongoing maintenance and support services for a fixed monthly fee.
  • Ideal for customers who require frequent support or maintenance services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about our processes and how we work with the help of the following FAQs

Software maintenance and support is important because software can become outdated or vulnerable to security risks if not regularly maintained and updated. It also ensures that software continues to meet user needs and remains reliable and efficient.

There are different types of maintenance and support services available, including corrective maintenance, adaptive maintenance, perfective maintenance, and preventive maintenance.

Costs can vary depending on the software’s complexity, technology stack, the level of support required, and the frequency of updates and maintenance.

Response times depend primarily on the severity of the vulnerabilities and issues. DreamSoft4u offers guaranteed response times as part of its support plans.

Software maintenance experts recommend updating software at least once a year and to perform regular maintenance and updates.