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Appointment booking & scheduling system

VC-Doctor is among the top-notch telehealth solutions that offer a high-class healthcare environment. It is the best place for getting remote care from reputed physicians and healthcare providers around the globe. One can quickly get exclusive healthcare services and personalized medication. Moreover, the platform helps decision-makers, physicians to get one step closure to their healthcare business opportunities.

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Remote Monitoring System

Our RPMS tool allows any physician, decision-maker to gain the proper patient reach and offer scalable healthcare services. The tool offers multiple platform services, data logging facilities, and many more. The RPMS software is advancement by Dreamsoft4u in the healthcare industry. Now, delivering remote healthcare has become a piece of cake. You have to approach us for your healthcare needs.

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EMR/EHR software

Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records (EMR/EHR) is a methodology to obtain healthcare records in electronic mode. The information is shared, exchanged, managed, and controlled by physicians from different clinics or hospitals. The records are encrypted as well for providing higher security. Any healthcare provider looking up such a tool for meeting their healthcare requirements, then let us know.

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Medical Billing System

Automation in healthcare has led to successful billing and payment methods. Now, healthcare providers can do error-free billing, save patient credential safely, and then show it when needed (especially in emergencies). The billing system also helps to anticipate the claims, managing and providing claims of insurances to the respective patient. Any healthcare organization can benefit from our MedBilling Soft.

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Hospital Management System

Dreamsoft4u has turned the table to the management systems in the healthcare industry. Therefore, we offer our healthcare decision-makers and physicians a look at our HIMS (Hospital Management System) Platform. It enables any healthcare provider to get a deep insight into the management, sometimes inventory, and make staff available for the next important task. Thus, our HIMS will help you look out for your management in the best manner.

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Health Information Exchange Platform

Health Information Exchange (HIE) is the systematic approach to transmitting important medical information. The vital can be shared with doctors, physicians, pharmacists, healthcare units, etc. Dreamsoft4u holds a super grab on the development and integrations of such techniques, involving the health information exchange itself. The suite is a methodology of sharing the information following HIPAA guidelines. The system has made corrections in the speed, quality, and affordability of patient care in various countries.

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Complete Healthcare Marketplace

Kayawell is a gem of a crown if we speak about the healthcare industry. This is a patient portal application that is meant for patients as well as physicians, and decision-makers. It is a platform to embrace community-based medical services instantly. Simultaneously, the suite brings all the healthcare experts together in one place. Patients can get instant healthcare advice from the top-notch experts of the world. Moreover, the physicians mentioned on the app delivers imperishable results.

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Dicom Viewer

Web based PACS

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine is abbreviated as DICOM. It is the more successful platform for transmitting medical information into images. It explains the file format wherein the images have to be shared like DCM, DCM30 (DCM3.0). Dreamsoft4u offers highly sustainable development and integrations to different units like clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare departments.

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My Food Genie

Food Ordering & Delivery Solution

Dreamsoft4u is not only involved in healthcare technology but is concerned for the IT industry too. Having said that, it delivers the best on-demand food app development and customization. Either you can choose an existing software or one can ask for customization as per business needs. The team values the customer preferences and delivers some of the finest solutions to the clients. The technological aspects also stand breaking the stereotypes of development.

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BookMya App

Event & Show Booking App

Dreamsoft4u is the leading entity that showcases various events happening around the globe in its event booking app. From booking tickets to attending a show, everything is possible with our event booking software. It is an app that briefs all the events (upcoming and current), concerts, live shows, etc. You can search and book any event without any trouble and enjoy your spare moments.

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Medico Legal Case Management System

Medical LEgal Case Management

Medico & legal is associated with the terms Medical and Law. It can offer higher automation standards throughout the whole medical reporting. Medico-legal operates initial instructions, but it sends the final reports and saves the efforts on manual administrative tasking. To grab a detailed analysis, you can read more from here.

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Smart Booking App

Hotel Room Booking App

Smart Booking App system is a way of getting any kind of accommodation in a few taps. It doesn’t matter you are sitting in any corner of the world; booking apps will take you to your final destination. Our team of dreamsoft4u works effortlessly to deliver some pioneer works in the field of booking systems. DS4U has a team of skilled professionals who works tirelessly to offer perfect smart booking app solutions.

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