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AngularJS Development Services

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Build next-level dynamic single-page applications, enterprise web applications, progressive applications, server-side rendered applications and more with our bespoke AngularJS web development services

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Range of AngularJS Development Services DreamSoft4u Offers

DreamSoft4u, a top-rated AngularJS development company in India, provides a comprehensive range of AngularJS development services to the global clientele. Thanks to our team of expert AngularJS developers that is well-equipped with the latest AngularJS development technologies and tools to deliver world-class AngularJS development services to businesses of different industry verticals.

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AngularJS Development Services


AngularJS Web Development Services

We deliver world-class AngularJS web development solutions to our clients that are highly innovative, customized and secure, and competent to attain business goals.

AngularJS Development Services


AngularJS Enterprise Solutions

Our AngularJS developers deliver clients with best-in-class custom web applications that are secure, scalable, and result-driven.

AngularJS Development Services


AngularJS Application Development Services

We leverage our clients with the AngularJS application development services to create scalable and secure mobile apps.

AngularJS Development Services


AngularJS Consulting Services

Our AngularJS consultants listen to your business requirements and suggest the best ideas for your custom AngularJS development project.

AngularJS Development Services


Expert Angular Development Team

Being a top-rated AngularJS development company, we have a grasp over a pool of certified developers equipped with in-trend development tools to deliver unmatched AngularJS development services.

AngularJS Development Services


Cross-Platform AngularJS Web Development Solutions

We leverage our clients with the development of well-optimized cross-platform web app solutions through our cross-platform AngularJS web development service.

What Makes AngularJS Web Development Solutions The Best Choice For Your Business?

Being the best custom AngularJS development, it’s our responsibility to inform our clients of the possibilities AngularJS web development solutions offer to different industry verticals businesses.

Here’s how AngularJS web development benefits businesses and helps them attain their goals.

AngularJS Development ServicesSecure Solutions

Angular app development settles down the most-talked-about security concern in this digital era. App solutions built on AngularJS are competent to withstand cross-site scripting attacks and HTTP-level vulnerabilities.

AngularJS Development ServicesMedical apps

Angular app development settles down the most-talked-about security concern in this digital era. App solutions built on AngularJS are competent to withstand cross-site scripting attacks and HTTP-level vulnerabilities.

AngularJS Development ServicesmHealth Platform

Angular app development settles down the most-talked-about security concern in this digital era. App solutions built on AngularJS are competent to withstand cross-site scripting attacks and HTTP-level vulnerabilities.

AngularJS Development Services
telemedicine app developmentMulti Platform Support

AngularJS provides the facility of employing different mobile-optimized UI tools that enable programmers to construct customized and cross-platform app solutions.

telemedicine app developmentCoding With Reusable Components

AngularJS enables programmers to reuse components of already written code that empowers the creation of custom libraries and creating highly optimized app solutions.

AngularJS Development ServicesScalability

Angular JS provides an enriched library of ready-to-use components that allows requirement-based scaling of your project. This is what makes AngularJS the best choice for your enterprise application development.


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With over a decade of experience in custom software and application development, Dreamsoft4u is a market leader in AngularJS development in India. The company has successfully delivered over 1600+ projects to more than 1000+ clients worldwide. Our robust, intuitive, and scalable AngularJS enterprise solutions serve startups, enterprises, and entrepreneurs in almost every industry to convey a seamless user experience.

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Our AngularJS Development Services for Different Industry Verticals

Being a top ranker among AngularJS development companies, we offer top-notch AngularJS development services to global clients irrespective of their different industry verticals. We do serve businesses belonging to the following pool of industries.

AngularJS Development Services
AngularJS Development Services
AngularJS Development Services
AngularJS Development Services
AngularJS Development Services
AngularJS Development Services
AngularJS Development Services
Oil & Gas
AngularJS Development Services
AngularJS Development Services
AngularJS Development Services
Social Network
AngularJS Development Services
AngularJS Development Services
AngularJS Development Company

Android Development

AngularJS Development Company

Flutter Development

AngularJS Development Company

Cross Platform Development

AngularJS Development Company

React Native Development

AngularJS Development Company

Wearable Development

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You can explore our over-the-top services to opt for the best-suited ones to accelerate your business growth. Still, having any issue or query associated with selecting a development platform or technology based on your project requirements and business goals, you can initiate a consultation with our dedicated team of experts. They love to clear client’s doubts and provide needed consultation regarding your app development idea based on your budget and schedule.

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Want To Build A Website/Web App? Check Out Our AngularJS Web App Development Samples (Portfolio)

So far, we have successfully completed 1600+ projects for our 1000+ satisfied clients that simply showcase our expertise in enterprise solutions development. To get an idea of how your finished product will look, you can check out a few of our best projects.

Why Hire Dreamsoft4u As Your AngularJS Development Company?

DreamSoft4u is the most trusted AngularJS development company in India. We possess a team of certified AngularJS developers with extensive knowledge and experience in creating outstanding AngularJS web app development solutions. Outsource your AngularJS development projects and get hands-on prone to be successful enterprise solutions.

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Result-Driven Approach

Quality & Security

Build Custom Loyalty

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60% Fewer Expenses

100% Genuine Reviews

500+ professionals

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Quality attracts quality. We are proud to be the IT development partner for leading enterprises, brands and start-ups across the globe.

Top Awards, Accolades & Recognition

While Nothing makes us happier than a satisfied customer, we are as proud of our industry award, accolades, and recognition.

It reflects our passion, Hard work and customer-first attitude to everthing we do at Dreamsoft4U.

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DreamSoft4u stands apart from the competition owing to the range of unparalleled benefits it offers to its clients, which include
1. 4+ years of experience 2. Non-disclosure agreement 3. Free no-obligation quote 4. Guaranteed innovation 5. No-box approach 6. Integrity & transparency 7. Flexible engagement model

DreamSoft4u has a team strength of 60+ employees, including certified AngularJs developers, QA testers, and project managers.

Angular JS web development is the creation of user interfaces (front-end) of websites, web apps, and mobile apps, utilising Angular, a typeScript-based open-source web application framework. This open-source software development platform is designed and developed by the Angular Team at Google and other thousands of individuals across the globe.

One of the crucial reasons for Angular Js popularity among web developers is modularity. It enables them to create multiple modules for a single web application.Developing an additional module lets it easily combine with different developed application modules.

AngularJS is free of cost. The only thing that needs to be done is to get MIT, one of the most adopted licences available. You should choose Angular JS web development solutions due to the following reasons.

Simplified MVC Architecture

Declarative UI & Reliability

Clear Code with TypeScript

Consistency with Reusability

Out-of-the-box Functionality

Google’s support

Increased Productivity & Versatility

Better Performance & Maintainability

We follow the best coding practices for AngularJS web development projects we get. Being an industry-leading AngularJS development company, it’s our responsibility to ensure proper structuring of the documents, standard naming conventions and guidelines, markup specifications, and small reusable components and reduce code duplication.

We sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with our clients that ensure the safety and confidentiality of their projects information with us.

We simplify the project progress tracking by assigning a dedicated full-time project manager to your project who provides regular updates on project development progress. Other than this, to help you out, we use project management tools such as email, skype, google drive, etc. as per the client’s preference.

The cost to develop any AngularJS project depends on several factors, such as project size, complexity, number of features, allocated developers, testers, project managers, etc. Therefore, providing you with the exact AngularJS development cost is quite tricky.

For any requirement of change and modification in your application after its development, you can contact our team of developers. However, you would need to sign a maintenance agreement with us for such changes in the future. My question is not discussed here! No problem; if your question is not discussed here, you can contact us for any of your AngularJS development-related queries. Feel free to connect with us.