Breakthrough of Healthcare Software Development -

Breakthrough of Healthcare Software Development

Over the past few years the healthcare software development industry has seen dramatic growth because of the increasing concern among hospitals and clinics to manage and monitor patients’ data. The market value of healthcare software is projected to reach around $29.9 billion by 2023. According to a survey, 55% of the American healthcare market uses software in healthcare industry. In this article we will talk about various types of healthcare software available in the market to improve the performance of hospitals and clinics.


There is a variety of software in healthcare industry available in the market to meet specific needs of healthcare organization. Some of the most popular software is discussed below:
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR):

electronic-medical-records-emr EMR stands for Electronic Medical Records, which is patient centric software. It is most popular type of hospital management system software used around globe. It gathers, monitor, and managers patient’s medical record which can only be viewed within one office. It gives access to patient’s information such as lab reports and diagnosis. It helps in the improvement of patient care, service and safety. Read Also: The Complete Guide Of Telemedicine
  • Telemedicine:

telemedicine The field of telemedicine has faced drastically improvements over times.  About fifty year ago few hospitals started experimenting with it in order to reach patients in remote areas, but nowadays it is also used for convenient medical care. This expectation of more convenient care led to the rise of telehealth/telemedicine software and companies. It can be real time telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, and store-and-forward practice. More than half of the U.S. Hospitals currently have telemedicine software. The health IT market reveals that telemedicine market is valued at nearly $19 billion in 2018.
  • Medical Billing System:

medical-billing-system There is a payment practice within US healthcare system where patient receives the medical care and the payment is made by patient’s health insurance companies. ICD (International Classification of diseases) codes are assigned to diseases; the hospital submits the claim with insurance company through clearing house in order to receive payment of services rendered. All these practices are managed by one large software i.e., billing system software. It should be noted that there can be more than one clearing house and insurance companies and this is the reason why billing system software plays a great role here. Read Also: What Is FHIR? Know About Smart On FHIR
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR):

electronic-health-record-ehr Electronic Health Record is larger healthcare software which includes EMR, Telemedicine and billing system. It performs the function of appointment booking and scheduling, and also acts as a clearing house. Billing system is the essence of EHR. It contains contact information, appointment information, records of hospitalization and many more services it provide. This software is becoming increasingly useful as more and more patients are going digital and want to have a mobile access of their health records. According to a survey, nearly 86% of physicians have adopted EHR and it is estimated that the market of EHR will grow around $40 billion by 2024.
  • Hospital Information System (HIS):

hospital-information-system-his Hospital Information System is large hospital management system software which helps in carrying out management functions like administrative, financial, legal and medical in order to improve efficiency of healthcare providers. HIS software fulfills the demand of every department. It helps in inventory management, supports billing system and keeps a track of patient’s data and medication. Read Also: How Home Health Care Software Became A Big Picture? HIS offers various advantages like it boost information integrity, reduces duplication of efforts, cut down documentary cost and upgrades report retraction time.
  • Clinical Information System (CIS):

clinical-information-system-cis Clinical Information System is a computer based platform that allows healthcare providers to store manage and retrieve patients and clinical data. It is large software which takes into account EMR, Clinical Decision Support, and a platform to train doctors. Adoption of CIS in healthcare can help in drug inventory management and service management, and helps restraining unethical practices. CIS reduces paper work and improves patient safety by reducing medical error, plus it also grants complete backup of data. CIS receives massive amount of positive feedback by healthcare administrators.
  • Home Healthcare:

Well, it falls under the broad category of health care information technology that deals with storage, retrieval, sharing and use of health care information and data. This is specifically designed for companies employing home health facilities. . According to customer surveys by Carecenta, 77% of the businesses using home care management software have minimized there error by 95% than those who are not using. Home care solutions are versatile depending on the requirements of various agencies. They can be made for residential care system, permanent care system, and temporary care systems.

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Sanjeev Agrawal

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