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Kayawell is a fully sustainable patient portal app that gives well-nurtured online healthcare solutions. It gives the best community-based medical services immediately, and the platform brings holistic health experts from different channels to one place. The patient can save their time, money and can maintain their health standards being at home only. The physicians available via our platform delivers imperishable healthcare outcomes to the patients.

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What Does Kayawell Do for Patients?

VCDoctor always encourages remote health and decision-makers a right sight to the healthcare business. Our telehealth solutions have got all the features that can drive you to potential clients around the globe. Here is what our telehealth solution has got:

Find Nearby Care Centers


Special Condition-based Services


Pre/Post Care Services


Forum for Discussions


What Features Our Kayawell Platform Have for You?

Our platform’s characteristics to our clients stand as a boon for their business development and patient engagement. We offer many features when you ask for Kayawell Platform help. Here are a few of them for your better understanding:

Find Doctor & Book Appointment


Order Medication


Book Lab Orders


Find Blood Bank Centers


Find Pet Care Centers


Look for Nearby Hospitals


Insurance Policies & Settlement


Healthcare Event Charts & Alerts


Advertising With Us


Branding & Promotion of Your Healthcare Service

What Expertise Do We Add to Kayawell Platform?

There are a few options we add to our kayawell platform for performing the above-discussed functionality. Moreover, the elements of our expertise include the following pointers. Readout all the excellence carefully and then get back to us:
  • healthcaree-tips-kaya Healthcare Tips and News
  • effective-kaya Effective Patient Care Management
  • complete-management-kaya Complete Practice Management
  • online-appoint-kaya Online Appointment and Payment:
  • diff-kaya-ways Different Ways for Campaigns
  • smart-queue-kaya Smart Queue Management
  • free-cot-kaya Free of Cost Feature
  • wellness-kaya Wellness Plan

Why Choose Us for Integration or Building A Patient Care Portal?

The benefits of engaging with us drive you unlimited growth and success in the way. Moreover, you get a reliable hand for the integration or development of the patient portal app. Similarly, it is the best digital healthcare platform to overcome your healthcare service problem.

Store & Inventory Management


Ways for Selling and Advertising

Shipment and Delivery

Shipment and Delivery


Effective Diagnosis


Manage a large group of patients


New Leads


Health Education


Network Ecosystem

The patient health information, also abbreviated as PHI, remains centralized and accessible by the authorized person at the point in time. All the records, medical bulletins, patient medical histories, etc., are maintained perfectly.
  • Patient Records
  • Doctor’s Instructions
  • Progress Reports
  • Streamlined Process of Logging & Categorization
  • Information Access Seamless & Smooth
  • PHI Access in Real-Time
  • Accessibility Through Any Device
The Kayawell healthcare software helps accelerate the patient journey in terms of information sharing, medication, etc. Many other benefits have encountered by the physicians associating with Kayawell like:
  • Chatbot Support
  • Quick Recovery Options
  • Access to Medical State like Allergies & others
  • Understanding the Need of Patients
  • Best Medical Journey Possible
  • Predictable & Fine Outcomes
  • Round the Clock Physician Support
The higher the patient engagement, the more you earn. Our tool is meant for the physician who practices privately and wants a stable and long-lasting patient engagement. Hence, our system drives them the following benefits:
  • Convenient Booking Process
  • Customizable Scheduling Tool
  • Client Facing Scheduling
  • Work Calendar with Prefered Time Slots
  • Real-Time Availability of Slots
  • Reduces Double Booking
  • Decreases No Shows

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Development Process DreamSoft4u Follows For Telehealth Solutions for Healthcare

  • Requirement Analysis

  • UX/UI Designing

  • Development

  • Quality Analysis

  • Deployment and Delivery

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