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Common Misconceptions about Home HealthCare Software


As the provider of home healthcare software, we often encounter many misconceptions that people have regarding home care services. We believe that there’s no place like home. It is where we are most comfortable and happy. This is true at any age, especially for seniors.

Also, many times a situation arises where some families need home health care for a loved one who has recently gone through surgery. Most of the families are still less aware of home health care, and they have misconceptions clouding in their minds. In this article, we will try to talk about the most common home health care misconceptions.

Myth #1: Home healthcare industry can’t be trusted.

It’s best to work with a licensed agency that employs professionals who are licensed and does thorough background checks before hiring them. Also, people believe that they have no say as to who comes to their home and provides care, but agencies work with you to determine the best caregiver as per your interests and personalities.

Myth #2: Home care is expensive.

Home Instead Senior Care Network surveyed in 2010, and they find out that the average family overestimates the cost of hiring a non-medical home care aide by about $6 an hour. But home healthcare is one of the most affordable options for those in need.

There are costs related to any in-home personal care service, but these services are flexible than those connected with moving into a nursing facility. Because of the adaptability and the cost of staying in your own home, home care service costs are considerably lower than facility care.

Also, there are various programs available for those who are thinking of in-home care. These programs include VA Benefits and long-term care insurance.

Myth #3: Home care is only for sick people.

There are generally two types of home care services: medical and non-medical care. Medical care is for those who are suffering from illness, injury, and chronic conditions. While, non-medical care, deals with activities of daily living such as eating, bathing, personal care, and transportation. It provides companionship, which is especially required by elders to avoid depression and loneliness.

Myth #4: Home care services are a replacement for family and friends.

This common misconception that caregiver will become their main connection replacing family and friends. The caregiver provides a much-needed break for family and friends from taking care of a parent or relative. So, it’s completely incorrect to say that the presence of in-home care will replace the value of friends and family. Instead, it will help you to find much-needed balance in your life and save yourself from the weight of overexerting yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. Caregivers have their own families, so they understand the importance of maintaining relationships.

Myth #5: Home healthcare must be arranged in advance.

People have a misconception in mind that around-the-clock care is not available. But if your loved one needs around-the-clock care, then this can be arranged. In can also be arranged on short notice, all you need is just to make the call. There are so many home health care agencies that provide 24 hours a day skilled nursing care and live-in care. These services are generally scheduled around the person’s sleep-wake cycle.

Myth #6: A home care agency provides an inferior level of quality care that a nursing facility does.

In every country, a home healthcare agency can only work if they are licensed and operate in compliance with the standards set forth by the state. In-home health care there is an only responsible caregiver for one patient at a time, which means that he or she can focus, pay more attention, and interact with one key individual, while in a nursing facility there is one caregiver per 5-10 patients which may create impossibility to give specialized personal care affecting the quality of care they deserve.

Myth #7: Seeking home healthcare services for a parent is a sign of disrespect.

Because of the fear of society’s judgment, some people feel that if they seek out a caregiver’s help for a family member than they have a lack of respect towards that family member. Some people also feel that instead of caregivers they are the only ones that should take care of family members in need. But in reality, hiring home healthcare services for a loved one shows a much greater sense of care for that person because caregivers can take much better care as they have experience. Although, the decision is not easy home healthcare professionals can help those needs and guide them in living the best life possible.

Myth #8: Once You Receive Home Healthcare Services, You’ll Need it Forever.

As stated earlier, many people use home healthcare services after undergoing surgery, giving birth, or some severe medical treatment. Patients can discontinue services after recovering from their strenuous ordeal, or earlier.

We hope that we’ve cleared up a few misconceptions about home health care. In short, don’t believe these common misconceptions about home healthcare.

Last words…

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Sanjeev Agrawal

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