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Streamline billing processes with white-label medical billing software

Get rid of the hassles of billing with our white-label medical billing software for healthcare providers. keep growth on track and scale fast- with multiple online payment options.

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Medical Billing and Coding Software

Claim Management

Dreamsoft4u offers highly secure medical billing and coding programs that aid you in managing the entire claim process smoothly. You can manage the claim process by being at one location and can check charge capture to full reimbursement.

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Clearing house

Our clearinghouse feature enables any organization to get free from uploading claims and downloading the remittances. You can save your precious time and effort in building robust billing procedures through our medical billing software systems.

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Patient Payments

Online payment gateways integrate your unsorted patient payments and aid your practice in reducing days in A/R. For patients, the payments are easier to make and easy to reimburse.

Get A Glance Over Our Medical Billing Software Feature & Add-ons

medical billing and coding programs

Easy Analytics & Reporting

Analyze your success and give a hike to your revenue with our executive, easy-to-use reporting & business intelligence tools. Our best medical billing software provides hassle-free calculations, avoiding errors in billing and automated bills for insurance and claims.

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A/R Control Center

Propel revenue with 100% ease. Our tool offers collections, worklists, etc., that help manage receivables so that the organization can collect faster.

Medical Billing and Coding Software

Medical Coding

Our medical billing and coding programs online give an exclusive set of tools to make medical coding as intuitive and straightforward as possible. It is also accessible for solo to large group practices.

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Medical Scheduling

Our medical billing & coding software is integrated with our handling and front office tools; you can collect payments with a one-click display, share information, copays details, and eligibility.

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Payment Processing

Medical coding software programs are highly secure and gets easily connected with a credit card. It allows you to post-charges with just a swipe. You need to review it and then click to confirm, and here you go with easy payment done.

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Centralized Billing

Medical coding software programs are backed up with power-packed performance. The organization can easily manage billing for each healthcare provider & location in just a single click.

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Cloud Hosted Medical Billing

Dreamsoft4u’s medical billing & coding software offers more flexibility with fewer tools and equipment. The software offers cloud-hosted medical billing and keeps data secure. It also allows high-functionality with less equipment & IT costs.

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Claim Inspector

Claim inspector is a procedure that automatically takes your claims for CCL, HIPAA, and LCD errors. It helps you see an almost 100% first-pass claim acceptance rate. You can get more details on the claim inspector through our expert panel.

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Data Conversion Services

Our software is power-packed with the facility of data migration from your previous system. It allows seamless data migrations from one system to another.

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A device or tool to check the patient’s eligibility towards any insurance before any appointment. The tool also helps with on-demand checks with just a simple click.

medical billing and coding programs


The other add-ons in the medical billing software include the facility of remittance. It provides automated ERA (electronic remittance advice) processing solutions for individual healthcare practices.

EHR Integration

EHR Integration

Our medical billing & coding software gets easily integrated with EHR software’s. The tools automatically highlight the claims data, copay charges into the EHR system. It removes the manual processing and double data entry.

Why Is MBSOFT Medical Billing and Coding Software Highly Rated?

Integrated, Efficient Claims Management & Billing

MBSOFT is among the top-notch Medical Billing and Coding Software companies that access all tools needed for your claim management process. The software makes your organization manage claims and patient billing process more precisely and accurately.

As we have mentioned, our clearinghouse feature automates the organizational manual processes and improvises the workflows. It aids in auto-generated worklists and claims status-tracking for multiple healthcare providers & sites.
Medical Billing Software
Intelligent Scheduling for Clinical Efficiency

Intelligent Scheduling for Clinical Efficiency

Our MBSOFT medical billing software provides good patient numbers so that your schedule remains complete and you get the most out of your healthcare business. Our medical billers and coder tool allow you to manage no show, cancellations, waiting lists, overbookings, etc., to provide effectiveness to your clinical business.

Moreover, it builds recurring appointments and reminders to let your patients and your practice on the same track.

Analyzing Financial Performance

Dreamsoft4u software offers meaningful insight into the finances of a healthcare business. It helps you build informed financial choices that are based on accurate, real-time data. The medical coding software programs give you a 360 view of your organization’s financial health.

Simultaneously, our easy-to-read dashboard and result-driven tools showcase daily updates with MTD, YTD, and period comparison.
Analyzing Financial Performance

MBSOFT Software For Billing Companies

Dreamsoft4u’s medical billing and online coding tool directly affect your client’s financial growth. From our fully-functional medical billing tool, healthcare providers may get more time to deliver genuine patient care. Simultaneously, it can improve the exact billing each time and provide time reimbursement.

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Improve Profitability

The software streamlines the process and makes swift reimbursement.

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Increase Efficiency

Medical billing software to automate every process to add value to your clients.
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Manage Accounts Receivable

Receive more revenue and write off it less.

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Are you stuck in the planning process of your medical billing & coding software? Our team of professionals is here to help you. Dreamsoft4u offers an expert panel to overcome all the challenges and problems associated with the project. Simultaneously, we analyze your web & mobile apps to give some good recommendations.

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Dreamsoft4u Provides Huge Flexibility In Hiring Software Developers

We stimulate highly flexible hiring on a part-time, full-time basis. The rest of the features are indicated below:

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Dedicated Team

Dreamsoft4u is capable of delivering the best team of professionals on your concerned projects. We provide such services on pay-as-you-go on monthly rolling contracts:

  • No hidden expense
  • Assured work for 160 hours
  • Monthly billing
  • Pay only on measurable work
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Controlled Agile

On a limited budget, one can use controlled agile engagement to hire medical software developers to guarantee flexibility against dynamic market conditions.

  • Maximum Flexibility
  • Agile Team
  • Small projects
  • An eye over the budget
Time & Technology

Time & Technology

Our team of professionals ensures the timely delivery of projects with the latest technology. We work on an hourly basis, and you can pay on an hour-basis as your work progress.

  • No hidden charges
  • Working hours based on project requirements
  • Monthly billing options
  • Pay on measurable work

Why Hire Software Developer Online From Dreamsoft4u?

Software development companies hire developers from Dreamsoft4u because we provide the most professional, dedicated, enthusiastic developers. They hold a proactive, results-driven approach towards any project and have a sense of on-time project delivery. The facility includes:

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5+ Years of Average Experience

The panel we offer to our clients holds more than five years of experience. They are highly-skilled, hard-working, and passionate about their work.

Integrity & Transparency

Integrity & Transparency

Yes, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients. We respect your business values and ideas. Your project plans are completely safe with us.

White Label Medical Billing Software

Free No-Obligation Quote

Once you share your project imagination, we share a no-cost estimation within 24 hours. Thus, it makes us experts in our category.

White Label Medical Billing Software

Easy Project Management

We have our exclusive PM tool to keep you motivated on any complex task. Therefore, no need to, bother; remain calm for your project.

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Guaranteed Transparency

We keep you posted daily via Skype, Zoom-Calls, or Emails on everyday activity in your project.

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Flexible Module

We provide software developers only per your project requirements like full-time, part-time, or monthly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about our processes and how we work with the help of the following FAQs

A medical billing & coding software is a tool to automate billing, insurance claims & reimbursements, and other billing processes.

Cloud-based billing software is safe & secure, and the data stored can be accessed everywhere. Similarly, Web-Based billing software is also internet-based, but the data here is not accessible anywhere and anytime.

The primary benefit is billing errors or issues that can be resolved anytime. It provides a closer look at the billing system in the time of clashes or blunders.

Choosing the right medical billing software depends upon your nature of work, staff management, type of billing, etc. Considering these, you can choose the billing software accordingly.

Yes, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients. We respect your business values and ideas. Your project plans are completely safe with us.

Development Cost for Medical Billing Software starts from 50,000 USD, majorly it depends upon the features, customizations, business needs & scalability of the project.