Best Free Website Builders for Small Business -

Best Free Website Builders for Small Business

Best Free Website Builders for Small Business

 Are you going to start some kind of business?

Wait; in this digital world you may need a website to run your business.

Now the first question comes in mind is that How to make a website:

A fully functional, responsive, SEO-compatible website may help to increase your business, smartly.

I know, what you gonna think now!

About cost or budget for the online website or something online portal!

Well, don’t think so much, when there so many free website builders for small business in the market. Yes, you don’t have to shell out the big bucks to afford one.

There are so many option of website builder, totally free that can help you to create website for the business without any coding knowledge.

Here we are sharing top ten Best free website builder that provide SEO benefits, mobile optimization, embedded analytics system and professional templates. These Builders help you to create a website for free.

  1. WordPress
  2. Wix
  3. Weebly
  4. Jimdo
  5. Mozello
  6. Webflow
  7. SITE123
  8. WebNode
  9. Duda
  10. WebStarts
  11. IM Creator

Best Free Website Builders For Small Business

Let’s know about them one by one.

WordPress is the top most popular when you are planning to a website for your new business. It helps you top make site by giving the easy tips and guidance.

From here you can find templates according your business profile. A blog page can create here.

WordPress is more flexible than website builders— in large part because of WordPress plugins.

Plugins are basically add-ons for your WordPress website. If you have an idea for something, you can probably find a WordPress plugin for it.


When we are talking about the top website builders, Wix has the top notch place in the list with the 110 million users.

Wix offers easy access to their users such as drag-and-drop editor, collection of professional templates that may define your business profile like restaurants, online stores etc.

Wix supplies in- built Google Analytics to monitor the website, and apart that also offers additional apps for individual preferences. If you want, Wix can even design your site for you.

The biggest downside of Wix’s free version is it doesn’t come ad-free, and each page of your site will have a prominent Wix ad. Ad-free is only an option if you pay for the premium version.

Best Free Website Builders for Small Business

Weebly is a flexible free website builder, which is easy to use. It provides a web hosting service specifically for online shopping business. The headquarter office of weebly is located in San Francisco.

Weebly offers domain registration, web hosting, web design, and even ecommerce functions; make it suitable for businesses & startups.

Weebly has drag-and-drop functionality, like wix has. Apart from that it has CMS solutions integrated functions. It also offers the online business portal with fully Pay Pal integration and in-build tax calculator and many more facilities.

Best Free Website Builders for Small Business

JImdo, a German based website builder is a favourite option for companies that offer the 9-10 different language options for international companies. It is congenial with smartphones users & tablets. There’s a mobile app you can use to build a mobile-optimized site, as well.

JImdo has 500 MB space like no page limit. It also offers the HTTP/SSL encryption means your visitor’s information will be safe for always. You can use the social media accounts, seamlessly with Jimdo.

Best Free Website Builders for Small Business

Mozello allows you to create a multilingual website without any penny.  If you are planning a website for your startup or business, use it. Mozello offers many several features such as blog where you can write blogs or experience about the business needs, An SEO oriented services for your site and 500MB space. The only drawback is the drag-and-drop system isn’t as intuitive or complex as some other options, and there aren’t a ton of design customization options.

Best Free Website Builders for Small Business

Webflow is one of the best website builders that provide you the drag-and-drop system, social components widgets, maps, and media. The best thing about these options is that it doesn’t need any coding or any programing knowledge.  The set of themes with a responsive interface, and your website can be customized for desktop and smartphones.  But if you want the full benefits of Webflow, you’ll need to know HTML or CSS.

Best Free Website Builders for Small Business

Site123 is one of the most flexible and easy-to-use site builders, which is very efficient to customize like one click installation with graphics & templates.

Site123 stands out as particularly helpful with its, professional fonts, free images library for visual elements, and unlimited creative DIY plans for creating multiple pages.

Best Free Website Builders for Small Business

WebNode is a right choice for both professionals & personal brands. WebNode is easy to use, and the best thing about this is that you can use different platform to suit your business’s needs and create a website in a multi-language.

IF you are online seller, WebNode offers the online ecommerce portal, compatible with Mac, Android and IOS devices.

Best Free Website Builders for Small Business

Duda is a feature-rich website creator with numerous site widgets and media files, allowing you to piece together a website to fit your specific needs. On top of site templates and a lengthy content library, Duda comes with a team-collaboration tool and basic analytics to show you how visitors are engaging with different parts of your website.

Duda offers a free trial, as well as plans that start as a low as $14 per month billed annually.

Best Free Website Builders for Small Business

There’s another website builder quite free is WebStarts that help you to make a beautiful website for many pages with a wide collection of beautiful templates. Its and a user-friendly drag & drop functionality makes it more popular among the newbie businessman.

Best Free Website Builders for Small Business

IM Creator has so much popularity as more than 11 million sites already has been made around the world.  There are so many popular options such as an extensive range of templates and images, easy point-&-click interface and apart from that it has unlimited web hosting and domain services.


This online website builder is unique for its built-in ecommerce tools, and offers SEO and Google Analytics to fully optimize your site for search engines.

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