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Electronic Medical Record Systems (DS4U EMR)

Electronic Medical Records by DS4U EMR is a way to track records of health-oriented information of patients. This information is built up, collected, managed, and consulted by the concerned clinicians and staff within one healthcare organization.

What We Have For You?

Our EMR Systems have proved to be the pioneer toolkit for sustainable healthcare and high-quality treatment plans. At DS4U EMR, you get the most out of the electronic medical record software where it helps you bring seamless workflows. Our development helps you lead your business in the right direction, where you earn and learn a lot. The Electronic Medical Record Systems is capable of doing things like:

Electronic Medical Record Systems

PopHealth Integration and CQM Implementation

Electronic Medical Record Systems

EMR System Integration

Electronic Medical Record Systems

Saas-Based Development

Electronic Medical Record Systems

HL7 Interface Development

Electronic Medical Record Systems

Key Features of Our Electronic Medical Record Software (EMR)?

DS4U EMR has integrated numerous features in the Electronic Medical Record systems. Our software offers the following integrations and functionality indicated in the below points.

Economical Maintenance of Records

Utilization of Chat Rooms

Outcomes are Precise and Accurate

Fast Result Generation

Artificial Intelligence in Medical

EMR & EHR Product Development

HL7 Integration Solutions

FHIR Apps & Smart On FHIR Integration

Mirth Connect

HIPAA Compliances & Services

What Excellence Our Electronic Medical Records Solutions Have for You?

When you get associated with our highly scalable EHR-EMR software, you get backed up by the following functionalities. These are core functionalities that take your Healthcare IT business to new heights.

  • Demographics of Patient
  • Patient Appointment Scheduler
  • Clinical History
  • Medical Billing Software
  • Document Manager
  • All-inclusive Report
  • Integrations with Other Applications
  • Reports with the Progress Notes

Why Choose Us for Sustainable Electronic Medical Record System?

Choosing us over others will always give you freedom of working. Our electronic medical record software is designed to allow you to focus on other essential aspects rather than the least important ones.


Past & Present Lab Reports


Reliable Prescribing


Complete Documentation


Work-Life Balance


Privacy & Security of Data


Lower Healthcare Cost


Meaningful Use


Proper Administration Control

EMR stands as Electronic Medical Records, which are transferable among different healthcare communities. Therefore, the data can be collected and managed to offer the patient the best treatment.

  • Community-based Diagnosis
  • Engagement of Experts on Specific Health Type
  • Good Suggestion & Thoughts
  • Best Treatment on Specific Health Conditions
  • Community-Thing for Patience
  • Different Thoughts on Healthcare Aspects
  • More Engagement from Past Patient Reviews

Any organization that utilizes electronic health records and facilities helping in maintaining the finances is always a great option. For instance, EHR or EMR helps generate financial reports of treatment other plans like insurance cover and others within a few taps.

  • Streamlining Financial Status
  • Understanding Over Expenses & Gains
  • Management of Surplus (if any)
  • Maintenance of billing, re-admissions
  • Checking Previous Financial Statements
  • Anticipating Financial Growth
  • Quick Actions on Any Financial Hold

An excellent method to save time and robust patient engagement is to initiate the patient portal for health standards. The patient then can fill up their essential details on the devices they have at their homes.

  • Patient Portals are Eye Openers
  • Gives Complete Understand of Health
  • Adherence & Avoiding of Prescribed Medicines
  • Resulting Health Issues
  • Reports Associated with Disease
  • Time to Visit Physician
  • Recommended Diagnosis
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Development Process DS4U Follows For Electronic Medical Record Software (EMR)

  • Requirement Analysis

  • UX/UI Designing

  • Development

  • Quality Analysis

  • Deployment and Delivery

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