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Home Healthcare Solution

Bringing quality healthcare IT solutions to people’s doorstep

Our home healthcare solutions help patients receive the care they need in the comfort of their own homes. Our custom software solutions are HIPAA-compliant, secure, and user-friendly.

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Home Healthcare Solution

Experience the digital revolution as we bring healthcare right to the comfort of your patient’s home, redefining how care is delivered.


25% Fewer Readmissions

Home healthcare solutions provide patients with timely and effective care in their own homes, reducing the risk of emergency revisits.


30% More Patients

Bringing hospital-level expertise and care to patients’ homes helps providers to reach and treat the maximum number of patients.


20% Lower Costs

Home healthcare solutions reduce the need for traveling, lodging, or even in some cases expensive hospital stays and medical procedures.


Enhanced Quality of Life

Easy-to-use home healthcare solutions help people and families take control of their well-being and elevate their quality of life.


Coordinated Care

Features like EHR and RPM enable better coordination between healthcare providers, ensuring that patients receive the right care at the right time.


Convenient Remote Care

Virtual consultations, empower caregivers with essential tools and resources for effective condition management, all at their convenience.


Customized Care Plans

Our experienced healthcare developers work with providers to develop customized patient care plans that meet their unique needs and preferences.


Expert Advice and Support

Our experts provide 360-degree support including live tutorials and training, ensuring they enjoy the full potential of our innovative solutions.


Continuous Improvement

Our solutions are flexible and adaptable, enabling providers to continuously monitor and improve the care for patients.


20% Increase in Win-rate

Home healthcare solutions offer a clear advantage, propelling you ahead of competitors through a notable increase in patient appointments.


30% Fewer No-Shows

High-quality care in the home setting makes patients more responsible and helps significantly reduce appointment cancellations and no-shows.


25% Improved Outcomes

With a patient-centric approach, home care solutions transform chronic disease management and achieve remarkable 25% improved outcomes.

Advancement Of Home Healthcare Services

Home healthcare services or can say home-based medical care is witnessing a monumental shift in American demographics, as suggested from an independent study. Only in the year 2019, the count of people aged over 65 years have gradually surpassed those who were younger than 5. Diseases like diabetes or dementia along with other functional impairments have started to increase in the older generation. Due to such diseases, their mobility and ability to derive medical care on a regular basis have been affected drastically. A workshop conducted by the Institute of Medicine and National Research Council on the “Future of Home Health Care services” in the country raised several points on such concerns.

If the points raised by the workshop are believed, it is becoming really important for home-based medical care providers, caregivers, policymakers and all other interested candidates in the healthcare sector to come together and adopt this next-gen technology. It is because their roles, capabilities and characteristics will play a vital role in interpreting the future of the home health agency. The key factor behind such a drastic change in-home health care sector is the ageing population of the US, the UK and several other European countries

According to the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission report, a growth of over 50% in Medicare enrollment is expected in the next 15 years. This is the primary cause behind the constant growth being recorded in home healthcare management software development.

Home Healthcare

Major Highlights of Our Home Healthcare Services

Cutting-Edge Technology- With our advanced technology-based home health solutions you can easily replace outdated methods and empower your home healthcare business with predictive analytics to make more informed and data-driven decisions, thanks to emerging technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Top-Notch Mobility- In line with the current technology trends, our home care systems offer on-the-go access to the medical care team and patients associated with your hospital or clinic such as real-time schedules, billing details, patient data, important forms, route details, travel tracking and more.
Cloud-Based Solutions- We do offer our clients secure cloud-based private duty home care software solutions along with 100% HIPAA compliant data stores and dissemination procedures. It is because we do care about the security and safety of our patient data and focus on maintaining the same while app deployment and its access as well.
Real-Time Communication-DreamSoft4U offers home health care solutions that offer real-time access to important patient documents and clinical reports for all associated entities like employees, physicians, doctors, patients and relatives. With our home care solutions, it becomes quite easy to build a two-way communication channel in real-time.
API Integration- Our team of development experts design and develop a cloud-based home care scheduling software platform packed with leading APIs to offer long term care. Also, our home care scheduling app or website enriched with advanced functionalities enables third party integrations without compromising the platform’s flexibility and efficiency.
Job Scheduling Tool- With our health and care management software, you will surely leverage the job scheduling tool. Not only this, your agency will get hands-on a field staff manager or caregivers window to manage all your back-office paperwork and handle service requests along with tracking multiple assets efficiently.
Attendance And Leaves Manager- Keeping a track of your field staff all the time is quite difficult. To resolve this issue of yours, we offer an attendance and leave tracking feature with our home care solutions that help make your life easier.
Invoice And Payments- Home healthcare services make medical organizations generate great revenue and keeping a track of it is vital. To help you out, our home health care solutions come featured with a reliable financial asset flow tracking feature that assists in having an eye on cash flow to manage profit and grow in the industry.
Easy Patient Registration- Our home health solutions allow an easy patient registration that simply translates into improved patient involvement. Not only this, access to all the important information such as admission details, occupancy, transfer information, patient history and renewals get automated.
Inpatient And Outpatient Management- It’s quite easier to streamline both inpatient and outpatient processes in your healthcare ecosystem with our health and care management systems. Also, you get benefited from automated agreements, estimation insights, payment collection and on-point scheduling features along with emergency solutions associated with all your patients.
Discharge Summary- This is like a conclusive feature that every home care software solution should have. With automated discharge summaries, the checkout process gets speed up for patients while other procedures for staff members. This turns out into patient satisfaction and better resource utilization.
Performance Measurement- Home healthcare solutions from Dreamsoft4u provide advanced reporting ease. Not only this, you can perform secure messaging and assessment through the application that allows gathering necessary data to perform analysis of all your medical procedures. Even you can design learning modules for your medical staff when needed.

Management Ease- Our Home Healthcare Solutions Offer!

  • careflow-management Careflow Management
  • Home IPD/ICU
  • Medicine Home Delivery & Sample Collection at Home
  • Work List for Clinical & Non-Clinical Staff or Team
  • Short Term and Long Term Care Plans (Pre-Planned/Custom)
  • Custom Outcome Assessment Forms
  • operation-managementOperation Management
  • Billing enabled with estimation, discounts, offers, packages
  • Appt. Management on skills, speciality , grade, proximity & locations
  • Roster Management supports multiple shift hours for providers
  • Patient Area Locator With Assisted Map
  • 100+ Powerful Reports & MIS for business, clinical & operation
  • patient-experience-managementPatient Experience Management
  • Patient Campaign management to generate additional revenue
  • Prospect Management takes care of conversion of leads to sale
  • Patient Engagement by Text, Email, Messaging & Video Call
  • Patient Experience Survey, Feedback and NPS Score
  • Membership Plan & Loyalty to retain & benefit patients
  • lead-managementLead Management
  • Lead Generation from various sources
  • Incoming and Outgoing call integration for lead
  • Customized Lead Pipeline and Lead workflow automation
  • Lead Engagement based on pipeline location & status
  • Lead auto conversion process and Lead LTV metric

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  • 24*7 Support
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  • Free Online Support


Save Money

  • With-in your budget
  • On-time Delivery
  • As per your Requirement
  • Cost-effective Solutions



  • Encryption
  • Industry-standard Security
  • Data & Network Security
  • Back-up & Restoration

The Benefits of Custom Home HealthCare Solutions

Custom HealthCare Solutions
  • patient-monitoringPatient Monitoring
  • real-time-messagingReal Time Messaging
  • click-to-callClick to Call
  • manage-shift-wiselyManage shift Wisely
  • nursing-worklistNursing Worklist
  • physician-workflowPhysician Workflow
  • feedback-managementFeedback Management
  • assessment-formsAssessment Forms
  • long-term-care-billingLong Term Care Billing
  • patient-satisfactionPatient Satisfaction

List of Home Care Segments We Support

  • Doctor/Physio Visit at Home
  • Doctor/Nurse Visit at Home
  • Home IPD/ICU
  • Eider Care
  • NewBorn Care
  • Palliative Care
  • Post Surgery Care
  • Live In Care
  • Brain Injury
  • Spinal Injury
  • Lab Test at Home
  • Attentive Chronic Care

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Being a leading home healthcare solutions company in U.S.A, DreamSoft4u has successfully delivered over 1600+ health care projects in more than 20+ countries. We develop highly intuitive, robust, scalable home health solutions for our global clients successfully serving home health services to their patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about our processes and how we work with the help of the following FAQs

Home health services provide a variety of health care services to a patient at its home depending on its situation. These services include
  • Doctor care
  • Nursing care
  • Medical social services
  • Homemaker or basic assistance care
  • Nutritional support
  • Laboratory and X-ray imaging
  • pharmaceutical services, etc.

Home health care is important because it provides much-needed patient safety at home which he gets at the hospital. If the patient stays at home in unsafe conditions it may lead to unnecessary or avoidable hospitalizations. That’s where home healthcare came into action and offers several benefits such as decreased costs, improved health, reduced hospital stays, etc.

Home healthcare is designed in a way that the patient can receive much-needed rest, treatment to recover from the comfort of their home. In fact, home healthcare services are intended to offer the patient independence that he used to enjoy before the disease by making himself sufficient to manage the disease or condition.

Yes, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients. We respect your business values and ideas. Your project plans are completely safe with us.

If you are looking to hire a home healthcare service and have a limited budget. You need to conduct deep market research and look for prominent names in the sector. Then compare the services and the asking price of the shortlisted names to choose the best, cost-effective home healthcare service as per your requirements.

Development Cost for Home healthcare solution starts from 35,000 USD, majorly it depends upon the features, customizations, business needs & scalability of the project.

DreamSoft4u is a renowned name in the healthcare industry with more than 13+ years of experience in healthcare software solutions development. Those who are looking for home healthcare services can consider us and leverage our expertise in the domain for a robust, innovative and user-friendly home healthcare solution development.