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Telemedicine App Development Service

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With our telemedicine app development services, reach patients in remote areas and provide virtual consultations. We build HIPAA-compliant telemedicine apps that enable remote monitoring, video consultations, and much more.

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Telemedicine App Development Company

Telemedicine App Development

Our Telemedicine app development service allows you to seamlessly connect with your patients from anywhere, anytime, and provide them with quality healthcare services.

35% Increase in Patient Satisfaction

A telemedicine app improves patient satisfaction- providing them easy access to healthcare services, reducing waiting times, and providing quality care.

20% Reduction in No-shows

Telemedicine solutions reduce patient no-shows by sending reminders, and appointment confirmations, and providing convenient virtual care options.

30% Increase in Revenue

With healthcare services delivered through mobile, providers can reach more patients and provide quality care, leading to a boost in revenue.

Inclusive-Healthcare for All

Video Consultations and On-Demand Appointments Bridge the gap and bring convenience to distant patients, ensuring timely care for all.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Stay connected, manage, and provide personalized care to chronic patients with ease and precision using advanced RPM features.

Emergency Medical Care

Ready-to-use telemedicine solutions, provide medical aid during pandemic / natural disasters for near and distant patients alike.

Strategic Planning

Our telemedicine developers guide you in devising the right strategy and selecting the right features to meet your unique needs.

Outcome-based Coaching

Our objective-based approach gives you the edge you need to achieve and measure the success of your telemedicine app.

Ongoing Support

Our certified telemedicine app developers provide you with on-time assistance to ensure a seamless experience for patients and healthcare providers.

70% Less Setup Cost

Maximize Savings, Minimize Hassle with a virtual clinic that costs only a fraction of traditional brick-and-mortar primary care practice.

Outsmart Competiton

Telemedicine empowers startups and small practitioners to compete and win against well-established clinics and larger practices

Save Time, See More

Telemedicine saves 50% of the time on overhead tasks, allowing better care and service for in-person patients and boosting overall satisfaction.

Evolving Healthcare Software Solutions

We construct next-gen healthcare software solutions concerning the latest breakthroughs and developments taking place in the healthcare industry. Our healthcare software solutions include:

Healthcare app developmentHealthcare app development
Medical appsMedical apps
mHealth PlatformmHealth Platform
Fitness appsFitness apps
Backend developmentBackend development
Healthcare Software Solutions
telemedicine app developmentTelemedicine apps
telemedicine app developmentThird-party API integration
telemedicine app developmentLaboratory Information
telemedicine app developmentApplication maintenance
telemedicine app developmentPharmacy Management solutions
telemedicine app developmentHealth Information Exchange

Telemedicine App Development Cost

It is hard to provide an exact telemedicine app development cost since different companies charge different rates as per their expertise and experience in the industry. Also, they do offer ease of hiring established telemedicine app developers following different hiring models at different costs. However, the factors that influence telemedicine app development solution cost include:

telemedicine app development cost
Type of telemedicine app development
telemedicine app development cost
Supportive platforms
telemedicine app development cost
Advanced features
telemedicine app development cost
Number of developers hired
telemedicine app development cost
Total working hours
telemedicine app development cost
API purchase

Besides, the location also plays a vital role in determining telemedicine app development costs. Therefore, if you are all set to hire telemedicine app developers from a telemedicine app development solution company then choosing an offshore telemedicine app development company over an onshoring company would be beneficial on the pricing front. Choose wisely!

Key Features of Our Telemedicine App Development

Our team of telemedicine app developers develop custom, native apps for our clients (an individual doctor, a hospital, or a clinic chain) concerning their specific business needs. Our telemedicine app solutions pack the following features.

Telemedicine AppNotification
Telemedicine AppPayment Options
Telemedicine AppReviews & Ratings
Telemedicine AppHome/Clinic Consultation
Telemedicine AppAmazing UI/UX
Telemedicine App Development
Telemedicine AppVideo Consultation
Telemedicine AppUpcoming & Previous Appointment List
Telemedicine AppOnline Scheduling
Telemedicine AppFilter Option
Telemedicine AppMedicine Order

Who can leverage telemedicine app development Service?

Telemedicine App Development Service

Doctors & Healthcare Professionals

With telemedicine app development services, doctors, physicians and healthcare professionals can get the best-suited telemedicine app solutions to leverage virtual visits, enhanced workflow, increased productivity and practice efficiency. With the video or phone appointments, telemedicine apps ensure health and convenience both for the healthcare practitioners or the patients.

Telemedicine App Development Service

Telehealth Service Provider

Our telemedicine app development services give access to telemedicine, which is a crucial part of telehealth. It encourages telehealth service providers to provide remote clinical services for needy ones. Health professionals can utilize this appropriate and way more efficient approach for improved health services.

Telemedicine App Development Service

Hospitals, Clinics & Laboratories

Hospitals, clinics & laboratories can adopt telemedicine to improve their workflow and offer increased patient satisfaction. Telemedicine apps eliminate the burden of maintaining record of patients’ appointment on daily basis, their medical history and others, resulting in saving time that healthcare personals can utilize in performing other valuable activities.

Telemedicine App Development Service

Custom Telemedicine Based on Specific Requirements

We at DreamSoft4U develop custom telemedicine app solutions to garner specific requirements of end-users including doctors, patients or service providers. With the custom telemedicine app development, concerned healthcare service provider can simply differentiate its product from others available in the market with the insertion of unique features.

Telemedicine App Development Services

Why DreamSoft4u For Telemedicine App Development Services?

Being a top telemedicine app development company in USA, DreamSoft4u is renowned for its telemedicine app development services globally. The company guarantees faster response time and better return on investment for the selected telemedicine app development solution. Do hire highly-skilled, talented and experienced telemedicine app developers from us and get your hands on an innovative, best-in-class telemedicine app solution. With over 19+ years of experience in the healthcare software and app development industry, we ensure the delivery of robust, scalable, feature-rich telemedicine solutions concerning your business requirements.

Telemedicine App Development Service

Expertise in Big Data & BI

Our telemedicine app developers team has expertise in big data and BI which enables them to create data structures that can easily manage complex data through customizable dashboards accessible to medical professionals.

Telemedicine App Development Service

Healthcare Domain Knowledge

Our team of telemedicine app developers utilize their over a decade of experience in EHR, telehealth and financial systems to craft interoperability through telemedicine apps across the healthcare ecosystem.

Telemedicine App Development Service

Extensive Mobile UX Expertise

When we craft a telemedicine app for doctors, we consider their specific requirements to create a compelling UX for each telemedicine screen as an intuitive, user-friendly interface, easy to master for operators regardless of their background.

Telemedicine App Development Service

Data Security & Privacy

Data security & privacy is one of the major concerns in this digital era and our experts telemedicine app developers ensure the development of industry compliant telemedicine app with extended data security & privacy which includes HIPAA.

Telemedicine App Development Service

Regulatory Standards & Compliance

We at DreamSoft4U focus on creating telemedicine app solutions that fully comply with the required industry standards and regulations including HITECH, HIPAA, DICOM, ICD-10, etc. for seamless user interaction.

Telemedicine App Development Service

100% Transparency

We ensure the delivery of 100% transparent telemedicine app in compliance with industry-standard and regulations. We do include biometric authentication, SSO, multi-factor authentication that ensure patients’ medical data security and confidentiality.

Interesting Facts about the Telemedicine app that empowers your decision

If you’re still in a dilemma about whether to design and develop a telemedicine app or not? Do consider the following facts and statistics to boost your confidence!

According to the Massachusetts General Hospital, 70% of patients agree that booking a telemedicine appointment for follow up is way more convenient as compared to an appointment for physical doctor follow-ups.


GomoHealth says 76% of hospitals in the US prefer telemedicine to connect their patients virtually.

According to the American Journal of Managed Care, 59% of Clinicians agree that telemedicine conveys almost similar results as compared to traditional consultations.


According to Medical Economics, 47% of patients say that telemedicine apps will be adopted on a large scale since they facilitate an immediate appointment booking ease to the patients.

MDI says telemedicine apps slash medical costs by 10-15%.


According to mHealth Intelligence, in some cases, telemedicine apps are capable of reducing costs up to 50%.

Project Launched

Years Experience

Satisfied Customers

Client Retention

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DreamSoft4U is USA’s best telemedicine development company with over a decade of healthcare software and application development experience in the industry. Since then, the company has delivered over 1600 projects to its global clients across 20+ countries. Our clientele covers healthcare service providers ranging from startup to mid-level and large scale healthcare enterprises and organizations. Do consult your telemedicine app project!

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Why do you need a telemedicine app?

It is because both the patients and the healthcare service providers leverage tangible benefits from a telemedicine app, let’s see how!

1 Patient Benefits

Widespread reach

With the telemedicine app, patients can access healthcare services from far-off, remotely places as well. Its widespread reach enables patients to connect and get healthcare from doctors, physicians situated at different parts of the world.


Low-cost service

In terms of pricing, the health care services provided via telemedicine app are nearly 10-15% lower than the traditional healthcare services since it eliminates patients’ travel costs to the doctors.


Quality care

The telemedicine apps that are the result of cutting edge technological advancements enable high-quality care from symptom tracking to patient monitoring remotely. Patients do not require to travel doctor’s clinic to get quality care.


Comprehensive specialists’ network

The telemedicine app provides a comprehensive specialists’ network as it connects physicians and specialists from across the world. Patients can search and connect with the doctors who have specialization in particular diseases they are suffering from.


Increased Patient Engagement

A telemedicine app spreads awareness among its users or can say patients to maintain health. Also, it reimburses them with rewards or points after completing daily fitness goals, resulting in increased patient engagement.


Saves costs

The telemedicine app eliminates patients’ need to visit a doctor that saves valuable time and added costs. If the reports are believed telemedicine apps save per patient $361 and $8566 on a monthly and half-yearly basis.

2 Providers Benefits


Reduces healthcare costs

The telemedicine apps are competent to deliver timely care for the needy and are capable of reducing medication non-adherence and ER visit costs to a greater extent. It calculates somewhere around $200 billion in medical expenditure.

Work optimization

Work optimization

Featuring data analytics, the telemedicine app enables service providers to get quicker access to patients’ medical data and obtain actionable insights for them. This results in improving workflow in the healthcare ecosystem.


Widespread reach

Telemedicine apps have a widespread reach over healthcare services. Patients can access these services through a single app and enjoy a multitude of benefits. If the reports from Deloitte are believed, such apps reduce medical paperwork by 60%.


Time management

Telemedicine apps not only save valuable time but also empower healthcare service providers for better time management through reduced paperwork and other administrative tasks to focus more on patients.


Collaborative care

Telemedicine apps provide doctors and specialists with collaboration ease to take care of patients’ critical cases. They can simply connect and pay undue attention to the disease to offer collaborative care to resolve the case efficiently.


Safety & Confidentiality

Our telemedicine app solutions are HIPAA compliant that ensure the safety and confidentiality of patients’ data and communication through encryption and totally eliminate unauthorized data access and breaches to it.

How do we Develop a Telemedicine App?

We at DreamSoft4U provides our clientele with telemedicine app development services that are highly transparent throughout the development process right from the planning phase to its execution. Have a look at the thorough development process depicted here.

Planning- It is the first and foremost stage of any telemedicine app development project. In this phase, our team of telemedicine app developers perform a business analysis considering your target audience, product’s USP and several other factors associated with the end-product. Our telemedicine app developers concerning these features do collaborate with the System Architect and create app architecture.
Platform compatibility and codebases selection- Once the system architecture is designed, our team of telemedicine app developers focus on choosing the programming language and the platform best-suited for the project. FYI, our team of telemedicine app developers are highly skilled, talented and experienced to develop apps whether for Android, iOS or web platforms.
Telemedicine app design- The telemedicine app, as the name suggests is meant to target every age group or generation. Therefore, we tend to craft the app UI in a way that all age group users can easily access the application. Additionally, we do take care of user experience (UX) as well. To ensure the top-notch user experience we perform paper UX testing cycles with clickable mockups and focus groups as well.
API selection- Once the app design is approved, we move on to the selection of different APIs concerning your project requirements and market demands; and choose the right set of APIs that stand out the product from the competition. Some of the common APIs that we include for telemedicine app solutions are messaging APIs and video calling APIs.
Quality assurance and testing- To ensure the quality and proper functioning of your under pipelined telemedicine app, we do consider an infrastructure-as-code approach that tells the proper response time even during heavy load. Additionally, we do perform the unit and the beta testing to check the functionality and ensure the quality of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about our processes and how we work with the help of the following FAQs

It is the process of developing a specific application that enables both doctors and patients to connect and communicate remotely, monitor health issues, get direct access to clinical records, less paperwork and much more. In this 21st century, our healthcare industry is highly interested in adopting this completely reasonable and justified trend all our the world. So be the one and opt for telemedicine app development solution for your healthcare services from DreamSoft4U, a renowned name in healthcare software and app development.

If you want to develop a telemedicine app of your own, you can look for a trustable telemedicine app development company with years of experience in providing healthcare services solutions. DreamSoft4U is one such big name, you can consider for your telemedicine app development requirements. The only thing you need to do is connect with the telemedicine app development team through direct call, email or skype. Our experts will connect with you and listen to your specific telemedicine app development requirements and guide you accordingly for a hassle-free app development process.

Development Cost for telemedicine app starts from 10,000 USD, majorly it depends upon the features, customizations, business needs & scalability of the project.

The technology stack used by our telemedicine app development team comprises next-gen technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, IoT among others.

DreamSoft4U is the most trusted name in healthcare software and application development. With more than 13+ years of experience, the company is offering comprehensive healthcare development services which involve telemedicine app development as well. Our team of telemedicine app developers utilize their years of experience in the industry and build a solution that is up to the mark on your requirements, industry standards-compliant, cost-effective and easy to access even for the layman.

If you are looking to hire a cost-effective telemedicine app development team for your telemedicine app project, conduct much-needed research and look for the pricing different companies are asking for a particular hiring model of telemedicine app developers. Contact shortlisted companies and decide based on their previous work, industry experience, knowledge and most importantly the asked price.

Yes, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients. We respect your business values and ideas. Your project plans are completely safe with us.

There are many software and applications used by the healthcare community across the world. Here we are going to name a few of them which are as follow
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software
  • E-prescribing software
  • Telemedicine software
  • Medical billing software
  • Personal Health Record software
  • Hospital management software
  • Appointment scheduling (booking) software
  • Medical imaging software
  • Medical diagnosis software
  • Medical database software

It depends!! If we are provided with a proper requirement, plan and structure, we will start the development of your project ASAP. Therefore, if you want your project to get started soon provide us with the proper requirements in the initial phase.

Yes, your telehealth app solutions should be HIPAA compliant along with other healthcare compliances and regulations as well. These compliances ensure the safety and security of the clients’ confidential information.