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Our solutions benefit all types of healthcare providers, including hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, and medical institutions. For custom EHR and EMR software that meet the highest standards of security and efficiency contact the DreamSoft4u team today!

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Custom EMR System Development & EHR Software

DreamSoft4u enables hospitals, clinics, and medical professionals to stay up-to-date with health data compliance like PDPM, PDGM, MIPS, etc. Additionally, our solutions meet ICD-10 code revisions, fee structures, and CCI edits.

Our Electronic health record technology stack blends effortlessly into current health systems. Some of the key outcomes include enhanced patient journey, faster admission, and care shift timelines, and improved workforce efficiency and revenue.


40% Reduction in Errors

Improve patient safety, avoids legal issues, and save time and resources with automated, accurate, and error-free patient health data documentation.


30% Increase in Patient Satisfaction

Streamline patient information, reduce waiting time, provide quick access to records, and facilitate easy communication with healthcare providers.


25% Cost Savings

Automating patient record management and maintenance leads to a reduction of up to 25% in administrative costs and helps improve operational efficiency.


Improved patient care

Real-time, accurate, and up-to-date patient information results in improved patient care, better diagnosis, and effective treatment.


Enhanced collaboration

Accessing patient records via software or mobile app results in improved care coordination, faster decision-making, and better outcomes.


Personalized healthcare

Empowering patients with mobile-based records, results in improved self-management, and better health outcomes.


Regulatory compliance

Our solutions comply with healthcare industry regulations, such as HIPAA and HITECH, and ensure 100% patient data privacy and security.


Best practices

Our experts provide guidance on best practices for EMR/EHR/PHR implementation and help healthcare organizations optimize their processes.


User training

We offer user training and support to ensure maximum value for providers and patients, resulting in improved adoption and outcomes.


20% Safer Care

Optimized EMR and EHR solutions promote quality and safety in medication reconciliation and clinical decision-making.


Gain a Competitive Advantage

EMR and EHR systems collect vast amounts of healthcare data, which can be analyzed to identify trends, patterns, and best practices.


Scale/Adapt on Demand

Our solutions are scalable and can adapt to the ever-evolving healthcare needs, resulting in improved efficiency, productivity, and growth.

EMR System Software Development and Mobile Apps

Today’s EMR solutions extend way beyond simple patient record-keeping. In fact, they impact healthcare quality, efficiency, and growth. Our EHR systems are designed to drive your organization’s success at every level- from patient engagement to business revenue. Here’s how:

Simplified Workflows: Our solutions target a broad spectrum of e-health point solutions and services, simplifying complexity in healthcare workflows.

Security-First: Penetration tests, SOC-level audits, and adherence to HIPAA compliance standards demonstrate our commitment to protecting your business.

Optimized Productivity: With our solutions, medical insurance premium payers, manufacturers, HIE, and RHIO can elevate business and clinical management, driving efficiency and patient outcomes.

Strategic Advantages: Our solutions are built to support your organization’s long-term goals and strategy, enhancing decision-making and growth.

EMR Software Development

Our EMR Software Services and EHR Solutions

EHR software development

EHR and EMR Software Solutions

Our Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Records software are HIPAA compliant and feature a robust network architecture with a secure database. They provide integration ease to a patient portal, evidence-based tools, and comprehensive chart management and intuitive graph for desktop and mobile devices.

EHR software development

EHR and EMR Mobile Applications

We develop cross-platform mobile healthcare applications which facilitate end-users with real-time access and editing lab test results of EHR and EMR, radiation images, physician notebooks, treatment planning, nursing guidelines, history tracking, billing information and demographics tracking.

EHR software development

EMR and EHR Implementation

It facilitates the implementation of traditional medical record systems, data migration, pilot tests, user training along with having an eye over the quality improvement of always connected equipment like AthenaHealth, GE Healthcare, Allscripts, Raintree Systems, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, openEHR and Meditech.

EHR software development

Certified EHR System

We develop a certified EHR system that benefits from QPP (Quality Payment Program) owing to our implemented electronically Clinical Quality Measures (eCQM) approach of Meaningful Use (MU). Our medical records software are based on SSL and TLS encryption which ensures data integrity for role-based authentication.

EHR software development

Medical Technology And EHR Integration

We develop EMR and EHR software’s that facilitates interoperation by integrating with other healthcare management software like HIE (Health Information Exchanges), PMS (Practice Management Systems), CDSS (clinical decision support systems), PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems).

EHR software development

Personal Health Record Software

We code personal health records (PHR) software and mobile applications competent to adjust data to EMR and EHR through integrating wearable health equipment, communicating with doctors. and self-scheduling promises.

How EMR Systems and EHR Software Help Your Organization?

Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Records software development avails healthcare service providers with definite benefits. Those who have opted for EHR software systems are already witnessing great results. Reportedly, they are experiencing an overall enhancement in their healthcare practice while the patients are getting benefited with a much easier and efficient billing process.
Let’s have a look at the series of benefits EHR/EMR systems provide to health practitioners, medical personnel & patients:
  • Enables faster decision making.
  • Reduces medical error to a greater extent.
  • Facilitates next-level e-Prescribing and medical records capabilities.
  • Reduced operational expenses for services like medical transcription services.
  • Digitalization of all medical records and seamless data transfer between departments.
  • Lesser chances of errors in personal healthcare records.
  • Improvement in diagnosis of diseases and treatment procedures.
  • Efficient patient workflow that improves per day served patient count, resulting in improved productivity.

How can Dreamsoft4u help with Custom EMR Systems and EHR Software?

Our expert medical software developers provide top-notch EMR and EHR solutions. The software can be used by both healthcare professionals and patients across the globe to access electronic medical or health records.

Interoperability and Integration

Our solution ensures that data can flow freely and securely across various departments and systems, promoting better collaboration.

Data Security and Compliance

Our solutions adhere to industry standards, including HIPAA compliance, to maintain patient confidentiality and meet legal requirements.

Scalability and Performance

Our systems are optimized for performance to handle the high volume of data and transactions common in healthcare environments.

Clinical Decision Support

Our solutions leverage data analytics and machine learning, aiding healthcare providers in diagnosis and treatment planning.

Practice management (PM) Tools

Elevate patient experiences, boost NPS, enhance clinical outcomes, and lower readmission rates using our integrated tools within the EMR system.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Healthcare technology evolves rapidly, and our team is equipped to handle updates, improvements, and any technical challenges that arise.
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With over a decade of experience in custom healthcare software development, DreamSoft4u is the leading Healthcare software development company in USA. Till now, the company has successfully delivered 1600 projects to its global clients including doctor discovery, appointments, check-in, billing and more.

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Reasons to choose Dreamsoft4u for custom EMR solutions and EHR software development?

Our seasoned team ensures your EMR solutions and EHR software are meticulously crafted. We ensure that your solutions are 100% secure, scalable, and compatible, while data management follows the highest standards of compliance. Here are some key highlights of our services:

EMR EHR PHR Solutions

Expertise in Cerner, EPIC, Allscripts, and More

Excelling in the integration and optimization of leading EMR and EHR platforms such as Cerner, EPIC, Allscripts, and a diverse range of others.
EMR EHR PHR Solutions

Seamless Interoperability

We ensure smooth integration with diverse systems. Our EHR solutions boost data sharing and real-time communication among various EHR systems and EMR solutions.
EMR EHR PHR Solutions

Custom Workflows

Our EHR solutions and EMR systems are customizable. They fit seamlessly into unique workflows, enhance efficiency and reduce administrative workloads.
EMR EHR PHR Solutions

Data Security & Privacy

Our expert healthcare app developers develop EMR software solutions in compliance with the industry standards like HIPAA to ensure data security and safety to a greater extent.
EMR EHR PHR Solutions

Regulatory Standards & Compliance

We fully ensure that our solutions are compliant with all the industry standards and regulations including HIPAA, DICOM, ICD-10, HITECH, and others.
EMR EHR PHR Solutions

Easy-to-scale Solutions

We provide scalable EMR and EHR integrations that accommodate your organization’s future growth, from small clinics to large hospital networks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about our processes and how we work with the help of the following FAQs

An EMR system is a digital record-keeping tool for patient medical data. On the other hand, an EHR system deals with much broader health data. And, can be shared across different healthcare providers.

EMR/EHR systems streamline medical record-keeping through digitization, centralization, and automation of patient information. An EHR solution also offers providers real-time access to health records, thereby improving decision-making significantly.

Key features include electronic charting, appointment scheduling, e-prescriptions, lab result tracking, interoperability, and patient portal access. Other than these critical features, our developers are also capable of building custom solutions that meet specific healthcare needs.

EMR/EHR systems ensure data security through encryption, user authentication, and compliance with HIPAA regulations. All these features make the transfer of medical data such as medical history, lab test results, and more fully secure and confidential.

Yes, both EMR and EHR systems can be customized to align with the unique requirements of healthcare facilities. Our expert team at DreamSoft4U specializes in tailoring solutions that seamlessly adapt to your organization’s distinct workflows and objectives.

Interoperability ensures different departments and healthcare systems can communicate with one another. Without interoperability, EMR or EHR solutions offer limited value to providers.

Yes, we offer custom EMR system development tailored to your specific needs. Key features include:
  • Billing Information
  • Patient Management Tools
  • Medication Orders & E-Prescription
  • Laboratory Information Systems (LIS)

Yes, we are open to signing an NDA to protect the confidentiality of your EMR software project. Your privacy and the security of your project’s details are of utmost importance to us.

The cost of building an EMR system varies based on features, complexity, and customization. However, it is best if you talk to one of our consultants. We will be able to share a detailed cost estimate depending on your EMR software needs.

EHR or EMR integration costs depend on the existing technologies and systems that need to be connected. For an accurate cost estimate for your project, we recommend a free consultation with one of our healthcare software development advisors today.