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HL7 Interface & Integration Solution

Dreamsoft4u offers the most significant health communication protocol known as HL7 Interface. In addition to it, it offers management and support services around the globe. DS4U’s expert team can design, develop, and manage extensive HL7 Integration for Hospitals and others.

What Do We Offer in HL7 Interface & Integration Solution?

HL7 Interface Development requires skills and understanding of the latest healthcare technologies that dreamsoft4u has a grab on. Our software developers utilize the Mirth Middleware system for Lab & Radiology integrations. The entire process follows the HL7 messaging protocol and CCD document generation for EMR-based products. Therefore, for any physician looking for the best HL7 Interface, read the unique elements of our product below.


Host System


Remote File Transfer


Exchange of Information by HL7 Protocol


DB Management

Features That Grab Everybody’s Attention on HL7 Integration Solutions

Dreamsoft4u – HL7 Integration Services contains so many high-class functionalities. It stands as the best tool for physicians, hospitals, and even for healthcare decision-makers. The features include:

Systematic Flow of Information

Exchange of Data Between Applications

Utilization of Mirth Middleware System

Integration of Advance HL7 Layout

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR)

Parse XML Transactions

Reading Unstructured Data Files

File Monitoring

Custom Emailing

Keeping Work in Proper Flow

What Makes Us Expert in HL7 Healthcare Solutions?

HL7 Interface Development is highly scalable that accomplishes business growth but if implemented correctly. We hold a strong grab in integrating Health Level 7 technology in your existing app. You can also ask for development with the HL7 interface.

  • Smooth Path for Data Exchange
  • system integration & compliance
  • Building technological infrastructure
  • End to End Encryption
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Accurate Reading
  • Reliable Data
  • Highly secured transmission
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Why Choose Us for HL7 Interface & Integration Solution?

Integrations are an important term when it comes to API development. However, it drives you long-lasting success and a very decent patient acknowledgment.


Safe Communication


Translator Between Two System


Automated Process


Quick Integration


Development with prescribed HL7 requirements


Round-the-clock Technological support


Cost Saviour


Trustworthy Platform

Clinicians now can coordinate and transmit important information more significantly. The technology offers up-to-date data exchange for a better healthcare facility. Moreover, the decision-making interoperability becomes more flawless than ever. Thus, HL7 Integration Solutions from us drives you the required advantages. Above all, the physician can make better decisions than before and offer highly scalable healthcare to their clients.

  • Decision-making Interoperability
  • HL7 Integration Solutions Drives Required Advantages
  • Physicians Can Make Better Decisions
  • Offer Highly Scalable Healthcare
  • Creates EHR & NHI Network
  • Assists in Using Genomic Data in Conjunction
  • Assists in Miscellaneous Clinical Information

When it comes to the technological aspect, we deliver robust Health Level (HL) 7 interfaces. Others need to deploy expensive resources, but our platform utilizes minimal resources at low costs that drive you an economical yet appealing interface for better functioning. An app with an excellent interface always drives the target audience and business growth for the long run.

  • Economical yet Appealing Interface
  • An App that drives the target audience and
  • Business Growth
  • Easy Communication Between the System
  • Rules Syntax
  • Decision Support
  • Product Labels for Prescription

During integrations, many times, it is found that data cannot be retrieved or lost. The process makes a massive loss to the company. But when you implement the HL7 Interface from our end, the data transmission, saving, and storing become as smooth as possible. Data always remain on the cloud-based activity, which is accessible at any point in time.

  • Flawless Data Transmission
  • Saving, & Storing Become as Smooth.
  • Data Always Remain on the Cloud-Based Activity
  • Cloud-Based Activity Stays Intact.
  • Claims Attachment
  • Instant Results
  • Cost-Saving
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Development Process DS4U Follows For HL7 Interface & Integration Solution

  • Requirement Analysis

  • UX/UI Designing

  • Development

  • Quality Analysis

  • Deployment and Delivery

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