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Our mHealth application development services help healthcare providers improve patient care through mobile apps. Enable patients to monitor health, set reminders, and communicate in real time.

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mHealth App Development Company

mHealth App Development

As a leading mHealth solutions provider, we focus on leveraging the latest mobile technology trends to revolutionize personal and family wellness.


25% Fewer Readmissions

mHealth applications improve health literacy. Patients can proactively access vital health information and take control of their health.


30% More Patient Engagement

mHealth applications streamline communication between patients and healthcare providers, enabling patients to participate in their care actively.


20% Better Medication Adherence

mHealth applications incorporate medication reminders, medication tracking, and educational materials, helping patients adhere to their medication regimen.


Improved Quality of Life

mHealth apps improve the overall quality of life, including aspects like reduced stress,, increased convenience, and overall well-being.


Better Health Literacy

mHealth apps enhance user knowledge and awareness of health-related topics and chronic disease care with expert advice and relevant information.


360-Degree Wellness

mHealth apps initiate positive health behavior changes, such as adherence to medication, increased physical activity, or healthier lifestyle choices.


Foolproof Roadmap

We help healthcare providers identify patient needs, define the scope of the project, and develop a comprehensive mHealth strategy.


Strict Compliance

Our mHealth solutions are designed to comply with regulatory standards such as HIPAA, HITECH, HL7, GDPR, FDA, and more.


Support and Training

Our dedicated team ensures smooth user onboarding, providing comprehensive support and training for a seamless mHealth app experience.


Consistent Cost Control

mHealth solutions enable healthcare providers to reduce costs by improving patient outcomes, reducing hospital readmissions, and streamlining healthcare delivery.


15% More Comprehensive Care

mHealth solutions facilitate seamless patient-provider coordination, ensuring comprehensive care plans, improved care transitions, and enhanced patient experiences.


20% Increase in Healthcare Savings

Our mHealth solutions drive operational efficiency, reduce unnecessary procedures, and optimize resource utilization for significant cost savings.

Key Benefits of mHealth Apps Development

Intensified Medication Adherence

Intensified Medication Adherence

mHealth applications enable patients to take medicines on time, thanks to integrated techs which empower automated medication, educational information and refill reminders. Also, mHealth apps ensure medication adherence resulting in diminished hospital readmissions and poor outcomes.
Remote Patient Monitoring

Facilitates Remote Patient Monitoring

mHealth apps provide doctors’ ease of monitoring patients’ conditions remotely following the data captured via wearable devices like wristbands, fitness trackers and watches.

Improved Communication

Mobile health applications provide an improved communication setup to the service providers. Including secure texting and messaging, video calls and mobile health record access in order to connect across the health system. It enables physicians, patients and hospital staff to connect and communicate easily.
Improved DoctorPhysician Efficiency

Improved Doctor/Physician Efficiency

mHealth apps provide doctors/physicians access to patient medical history with fewer errors. It simply reduces the burden on doctors/physicians and increases their productivity owing to a quick diagnosis of the patient which results in more patients being treated in a day.

Our Mobile Health App Development Services

Health Information Exchange App

Health Information Exchange Apps

We develop apps that facilitate the secure exchange of health information like patient data and medical imagery to support clinical decisions. Utilizing our health information exchange apps, patients and healthcare service providers can seamlessly exchange health records with each other.

Telehealth App

Telehealth App

We program telehealth apps that enable patients and doctors to connect remotely through video or voice chat. The custom telehealth development benefits doctors with a seamless workflow allowing them to treat patients anytime, anywhere across the globe.

Wellness App

Wellness App

Our team of mobile health app developers have expertise in engineering a comprehensive mobile fitness app with facilities like scheduling a workout, diet plan management, footsteps tracking and timely exercise recommendations for fitness enthusiasts.

Remote Healthcare Apps

Remote Healthcare Apps

We at DreamSoft4U program remote healthcare apps that allow an easy association of patients and healthcare service providers for sharing their health information. It helps in keeping clinicians, nurses and families always updated on patient health.

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Chronic Disease Tracking App

Our mHealth app developers serve clients with a robust, user-friendly chronic disease tracking app competent to connect with other healthcare systems to monitor and analyze patients’ medical data associated with chronic diseases and the post-treatment recovery process.

mobile health app development

Hospital Apps

Our hospital app solutions are rich in features and functionalities that enable health organizations to simplify patient monitoring, inventory management, appointment management, and several other hospital-associated tasks. Our hospital apps streamlined workflow for both the healthcare service providers and patients.

Our mHealth apps Development Process


Coding and Programming

We commence the coding of the application, once the UI/UX design for the app gets approved from the client front. For app programming, We at DreamSoft4U follows an agile development methodology wherein we keep clients updated with the project’s progress through a classified backlog of tickets every week.


Product Discovery

It is one of the important phases before jumping into the coding of the application. Initially, we do research & analysis whether the custom mHealth app development you opted for will suit your business objectives or not. Also, we discuss with the development team to find out how the technological components will fit together and the development process can be accelerated.


UI/UX Design

Before finalizing a UI/UX design for the mHealth app, we do create an MVP with an optimal user experience. The client goes through the prototype and decides on what features needed to be added or removed concerning their business objectives. A prototype creation provides a preview of how the real product will look and feel to the end-users.


Quality Control and Testing

Quality control and testing is the must development process for our development team. We highly focus on internal and external quality and testing of the application to ensure that the app features and functions the same way as intended. To deliver an error-free, efficiently working app to our clients, we do rigorous testing following different testing practices.


Maintenance and Upgrades

Other than offering development and deployment services to our clients, we do provide post-development services as well. Our post-development maintenance and upgrades services include addressing the existing bugs and errors, developing new features, server maintenance to control growing traffic, and others.



Apart from mHealth app development, we leverage our clients with a smooth deployment of their new app on the app stores and internet so that end-users can easily download and install your mHealth app and benefit from seamless healthcare services.


Why DreamSoft4U for Custom mHealth App Development Services?

DreamSoft4U is a globally-acknowledged mHealth app development company with more than a decade of core experience in healthcare software and mobile app development. We have a team of mHealth app developers with 5+ years of experience in healthcare app development, who utilize their talent and expertise in conveying clients healthcare development services with faster response times and better ROI. Choose DreamSoft4U and hire highly experienced mobile health app developers to get innovative, best-in-class, custom mHealth app solutions concerning project requirements.

big data

Expertise in Big Data & BI

Our mHealth app developers have expertise in big data and BI. They utilize their proven, tried and tested skills in crafting database architecture that can easily manage heterogeneous data through customizable dashboards and can be accessed seamlessly via medical professionals.

Domain Knowledge

Healthcare Domain Knowledge

We have more than years of experience in building mHealth, EHR, telehealth and financial systems that enables us to cherish interoperability across your healthcare organization.

Mobile UI

Top-Notch Mobile UX Expertise

We possess top-notch mobile UX expertise that can easily be witnessed in our mHealth app solutions. We create unique, intuitive and user-friendly interfaces across multi-screens of our solutions that even a layman can operate without any hassle.

Security Privacy

Data Security & Privacy

We provide highly secure patient information by following HIPAA compliance. It ensures data safety and privacy. Simultaneously if it is not followed, the healthcare consulting services are banned, or the company has to pay hefty penalties.

Standards Compliance

Regulatory Standards & Compliance

We fully ensure that our healthcare software & mobile applications be compliant with all the industry standards and regulations including HIPAA, DICOM, ICD-10, HITECH, and others


100% Transparency

We deliver healthcare providers & professionals our best-in-class mHealth app solutions in compliance with health data privacy standards. To do so, we incorporate SSO, multi-factor authentication, and Biometric authentication that keeps credential data safe.

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Over a decade of experience in healthcare software development and application development, DreamSoft4U is a market leader in custom mHealth app development in USA. The company has successfully delivered over 1600+ projects for its 1000+ clients across the world. Our robust, intuitive and scalable mobile health apps are serving startups, enterprises and entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry to offer a seamless healthcare workflow for patients and medical professionals.

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Mobile App Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

We at DreamSoft4U leverage our global clients with custom mHealth app development that eventually hand over healthcare organizations and service providers, cross-functional solutions capable of providing exceptional point-of-care communication.

mHealth App Development Solutions

mHealth App Development Solutions

Our custom mHealth apps comprise a comprehensive list of features and facilities such as real-time monitoring sensors, wearable technology, provider-based portals, embedded applications, telehealth/telemedicine, patient engagement systems, integration interfaces, on-demand virtual doctor apps with HIPAA compliant video-streaming. Other than this, our healthcare solutions include tele-epidemiology apps that aid in training health professionals and bestowing them with public health information.

mHealth Platform Development

mHealth Platform Development

We have expertise in creating interoperable, self-provisioning device integration software and mobile health platforms for medical devices such as Blood Pressure/Pulse Monitors, ECG, SPO2, and Scales. In addition to this, we utilize our years-long experience in programming software with store-and-forward capabilities that can update biometric data from monitoring systems (Nightingale) in real-time to any mHealth platform (Iguana, Bionet, etc.)


Integration with mHealth Apps

Our team of mHealth app developers provide an array of mobile healthcare app development services. From native, hybrid to web healthcare app development for Android, iOS and Windows mobile platforms. For cross-platform mHealth app development, our mobile health app developers use different tools such as React Native, Xamarin, PhoneGap, Flutter, among others. We are experts in wearable mobile health technology hardware’s integration with mobile devices and creating a software architecture capable of real-time monitoring and displaying historical data dashboards.

mHealth Technology

mHealth Technology Solutions

We provide our clients HIPAA compliant SMS messaging and alert applications that allow one-way and two-way SMS utilizing SMSC gateways. Our custom mobile health apps leverage clients with secure data sharing, P2P or group conferencing with record/stream abilities, screen share, file transfer mechanics. WE as a top software development company always take care of the whole situation of the market. As according to the market there are some best mHealth care apps in the market for instance: Fitbit.Apple Heart Study, GoogleFit, Samsung Health, AliveCor’s Kardia Mobile, BlueStar.


Health Information Exchange Applications

As a healthcare software development company with capabilities such as secure Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE) of data and imagery (DICOM/ PACS) for clinical decision support. We engineer electronic health information exchange apps as well to inspect and share medical information securely. In this case information exchange enables co-ordinate care, this helps to the provider as well as patients too. Primary care provide can provide problems, medication and lab result to the specialist referring to their patients.


Medical Video Conferencing Integration

We provide our clients with cross-platform medical video conferencing software development wherein the rolled out product remains compatible with different devices, browsers, and third-party software. Our medical video conferencing software is highly interactive and supports Multi-Patient Consoles (MPC) utilizing functions such as secure messaging, one-click video calling, Single Sign On (SSO), call presence connectivity detection, and interactive voice.


Medical Video Conferencing Software Services

We at DreamSoft4U provide our clients with cloud-based medical video conferencing software solutions that can transfer data files securely through data channelling and end-to-end encryption. Our medical video conferencing platform comes packed with screen sharing aids. Point-to-Point (P2P) communication constructs, custom development or integration of audio and video streaming software (WebRTC, OpenTok) are some of the major components of our medical video conferencing software services. Our low bandwidth HD video and LTE mobility medical video conferencing software are among our most sought after video conferencing software.


mHealth Virtual Office Software Solutions

Among our mHealth virtual office software solutions, we do provide our clients virtual office platforms with virtual visitation capability through HIPAA compliant P2P video streaming and virtual waiting rooms with call routing/triage capabilities. Other than this, our virtual office software offers clients an aid in integrating interoperable EHRs for data and DICOM/PACS. Additionally, our virtual medical office platforms with e-prescription solutions include the integration of Surescript Lexicomp, RxNorm, FirstDataBank, NDC with 100% transparency for patient reordering, tracking and the expiration of prescriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about our processes and how we work with the help of the following FAQs

Yes, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients. We respect your business values and ideas. Your project plans are completely safe with us.

With more than 13 years of core experience in Healthcare solutions development, DreamSoft4U is an industry leader. We are a globally-acknowledged mHealth development company that possesses a talent pool of mHealth app developers who are highly skilled, talented and have more than five years of experience in healthcare software and application development. In addition to this, the company believes in serving best-in-class healthcare solutions concerning clients’ specific requirements within a given timeframe at cost-effective pricing.

With the mHealth App Development, healthcare service providers or organisations can provide patients with several benefits:
  • Ease of treatment compliance.
  • Uninterrupted access to professional help
  • Lowered risk of contracting infections

We at DreamSoft4U follow a pre-defined mHealth app development process for the creation of unique mHealth apps. Every client has different requirements, and understanding their specific requirements in a better way always remains our priority. Later on, we ask for their target audience and start the creation of the mHealth app keeping the scalability of the app in mind. Every development phase proceeds further with rigorous testing to deliver a bug-free, proper functioning mHealth application.

A mHealth App is an application provided by a healthcare service provider to its patients. Utilizing which patients can get immediate access to the information vital for diagnosing illness, track disease, among others. Also, they can perform several activities like scheduling an appointment, accessing lab results, viewing medical records, finding a physician, bill payment and much more.

Development Cost for mHealth app starts from 15,000 USD, majorly it depends upon the features, customizations, business needs & scalability of the project.