Complete Guide For On-Demand Food Delivery App Development

Complete Guide For On-Demand Food Ordering & Delivery App Development


With the development of technology, people look over the mobile app for every work to be done. From paying online bills to buying grocery products everything being ordered from mobile apps. With huge number of young professionals in the big cities, people can’t find much time to prepare food. Here comes On-Demand Food Delivery App Development to make the job too easy USA in 2023.

Choosing the best food delivery app builder is not a tough task if you know what exactly you want to get in an on-demand food ordering and delivery app. If you are a food delivery start-up with fewer budgets then you can pitch the market with a ready-made quality product, which can help you to analyze the actual food delivery market scenario. After getting a good customer base with handsome funding you can invest more into on-demand food delivery business app development to get a tailor-made product.

Important features of the different solutions: how do you receive the orders (by email, on a tablet, etc.)? How do you set up and manage your products, menus, delivery areas and fees, locations, promo campaigns, etc.). This is crucial and depending on your requirements, you need to think ahead and check if the solution is able to meet them.

What should you consider when poring over how to make an on-demand app?

  • A simple navigation system. The catalogue of restaurants (as well as the choice of food categories) should be intuitive to any user.
  • Informativeness. When selecting a restaurant and a meal, the user must see all the data necessary for making a decision: description, rating, reviews, price, payment features, promotional offers, etc.
  • The convenience of ordering. It means that the order should require a minimum of actions, without unnecessary steps.
  • Visual appeal. The application should be modern, recognizable and user-friendly. In other words, it should encourage users to order more food.
  • Use of new communication channels. For example, Domino’s Pizza already has its own bot named Dom for Facebook messenger. This bot helps users to choose and order pizza.

    Type of Mobile App Solutions in Food Ordering:

  • Customer App
  • Driver App
  • App for Restaurant
  • Admin Panel/App

Features of Customer App

  • Register: Customers register directly with the app.
  • Registration of Card: Customers can register their cards directly from the app for the auto payment feature.
  • Filter: Filter or sort through selection by special categories, price, rating, and keywords.
  • Wishlist/Favorite: Add Food, to your Wishlist list, which can be searched and ordered at any time.
  • Re-order: Past orders, for those times the user wants to recreate that great cocktail.
  • Basic Dynamic/Static Pages (About Us/Contact Us, FAQ).
  • Order food: Option to enable users to order food from any nearby eatery already listed on the app.
  • Sorting and Filter On basis of price, categories, keywords etc.
  • Pick-up and Drop Location: The user can directly select the pick-up and drop location of the order from within the app.
  • Delivery Charge: Delivery charge is shown while booking the Delivery guy and final payment is done when delivery has been done, tips can be added.
  • Live package tracking: Sender can track the status of the order package as it makes its way to the destination.
  • Cart: Users can add Food to their cart through which they can checkout (Payment can be offline Or Online).
  • Automatic Payment: Once the delivery is complete, the payment is deducted automatically and the invoice is sent to the sender’s phone and also to the sender’s registered email id.
  • Multiple Cards: Option for the user to add multiple cards for payment.
  • History: Ability to track the previous history of deliveries made using the app.
  • Select Item (Categories)
  •     Customize order
  •     OTP (Time Password)
  •     Review and Rating, Favorite List
  •     Sorting and Filter
  •     Order repeat

Features of Driver App

  • Register: Delivery guys can register directly from the mobile application but are approved and live only after the admin approves of their profile.
  • Booking: The delivery guy gets some time to approve/disapprove any new booking requests and is shown the PICKUP point with the distance from the current location and also the travel distance between pickup and delivery point.
  • Status: The delivery guy can update the customer when he/she has:
  1. Accepted/rejected the booking.
  2. Picked up the Order.
  3. Delivered the Order.
  • Booking History: The courier can track the booking history and monitor the status of each including cancelled bookings.

Features of Admin Panel/App


  • Admin: Full dashboard view to manage the Earning, Deliveries, Order Notification, Order History, rating/review etc
  • Manage Item and Customer: Admin have rights to manage the customer and item- Quantity and Price
  • Item Description: Contains info about the item being uploaded (images, price, quantity etc.)
  • Item Notification: When the user will select the item, the application will have an item notification from the selected user option
  • Manage Customization of item: Admin needs to manage the customized item placing i.e. keep the ingredients according to the user’s choice
  • Price / Special offer (Admin): Every food item has a price tag over it for easy billing and selecting food.
  • Add/Remove Item: App admin will have the right to add or remove items as per performance and quality service
  • Receive/Billing: For Order Receiving and Billing
  • View & Manage Reports: For Financial Reports
  • Loyalty/Discount: Loyalty Programs and discount management
  1. Live accept order
  2. Item temp not available
  3. Add/remove/change item
  4. The order has left for delivery status.
  • Notification: Push Notification enabled
  • Order repeats Management: Repeat the previous order.
  • Provide backup in case of failure
  1. Admin will be responsible to manage the data and security of the app.
  2. The backup will be provided in case of an error or crash is encountered.
  • Overall history: History needs to be maintained, and the admin needs to keep track of history regarding users and items being delivered.
  • Data will be accessible: An admin will have rights to access the data of the item and customer regarding the item purchase being processed.
  • Manage transaction
  1. The transaction needs to be managed and a secure server should be provided to the customer.
  2. A secure gateway is a must for customer trust building.

Take a look at these factors that will definitely make your food booking app unique & meaningful.

  • The app should have an intuitive and interactive UI/UX design to impress users with an easy-to-use experience.
  • The app should be developed on the latest technologies and trends to match the expectations of your target audience.
  • The app should be developed considering the latest guidelines of the Play Store to get approval easily.
  • Your app should be bug-free, reliable and also a top-quality product.
  • The app should have advanced features to cater varied demands of users.

Advance Features to Make Your App a Hit:

  • Facilitated Sign up Process for easy registration
  • Order Scheduling Tool to place orders as per the availability
  • Real-Time Order Tracking System to know the exact location and arrival time of the meal.
  • In-app Cost Calculator to know the price of various cuisines
  • Multiple Payment Addresses for an easy and secure dining experience
  • Cuisine Search Filters to find the favourite meals within the budget
  • Push Notifications to grab the attention of the users
  • Re-Order to place a previous order with a tap
  • In-Built E-Invoice Generating Tool to have a record of the payments
  • Exclusive Deals and Offers to provide value to the users
  • Popular, Recommended and Favorite Lists to make users feel special
  • In-App Chat Helpline to provide 24*7 assistance
  • Review And Feedback System for knowing the experience of the users.
  • Complete the Order History to stay acquainted with the previous order

How much the app development will cost you?


The price of the restaurant app development depends on the requirements of your application. We need to consider its functionality, technological capabilities, and visual part. I mean there are no universal prices and we can provide you only with an approximate one.


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‘Small Apps’ range somewhere between $4,000 – $7,000 and ‘Complex Apps’ can range as high as $20,000 – $100,000.

A Food ordering App has 3 different Versions:

  1. A customer Version -$14,600
  2. A courier Version- $9,300
  3. Restaurant Manager/Owner Version – $2,200

Any mobile App takes approximately 18 weeks using conventional Development Processes.

Facts Regarding the Startup Business

In India, if you are starting an online food ordering and delivery business, you do not need any licensing, all you just need is to be a registered firm.  You need to sign an MOU (Memorandum of understanding) with all your merchants on the terms, % Commission, and quality of food assurance form, which is safer than to note down their food licence number in the MOU.

Ordering food is the next big thing today.  It takes a lot of effort, studies and thinking to make any business a success. By just setting up your Food Delivery Service Business, you can not expect everything to just start working and clicking initially. You would need to do some actions to be able to ensure that it would be a successful business venture.

Things to do before Starting the Food Delivery Business

If you are looking to start your Own Food Delivery Startup Business in your hometown, all you need is to do research regarding the place you want to start it, how many different food outlets are available, how many people order from home etc. Once when you are done, you would need a few things thereafter:

  • Total of 45 k a month operation cost to run, so 45 k X 6 Months = 2.7 lacs. Profit = total revenue – operation cost= 64 k – 45 k = 19,000/month (now after few months start scaling it to other areas by increasing restaurants and delivery boys)
  • You need to get at least 10-20 orders a day min of Rs 500/- to make up the operating cost. Let us say with a commission of 60% that is you need to get Rs 80/- per order. (30*80=2400/day = around 72k/month (total revenue in commissions)
  • 2 delivery boys with 2 vehicles initially get 2nd hand to workout.
  • Online Food Ordering website with App to host your products will take around few months to roll out by a professional developer team.
  • A small team with 2 people can work to manage the orders on web
  • Digital Marketing +SMS Blasting in your city where you wish to start (5–10 k a month for initial 3 months).

Steps To Follow to Start Online Food Delivery Business

  • Mobile App & Website should be created for the eye Cathy keyword Food business name.
  • Approach restaurants and pitch to them for generating additional revenue from home delivery orders. Tie up with good brands that have the potential to generate good revenue for you. Ensure you tie up with all arrays of cuisine and price point restaurants.
  • Choose to go for a fixed-price commission. Your revenue Is commission derived from any order you generate for these restaurants. The commission is a % of the order value usually anywhere between 5-15%.
  • Branding your brand is very essential. You will need to choose a combination of social media and SEO to achieve this or some offline marketing options.

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1600+ Project Launched 15+ Years Experience 1000+ Satisfied Customers
98+ Client Retention

Let’s take a look at what works for and what goes against Online Food Ordering and Delivery business.


Efficiency. With orders being taken online, fewer people are needed to answer the phones. Employees can concentrate on other important activities. Efficient operation and improved food quality.

Accuracy: Fewer mistakes on your end in taking down the order which results in getting the items those customers actually ordered.

Faster & Convenient: Customers no longer have to wait in queue or hold on to the phone. They just visit your site, browse your menu, select their favorites and in a few clicks the order gets placed. There is a potential for an increase in revenue, more repeat business, more volume, and more happy customers.


Implementation Cost: For start-ups, developing and implementing a system to accept online orders can get expensive. There are two ways to do it: your own system created from scratch, or buying a solution.

Efficient Drivers & Delivery: Time equals money in any business and to be honest; managing the field workforce in this competitive environment can be complicated. It is difficult to keep track of each and every driver or delivery boy which in turn results in inefficiency and late deliveries. The best solution is that one can opt for a good Workforce Management System in the market.


At this point, you know all the details about food delivery app development, the list of features and the project stages as well as the approximate cost of food delivery app development. We hope that our material will help you to create a great app and build a successful business in the food delivery niche. If you wish to get a professional estimate of your particular app idea, do not hesitate to contact us, we’ll be happy to discuss your project!

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