Angular vs React vs Vue: Which Framework to Choose

Angular v/s React v/s Vue: Which Framework to Choose

Angualr Vs React

After releasing Angular and React, there is a debate among developers about whether they should choose Angular vs React. But after a couple of years, the developers got more confused when Vue came into the market.

Developers always get confused about what to use for their projects. Here we come with an article to solve this problem. Simultaneously, the article will provide an insight on how to hire Angular.js developers.   

The article will show the differences between Angular vs React and Vue. Before that, we will discuss their definition, features, pros, and cons.

What is Angular?

Angular is a TypeScript-based, open-source JavaScrip framework. Google maintains this framework. By using HTML and TypeScript, it builds a single-page application. It is a platform used for building mobile and desktop web applications. It creates lighter and faster applications by eliminating unnecessary features and code through the TypeScript development language.

It was released in 2010 as Angular.Js and was quickly popular amongst developers. After that, from time to time, Google released different versions of Angular. It is very helpful in custom software development as well. To understand better, let’s see some features of Angular.

Top Features of Angular

  1. Cross-platform

It plays a crucial role in creating advanced web applications (PWA). Use contemporary web capabilities to offer an app-like experience.

  1. Efficient MVC Architecture

MVC refers to Model-view-controller. One of the top features of Angular 8 enhances the client-side applications.

  1. Sectional Structure

The angular framework organizes code into different modules while building them.

  1. Native

It develops native mobile applications from Ionic, NativeScript, or Cordova.

  1. Code Generation

It converts your templates into code that optimizes for JavaScript virtual machines.

  1. Timely Upgradation

If the framework is not upgraded from time to time, you may be left behind in the race of the digital world. So it is necessary to upgrade your framework from time to time. To solve this problem, Angular improves its component Development kit from time to time.

What are the Advantages of Angular Framework?

Some of the pros of Angular are given below:-

  1. It has effective Cross-platform development solutions.
  2. You can create any complex applications with Angular.
  3. Angular capabilities like template syntax, Routers, Angular CLI, etc., make it possible for an application to load quickly and more accessible for the programmer’s work.
  4. Angular’s code is easy, logical, and faster.
  5. It has an excellent material design library.

 What are the Disadvantages of Angular Framework?

Some of the cons of Angular are given below:-

  1. Angular is only a framework. It is a platform. So it is hard to learn at the beginning.
  2. The Angular app can be heavy in size if the wrong code is used.
  3. It is tough to integrate with a third party.
  4. Debugging scopes are complex with limited routing.
  5. When you upgrade from an old version to a new version, several complications may arise.

What is React?

React is a flexible, efficient, declarative JavaScript library that helps create user interfaces. It is an open-source front-end JavaScript library. It is a user interface library.

Facebook created this JavaScript-based library in 2013. Till then, it has been one of the most popular and commonly used libraries for web development. Many custom software development companies utilize React for a swift and single app base. Let’s see some features of React.

Top Features of React Technology

Some features of React:-

  1. It can use third-party libraries.
  2. It is a time-saving library.
  3. It provides code stability due to its one-directional data binding.
  4. It has improved the user experience.

Top Benefits of React

Some of the pros of React are given below:-

  1. React offers less coding and more functionality. As a result, it’s easy to create a dynamic application.
  2. It reduces the development time of the application.
  3. With React, it is easier to debug errors.
  4. It is easy to learn.
  5. It can be used for both mobile and web applications.

Disadvantages of React Technology

Some of the cons of React are given below:-

  1. Many setups are required to integrate with a typical MVC framework.
  2. There is no proper documentation because updating and acceleration of are React so fast.
  3. It updates regularly. Sometimes it is hard for developers to learn new updates.

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What is Vue?

Vue is an open-source model-view-ViewModel front-end JavaScript framework. It is used for developing single-page applications and user interfaces. Evan created this framework to serve Vue.js web development. It is a famous and popular framework for simplifying web development. Let’s see some features of Vue.

Top Features of Vue

Some of the features of Vue:-

  1. It has a data binding feature that helps style change, assign classes, and assigns or manipulate values to HTML attributes.
  2. One of the essential features of Vue is components. It creates custom elements that can be reused in HTML.
  3. The script of Vue is lightweight, and its performance is also fast.

Advantages of Vue

Some of the pros of Vue are given below:-

  1. It is easy to learn.
  2. Developers can easily integrate Vue with Angular or React and develop the application as their wish.
  3. It is a user-friendly framework.
  4. It can be appropriately customized.

Disadvantages of Vue

Some of the cons of Vue are given below:-

  1. This framework has a language barrier.
  2. It doesn’t provide fast solutions for bugs.
  3. Lack of experience users

We have briefly described Angular, React, and Vue. Now it’s time to see the difference between them.

Angular vs React: Which One is Better?

Some of the differences between Angular vs React are given below:-

Difference between React & Vue Technologies 

Some of the differences between React and Vue are given below:-

What is the Difference Between Angular & Vue

Some of the differences between Angular and Vue are given below:-

We have seen differences between these frameworks. Apart from the above differences, we also have more differences and information regarding these frameworks. Let’s see those differences and information-

The history of Angular vs React vs Vue

Angular React Vue
Initial release 2010 2013 2014
Official site
Current version 13.x 17.x 3.x
Used by Google, Wix Facebook, Uber Alibaba, GitLab

1. License

All these Angular, React and Vue  frameworks are open-source, but before using these frameworks, you have to go through a license. All three frameworks use an MIT license.

2. Popularity

Angular and React are more popular than Vue.

3. Job market

Most job-providing platforms like LinkedIn, Hired. Indeed, SimplyHired, Dice, AngelList, and Remote show that most jobs are for Angular and React developers. The job for Vue developers is low as compared to other frameworks.

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Angular v/s React v/s Vue: Which Framework is the Best?

We have read the frameworks’ definitions, features, advantages, and disadvantages. But which framework won the race is difficult to tell.

Each of these frameworks has its pros and cons. One framework is good at something, and another is good at other things. So, it isn’t easy to choose between them.

It’s totally upon the developers what they want to choose. Before choosing anyone, they should know their requirements and needs to develop an application. Based on these requirements, they can choose an ideal framework for their application.


In this article, we have discussed the differences between Angular, React, and Vue. We also mentioned their definition, features, pros, and cons. Some websites and links are also mentioned in this article for deep knowledge about any topic. We hope this article will help you understand the differences between the above frameworks and help you choose suitable options.

The developers can make us understand the best suitability of the frameworks. Generally, hiring a Vue.js developer is not as popular as others. Many people have approached software outsourcing companies to fulfill their Vue.js development projects.

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