How To Publish Your App on Google Play Store & Apple App Store?

How To Publish Your App on Google Play Store & Apple App Store?

Google Play Store & Apple App Store

Google Play Store & Apple App Store are famously known stores for downloading mobile applications. According to recent data, Google Play Store features nearly 3.55 million applications whereas Apple App Store has 1.64 million apps to cater to your needs. However, if you have come up with your application and want to launch it on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, it is a complex process that requires detailed planning and preparation. 

Because of countless preparation tips, rules, requirements, and guidelines, it can be an overwhelming process. Want to publish your application on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store? We have got you covered! Today, in this article, we will shed light on how you can publish your app on the Google Play Store & Apple App Store. Here we go!

Introduction to Google Play Store 

Google Play famously known as Google Play Store was launched by Google in the year 2008. It is known as Google’s official application store from where you can download apps into your mobile phone and use them. A Google Play Store is readily available on your Android device by top Android app development companies. This ensures you can easily download applications and enjoy gaming, listening to music, and more. These applications give you complete access to content such as books, games, apps, music, movies, and other entertainment options that keep you busy.  

Popular features of the Google Play Store include: 

  • Google Play Store beta program feature 
  • Disable Google Play Store automatic application updates 
  • Google Play Store device management 
  • Google Play Store easy and early access 
  • Try the game demo before downloading 
  • Parental control feature 

Introduction to the Apple App Store 

Launched by Apple in the year 2008, the Apple App Store is an application marketplace featuring more than 1.6 million applications. Using this digital distribution platform, you can download applications and use them. This platform offers customers a safe place to explore different applications and downloads that meet their expectations. The applications present on the Apple App Store are available within Apple’s iOS SDK. 

Popular features of the Apple App Store include: 

  • App distribution and management 
  • Easy app recommendations 
  • Latest application updates 
  • Apple announces the application for the day 
  • Parental control feature 
  • Business and marketing opportunities  

Step By Step Process To Publish The Application On Apple App Store 

Apple App Store

1. Sign Up For The Apple Developer Program 

In the first step, you must register as an Apple developer to publish your application on the Apple App Store. Besides registering as a developer, ensure you can enroll in the application developer program and pay the specified annual fee. Once enrolled in the application developer program, you have access to the latest beta version, you can submit applications to the app store, use advanced app features, use analytics, and run a thorough test. 

2. Create Certificate And Provision Files 

Before being published on the Apple App Store or downloaded on any device, the application must be signed with a certificate offered by Apple. If your application has not received an approval sign by Apple, it will be rejected. It is best to choose code signing as it makes the application more secure and ensures there are no changes within the application. You will require a separate distribution certificate and provisioning profile for app distribution on the Apple App Store

3. Create An App Store Connect Record 

The application comes into existence through the App Store Connect, a popular Apple service designed and developed to update, manage, and publish applications on the Apple Store. Now, you can register your own application by adding all essential details like screenshots and descriptions. To create an application record in the App Store Connect account, fill in the required information like app name, default language, platform, SKU, and bundle ID. 

4. Input Your Application Details

While mentioning all important details and submitting the application to the Apple store, it is essential to clearly state its purpose. Some necessary information required to apply are the application name, description, screenshots, categories, video preview, and ratings. Additionally, you can use keywords for SEO purposes, copyright information, support URLs, and an application icon. 

5. Prepare For Submission 

Once everything is ready, you must prepare the application for submission. Before submitting directly to the Apple App Store, upload the build using the Xcode. Once completely uploaded, 50% of your application will already be on the Apple App Store. 

6. Submit Your Application 

Go back to the Apple Store Connect, go down to the build area, and tap on select a build before actually applying to the Apple App Store. You must choose Xcode and tap on Done for the final submission. Once the process is done, the application status turns green and changes to the review. On average, it takes around 1 to 2 days to complete the process. Once the process is done, you can download your application from the Apple App Store and start using it. 

Step By Step Process To App Publish On Play Store 

Google Play Store

1. Make A Developer Account 

The first step is to develop a developer account. Follow this process to make a developer account:

  • Sign in using your Google official account 
  • Accept all terms and conditions 
  • Pay the required registration fees 
  • Fill in your account details rightfully 

2. Create An Application 

After completing step 1, you must tap the Create Application button. A pop-up will show up from where you can choose the title of your application and your preferred default language. Then tap on the Create button.  

3. Store Listing 

Once you have clicked the create application button, it’s time to list your store, where you must provide a short and full description of your application. Further, scroll down and add the Hi-res icon of your Google Play Store application. In the next step, add screenshots and provide a feature graphic of your app. So, as you go forward, you will have to fill in other important information like email, phone that you use, application type, category, and more. Once all the information is filled in, tap the save draft option. So, ensure that the store listing tab has turned green, which signifies that the store listing is completed.  

4. App Release 

To release your application, come down to the production track and tap on the manage option. Once you have visited the next page, tap the Create Release option. So, you must upload an APK file and click the save option. 

5. Pricing And Distribution 

To set the price, you must choose different countries where you want your application to be available and work. Read the guidelines carefully and click on the tick mark option to agree to them. Tap on the save draft button and ensure that the pricing and distribution section is changed to green. 

6. Send the App For Quick Review

After completing all the steps, return to the app release option and tap the edit release button in the production track. Visit the next page and scroll down to the review button. As you go to the next page, tap on the start rollout to the production button, where you can send your application a quick review. However, Google takes around 4-5 working days for application review. Further, it is approved or rejected based on the application.

Common Reasons Why Your App May Get Rejected 

Here are some common reasons why your mobile apps may get rejected: 

  1. The application may get rejected if you have not followed Apple and Google privacy.
  1. In case your application has broken links, crashes, bugs, or irrelevant links, the chances of it getting rejected increase. 
  1. If your application does not have complete or updated information, in such circumstances, Google or Apple may reject it right away.
  1. Poor user interface is also another major reason for application rejection. 
  1. Your screenshots and description need to state your application to be accepted clearly. 
  1. If you have made wrong or false promises about the application and its functionalities, you will not get approval from Google or Apple. 
  1. You must submit two identical applications to get approval. Therefore, you must suggest new and exciting applications that grab the most attention. 
  1. If your application offers no value or is designed for a small market, the chances of rejection increase. 

Steps To Take After Publishing The Application 

Here are some critical steps to take once your application is published on the Google Play Store & Apple App Store:

1. Regular Updates

Once the application is present on the App Play Store, it is important that you continuously update it and add new features to grab users’ attention. 

2. Promote On Social Media

The best way to gain everyone’s attention in today’s time is by promoting your app on social media. Hunt for influencers beginning from your niche and ask them to promote your application. 

3. Conduct Press Release

If you want mass release and attention, conducting press releases is a great idea to promote your application. Since top publications will cover your app, it will reach a wide user base.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How long does publishing an application on the Google Play Store take? 

On average, it is noticed that an application on the Google Play Store gets published within 2 to 3 working hours. Further, if the authorities are not completely satisfied, it may take around 5-7 days. If you have received a rejection, you can try another time after making the necessary changes.  

Q2. Explain the process of featuring an application on the Google Play Store. 

After publishing your app on the Google Play Store, it’s time to feature it on the Google Play Store so that maximum people can download it. Thus, you have to practice certain activities like user interaction and visual design services. Additionally, you will have to work on the latest technologies, localization, etc., to get your application featured on the Google Play Store. Once you’re featured, it helps in attracting more clicks and grabbing user attention. 

Q3. Why does the Apple App Store reject your application? 

There are several reasons why the Apple App Store may reject your application. Some of the most common reasons include crashes and bugs during the testing of the application, irrelevant content such as text and images, incomplete information, which can lead to inaccuracies, poor user interface, broken links, inaccurate product and application description, misleading users and incorrect ads on your application. Besides these, there are many more reasons why your Apple App Store rejects your application. 

Q4. How can I publish a gaming application on the Google Play Store in 2023? 

If you want to publish a gaming application on the Google Play Store in 2023, here is the complete list of steps to follow: 

Step 1: Develop your Google Developer Account.

Step 2: Set up a Google Merchant Account.

Step 3: Create a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Step 4: Read Google Developer Guidelines.

Step 5: Check All Technical Requirements.

Step 6: Create an App.

Step 7: Google Play Store Listing.

Step 8: Content Rating.

Step 9: App Release 

By following these steps, you can publish a gaming application easily on the Google Play Store & Apple App Store. In case you receive a rejection, you will have to make changes. 

Q.5 What steps should I take after publishing my application? 

  • Start promoting your application on different social media. 
  • Conduct press release so that your application comes into the limelight 
  • Continuously focus on overall application updates and maintenance 
  • Talk about your application to your friends, family, and colleagues and ask them to market further. 
  • Get in touch with different social media influencers, especially on Instagram and YouTube, to promote your application. 
  • Make a dedicated Instagram account for your application and mention all regular updates about the app on it. 

Wrapping Up 

After developing an application, it’s time to publish it on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. This article is a complete guide following which you can easily publish your application on these platforms. After publishing the application, make sure you follow a marketing strategy to grab customers’ attention. You can get in touch with mobile app development companies like Dreamsoft4U where you get expert services easily. 

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