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Matrimony App Development – Features, Cost and Process (Updated)

As you know in this world peoples are more social active and they make friends on social channels like Facebook, Instagram to connect with them. So, in this technology world everything is available online then how marriage can stay behind from this list.

Nowadays people want to find their life partner at online platforms because they are so much busy in their work and they can’t go everywhere with the parents to find partner for marriage. Or sometime parents have to hire agents to find a suitable partner for their children’s.

Martial apps made the life simple of that peoples who believes in online marriages. In this blog we are having discussion on Matrimony App Development and features, cost and process of matrimonial app development.

With a treasure trove of potential matches at your fingertips, these apps make finding ideal life partner a breeze. Users can easily browse through all the essential details about the matches that catch their eye with just a few clicks, simplifying search for the perfect life partner like never before.

Benefits of Matchmaking Matrimonial App

By developing a matchmaking apps, you can allow your viewers to find their match quickly by registering into the matrimony app and filling a form for profile creation. Therefore, the app will start its functioning, display matching profiles to the app users. There are many significant advantages of getting such apps developed, like:

  • With the help of the mobile app, you can make it easy and convenient for your customers to find partners within their caste and community.
  • Having a mobile app will attract more audience as here they will be able to browse several profiles all at once.
  • Privacy & security of the profiles can be discovered with a feature-rich mobile app.
  • Apps offer a good source of advertising and marketing

General Key Features for Matchmaking apps

The perfect matrimony app blends both essential and advanced features. By adding these to your app, you offer users a safe, dependable, and hassle-free platform to connect and build meaningful relationships.

  • Easy Login and Signup
  • Set-up profile
  • Upload pictures
  • Check/Add Horoscope
  • Set search preferences
  • Search for bride/groom
  • Send invitation
  • Paid membership to unlock more features
  • Connect and chat
  • Call with partners
  • Privacy protection
  • Live customer support
  • Push notifications to receive related matches

Advanced Features for Matrimonial App

1. Add pictures from phone:

This feature allows users to upload photos directly from their phone to share with persons who are interested in their profile.

2. GPS Integration:

This is also a useful feature to allow users to find the matches nearby their location.

3. Save profiles as Favorite:

This feature help user to save their favorite profiles which they are interested in to open next time when they open the app.

4. Chat with partners:

Users can start conversation with the peoples whom they are interested in. This feature helps user to communicate with the others users to understand each other.

5. In-app Camera:

This is a new feature which allows user to share live pictures with persons who are interested in their profile. This help to save time of users.

6. Social Integration:

This feature helps users to check the social profiles of interested persons to know them in better way and it also helps them to check the other person daily activities.

7. Payment Gateway:

The integration of this feature helps peoples to find the appropriate payment option to purchase the membership within the app.

8. Data Security:

This is very important feature to create trust in your users. It will help to increase your brand awareness. To secure users data you can use certain security options in the site.

9. Search and Filter:

With ‘search and filter’, you can help the users search for their prospective matches as per their personal preferences and requisites.

10. User Blocking Feature:

This feature enables users to block profiles they no longer wish to interact with, ensuring a peaceful experience.

11. Push Notifications:

This feature helps users stay connected and informed with real-time updates.

User Features

  • Login
  • Profile Verification
  • Create Partner Profile
  • Set Compatibility Preferences
  • Upload Your Pictures
  • Add Horoscope
  • Browse Profiles
  • Advanced Searches
  • Interest Request
  • Check Horoscope of Selected Profile
  • Real-Time Chat with Contacts
  • Membership Packages
  • Notification/Alerts
  • View Success Stories

Admin Features

  • Login
  • Customer Profile Verification
  • Dashboard
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage New Invites
  • Manage Affiliation Program
  • Manage Success Stories
  • Membership Packages
  • Promotion
  • Smart Search
  • Payment Gateway
  • Manage Notifications
Cost To Develop A Matrimony App

What Does It Cost To Develop A Matrimony App?

To calculate the total cost that goes into app development of a matrimony mobile app, a lot of factors need to be considered.

Functionalities & Features

The app’s cost will depend on the features and functionality you want to include. You won’t pay much if you include basic features, but if you choose to add more advanced features to the app, then you will be charged more.

Matchmaking App Design:

To create a successful matchmaking app, you must aim to capture a broad audience. Achieving this goal means putting a strong focus on your app’s design. Not only should it look appealing, but it should also be user-friendly. While investing in an attractive design might increase your expenses, it’s a worthwhile investment in the end.

Development Platform for Matchmaking App

All apps can be created on three platforms: Android, iOS, and Windows. It is up to the user to decide whether or not their app will work on multiple platforms. Integration with one platform is cheaper than integration with multiple platforms.

Size of the App

This symbol represents the total number and functionality of the app’s features and functions.

App developers for matrimony app

The app’s cost will be determined by the location of the app, the experience and expertise of its developers, as well as the geographic location. The app’s cost is also affected by the physical location of both the app developer as well as the app developers.

  • App developers based in the US/UK charge $70-$250 an hour.
  • App developers based in Eastern Europe charge $50-$150 an hour.
  • India-based app developers charge $20 – $70 an hour for their services.

The approximate cost of developing a matrimony app for mobile would be $15000 to $20,000 If you choose to add advanced features, this price will be even higher.

For the development of a Matrimony mobile app, you need a team structure

It is easy to create an app if your team includes talented and skilled members. To create the app you have always wanted, you will need a team of developers, managers, testers, and designers. Your app should be compatible with both the ios platform and Android. This will attract a lot of people.

  • Business Analysis Team
  • Project Manager
  • Android, ios application developers
  • Front-end Developers (UI/UX Developers, AngularJS Developers)
  • Backend Developers (PHP Developers, .Net Developers, NodeJs Developers)
  • QA Professionals



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Matrimonial App Development Process

There are many factors that affect the cost of the development of a matchmaking apps and here we have discussed them all in detail, so you get a clear understanding of the budget of how much cost of an app like

1. App Platform (iOS, Android or both):

Initial, choose whether you want your app for Android users or iOS users. You can also choose to get the app developed for both the platforms, but that would certainly increase the cost.

2. Matchmaking App Design:

With a matchmaking app you need desire to cater a large set of audience. For this, you would need to make your app really appealing, hence pay special attention to the app design and apart from making it appealing, and also assure that it is easy to use. Now, integrating an attractive design will surely add to the cost, but it will surely be worthy.

3. Size of the Mobile Application:

Remember, the size of your app matters! It affects how much it costs to build and how users interact with it. Finding that sweet spot between offering great features and keeping things user-friendly is the key to a successful matchmaking app.

4. App Developers:

The development cost is also influenced by factors like the developers’ location, their experience, and expertise. It’s important to consider these factors when planning your project, as they can impact your overall budget and the quality of the app.

5. Payment integration:

So the integration of a mobile wallet into your matrimony app will absolutely increase the cost but it will also remove all payment-related hassles. It gives a number of tangible benefits to the users.


Most Popular matrimony & Services In The Market

There have been more matrimonial projects in the last few years. However, not all of them were as successful at grabbing attention as the matrimony mobile app. Let’s take a look at these matrimony mobile apps.

Bharat Matrimony

Bharat Matrimony is an Indian matrimonial service provider that has been serving the Indian public for many years. There are two types of matrimony. One is Elite matrimony, which is for wealthy and well-off families, while the other is assisted matrimony, which is more suitable for busy professionals. Bharat Matrimony’s registration process is simple and straightforward, making it much easier for users to access their profiles. The matrimony mobile app can be accessed on both Android and IOS. has been a trusted platform for matrimony over the years. It was founded in 1998 and has served Indians by finding them the right kind of life partner. is a leading matrimonial platform in India and is 100% secure. This app is compatible with Android and iOS.

Way To Nikah

This matrimony was designed with all Muslims in mind. If you are one of them, it will make it easier to find a match from Islam. It isn’t just for Muslims in India. Muslims all over the world can use it. This platform is a great resource for those looking for Halal, which means that they are certified according to the Quran. There is a complete guarantee that all sensitive data associated to the user’s profile will be protected. This matrimony app works with both Android and iOS platforms.

With a staggering 20 million profiles, is one of the  world’s leading matrimonial platform. What sets it apart? The ease of registration and profile creation right from your smartphone.

The app comes with a premium chat feature to connect with potential matches instantly. Plus, users have the option to filter compatible matches based on  preferences, interests, and more. For those looking for  a ‘happily ever after’, there is while world of online profiles to explore.

Love Vivah

This app’s greatest asset is its simplicity. This app has no complicated interfaces, which makes it easy to use. The app is accessible at any hour of the day. You don’t have to open your computer or follow a schedule to use it. This app is simple to use and users will love it. You can view profiles and exchange interests. You can download this app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Wrapping up

This has led to more online businesses and marriage is now a top priority. One should invest in a matrimony app for mobile. People are now looking to marry their children while keeping social distancing in mind. They would be reluctant to say no to a matrimony app that knocks at their door.

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