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EMR-EHR-PHR Solutions

EHR and EMR Software Development

With more than 15 years of core experience in the development of healthcare software solutions, DreamSoft4u is an industry-leading custom EHR and EMR Software Development company in USA. The company possesses a team of highly skilled, talented, and experienced medical software developers who are capable of delivering top-notch Electronic Medical Records software development to our global clients Our Electronic Medical Records/Electronic Health Records software is highly efficient in terms of interoperability, simplifying doctor-patient communication and streamlining hospitals’ workflow to improve the efficiency of the hospital throughout the medical industry. if you are looking to develop best-in-class medical records software that can offer quick medical assistance for needy patients.

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Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software Development; Mobile Applications

Get your hands-on robust, scalable and highly secure EMR-EHR software development and mobile applications.
Being the best custom EHR software development services company in USA, DreamSoft4u develops EMR-EHR-PHR Solutions competent to get modified and customized according to the users need. Also, it facilitates users collecting and sharing their past and present health information. They can even use our tried and tested EHR/EMR systems for general practice, psychiatric practices and more, for saving the inconvenience and cost of repeating routine medical examinations. Our EMR/PHR/EHR software systems target a comprehensive range of e-health point solutions and services for reducing complexity, offering treatment coordination, improving safety and productivity in innovation delivery. Additionally, our EHR integrated solutions facilitate medical insurance premium payers, manufacturers, HIE and RHIO to innovate their business and clinical management to a greater extent in order to get an edge over the competition by improving efficiency and patient outcome as well. Also, healthcare organizations get the liberty of implementing our EHR software solutions either independently or in collaboration with other point solutions.
EMR Software Development

Custom Healthcare Management Softwares

Connect with USA’s most trusted custom healthcare software development company, DreamSoft4u and take your business to new heights with our robust, feature-rich medical software solutions based on the latest technologies. Utilizing our over a decade of experience in healthcare software development, we do offer our clients the industry’s-best custom healthcare software development services to keep them ahead in the competition. Choose the best fit from a comprehensive range of our custom healthcare software development services and build your perfect solutions considering your business requirements.
EMR Software Development
Electronic Health Records (EHR/EMR)
EMR Software Development
HIPPA. ANSI, HHS, ONC-ATCB, BAA, FDA Security & Compliances System
EMR Software Development
Telemedicine Telehealth Apps
EMR Software Development
E-Prescription (ERx) Software
EMR Software Development
HIS & Practice Management Software
EMR Software Development
Health Information Exchange (HIE)
EMR Software Development
Pharmacy Management
EMR Software Development
RCM & Medical Billing Software
EMR Software Development
Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
EMR-EHR-PHR Development Company
Veterinary Practice Management Software
EHR software development
Assistive Technology Software
EHR software development

Our EHR/EMR Solutions

EHR software development

EHR and EMR Software Solutions

Our Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Records software are HIPAA compliant and feature a robust network architecture with a secure database. They provide integration ease to a patient portal, evidence-based tools, and comprehensive chart management and intuitive graph for desktop and mobile devices.

EHR software development

EHR and EMR Mobile Applications

We develop cross-platform mobile healthcare applications which facilitate end-users with real-time access and editing lab test results of EHR and EMR, radiation images, physician notebooks, treatment planning, nursing guidelines, history tracking, billing information and demographics tracking.

EHR software development

EMR and EHR Implementation

It facilitates the implementation of traditional medical record systems, data migration, pilot tests, user training along with having an eye over the quality improvement of always connected equipment like AthenaHealth, GE Healthcare, Allscripts, Raintree Systems, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, openEHR and Meditech.

EHR software development

Certified EHR System

We develop a certified EHR system that benefits from QPP (Quality Payment Program) owing to our implemented electronically Clinical Quality Measures (eCQM) approach of Meaningful Use (MU). Our medical records software are based on SSL and TLS encryption which ensures data integrity for role-based authentication.

EHR software development

Medical Technology And EHR Integration

We develop EMR and EHR software’s that facilitates interoperation by integrating with other healthcare management software like HIE (Health Information Exchanges), PMS (Practice Management Systems), CDSS (clinical decision support systems), PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems).

EHR software development

Personal Health Record Software

We code personal health records (PHR) software and mobile applications competent to adjust data to EMR and EHR through integrating wearable health equipment, communicating with doctors. and self-scheduling promises.

Why Do You Need EMR and EHR Systems for Your Healthcare Organization?

Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Records software development avails healthcare service providers with definite benefits. Those who have opted for EHR software systems are already witnessing great results. Reportedly, they are experiencing an overall enhancement in their healthcare practice while the patients are getting benefited with a much easier and efficient billing process.
Let’s have a look at the series of benefits EHR/EMR systems provide to health practitioners, medical personnel & patients:
  • Enables faster decision making.
  • Reduces medical error to a greater extent.
  • Facilitates next-level e-Prescribing and medical records capabilities.
  • Reduced operational expenses for services like medical transcription services.
  • Digitalization of all medical records and seamless data transfer between departments.
  • Lesser chances of errors in personal healthcare records.
  • Improvement in diagnosis of diseases and treatment procedures.
  • Efficient patient workflow that improves per day served patient count, resulting in improved productivity.

Hire Medical Software Developers for Custom Healthcare Software Solutions

Concerning all the technology-related demands of the current healthcare market, DreamSoft4u has a reputation for serving medical software development services of higher standards to its clients. You can consult our healthcare software development experts for the development of the cutting-edge technology-based, highly secure, feature-rich medical platform as per your business requirements. Hire medical software developers from DreamSoft4u and witness the rollout of sure to be successful custom healthcare software solutions, competent to offer heightened customer experience and attain great sales figures.
Telemedicine Software Development

Telemedicine Software Development

Dreamsoft4u’s scalable app development for healthcare give it a boost for your healthcare business through proper planning and execution.

Custom Telemedicine Software

Our experts’ team of medical software developers delivers a tailored-telemedicine software capable of forming quick and convenient connections with physicians to symptom checkers and prescription services.

Cloud-Based Telemedicine Software

We leverage healthcare institutions with cloud-based custom Telemedicine software backed by next-gen features and capable of offering seamless patient monitoring.

Third-Party Integration

Our medical EHR software development experts leverage seamless third-party integration of HL7, LIMS, and RCM to offer clients best-in-class custom healthcare software services.
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MHealth Solutions

We provide our clients seamless custom healthcare software development services to deliver MHealth solutions capable of maintaining clinical workflow and improving patient care effectively.

MHealth Telemedicine Software

We develop highly functional, effective, cross-platform Telemedicine solutions with ease of access to different devices. Our MHealth Telemedicine software benefits healthcare organizations with improved data management and diagnostic services significantly.
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MHealth Solutions

Electronic Health Record (EHR/EMR) Software Solutions

Our experts medical software developers provide top-notch EHR and EMR software solutions. The software can be used by both healthcare professionals and patients across the globe to access electronic medical or health records.

EMR/EHR Medical Software Development

Electronic Health Records systems enable clients to evolve according to new trends in the health industry. Even they can manage patient medical records and pace up clinical workflows seamlessly.

EHR/EMR Implementation Services

Our EHR/EMR software help healthcare service providers manage their workflows through effective communication, data transfer between the different departments and lesser medical errors.

EHR/EMR Integration Services

We provide scalable EHR/EMR solutions to our clients, thanks to the integration of third-party technologies which offers automated access to a comprehensive structured data repository.
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EHR Software Solutions

Our Solution for Medical and Healthcare Industry

EMR-EHR-PHR Solutions RCM & Medical Billing
EMR-EHR-PHR Solutions Health Information Exchange
EMR-EHR-PHR SolutionsEHR-EMR-PHR/Telehealth
HIS & Practice Management
Medical And Healthcare Industry
Assistive Technology
Interoperability (HL7)
Pharmacy Management
E-prescribing (eRx)

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With over a decade of experience in custom healthcare software development, DreamSoft4u is the leading Healthcare software development company in USA. Till now, the company has successfully delivered 1600 projects to its global clients including doctor discovery, appointments, check-in, billing and more.

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Our Medical Management Systems Integrations

We leverage our experience of serving varied healthcare software providers in the development of our medical management systems. Our healthcare solutions ensure a seamless, error-free workflow within the healthcare device ecosystem. Our healthcare experts tend to include emerging technologies like AI and ML to automate tasks of healthcare agencies like smart billing, adaptive staffing and improved patient care.
Beacon Integration
GPS Integration
Remote Care Platforms
Medical Billing
PCI-compliant Payment
Healthcare Compliances
Third-Party App Integration
Audio/Video Live Consultation
Custom API Integration
Patient Scheduling
Healthcare App Development Services

Why DreamSoft4u for Healthcare App Development Services?

DreamSoft4u provides best-in-class healthcare application development services that ensure healthcare organizations to get a faster response time and better return on investment. Do hire certified healthcare mobile app development experts from DreamSoft4u and witness the delivery of innovative, quality-rich, bespoke healthcare solutions as per your project requirements.

Experties in Big Data & BI

Our expert healthcare development team utilize their experience and expertise in big data and BI to assemble complex data into personalized dashboards that can be accessed without any hassle via any medical professional.

Healthcare Domain Knowledge

Our 15+ years of experience in the development of telehealth, EHR, and financial systems makes us incorporate interoperability across your healthcare ecosystem.

Rich Experience in Mobile UI

We utilise our extensive experience in creating UI/UX that enables us to deliver multi-screen mHealth solutions with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that even a layman can operate effortlessly.

Data Security & Privacy

Our expert healthcare app developers develop healthcare software solutions in compliance with the industry standards like HIPAA to ensure data security and safety to a greater extent.

Regulatory Standards & Compliance

We fully ensure that our healthcare software & mobile applications be compliant with all the industry standards and regulations including HIPAA, DICOM, ICD-10, HITECH, and others

100% Transparency

We focus on delivering custom healthcare systems and solutions maintaining 100% transparency. Those who have credentials can only access data and perform modifications. Our mHealth solutions are highly secure with the implementation of SSO, biometric authentication, and multi-factor authentication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about our processes and how we work with the help of the following FAQs

An Electronic Health Record (EHR) system can be understood as an electronic version of patients medical history. Healthcare provider maintains EHR and keep a record of all clinical data of a particular person including parameters like problems, medications, progress notes, demographics and more.

An electronic medical record system or EMR system is a digitalized version of a patient’s paper chart. if you are willing to develop an EMR system of your own, do consult a reliable EMR/EHR software development company like DreamSoft4u for a robust, scalable and secure EMR solution.

EMR is an internal, organizational system, managed by the patients whereas EHR is an inter-organizational system used within a clinician’s office. The PHR, on the other hand, are online systems used by patients to access medical information and get engaged to the system. All in all, PHR can be considered as a communication system beyond the clinician’s office.

The EMR technology improves patient care in several ways. First and foremost is enabling healthcare providers with access to a variety of information in a more personalized way like they can view and print graphs of values like weight, blood pressure, cholesterol level, etc. Set treatment goals or alerts to get reminded when certain precautions are needed to take. Improving communication and relationships between family physicians and their multidisciplinary team members.

Yes, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients. We respect your business values and ideas. Your project plans are completely safe with us.

Dreamsoft4u is an award-winning healthcare software and application development company in USA. With more than 13 years of experience in healthcare solutions development, we cater our clients with robust, innovative, best-in-class healthcare solutions. If you are looking to develop a telemedicine app of yours, collaborate with us and utilize our vast experience to get your hands-on a unique telemedicine app solution that can stand you out in the competition.

The key features of EMR-EHR-PHR-Solutions are:
  • Easy Patient Scheduling
  • Intelligent Patient Workflows
  • Detailed Meaningful Use of Reporting
  • Task Management Capabilities
  • Expedite Patient Encounters

Development Cost for EMR-EHR-PHR solutions starts from 25,000 USD, majorly it depends upon the features, customizations, business needs & scalability of the project.

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