Android 11 vs. Android 12: Jaw-Dropping Features, Comparison

Android 11 vs Android 12: Jaw-Dropping Features, Battery Life, Comparison

Android 11 vs Android 12 Features

Which is better Android 11 vs. Android 12? You are asking a fundamental question these days. Android has forever been about the personalized experience, allowing you to pick the gadget, excellent service, and experience that best suits your needs. Currently, Android is running on over 3 billion smartphones all across the globe by leveraging an open environment that gives you millennial choices .Many companies especially android app developer has got this opportunity and making their career rise and shine.

Android 12 succeeds in all that you admire about Android technology. It offers a highly private and very accommodating environment, making a working framework that is secure naturally and private by plan, and working on the interoperability of every one of your gadgets.

However, only a few smartphones are approachable to Android 11; various new highlights of android 12 will tempt clients to change to Android 12. On the off chance that you can hardly trust that Google’s new working framework will show up on your cell phone, you can now download and introduce the Android 12 designer review.

Today, we’ll consider what’s happening in this variant of Android when contrasted with Android 11. In this article, you will find out the contrast between android 12 Vs. android 11. Android app development companies also leverage facilities to upgrade from Android 11 to Android 12.

Android 12: Overview of Android New Version

It exhibits how far versatile programming has advanced since its introduction. Android, which started as a test to Apple’s iOS at the beginning of the cutting-edge cell phone, has since formed into its own. To the dismay of many, Google has, as of late, deserted the public pastry codenames for zeroing in on creating Android a more experienced working framework. This is very clear in Android 12.

With Android 12, Google has likewise taken one of the working framework’s vital plans to its apparent result. Android has been about customization and causing the telephone to feel like yours since its commencement. In correlation, Apple’s brought-together vision for iOS has, as of late, consolidated some more personalization apparatuses and highlights in iOS 13, iOS 14, and iOS 15.

Google redid the whole working framework starting from the earliest stage this year with the new Material You plan language. This new heading, an improvement of the Material Design we’ve seen throughout recent years, centers around you and adjusts its variety range to your backdrop. Be that as it may, Android 12 is something other than a decent face. Google, as well, has stood firm on protection.

Since it is now so obvious what’s truly going on with Android 12, we should find out when it will be delivered and what new elements it will have!

Android 12 Release Date

Android 12 was delivered freely on October 4, 2021, through the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), and upheld Google Pixel gadgets were delivered on October 19, 2021. It became open for past Pixel telephones. However, the organization hasn’t given an authority similarity list.

Then, in the not-so-distant future, gadgets from Samsung, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Tecno, Vivo, and Xiaomi will get Android 12.

It will be passed on to devise producers to get Android 12 to your telephone, which can require months, so don’t be shocked on the off chance that your particular cell phone doesn’t uphold the overhaul until 2022.

In the meantime, the new programming is presently accessible in beta for specific gadgets, including telephones from Oppo, Nokia, OnePlus, Xiaomi, ZTE, Asus, TCL, and iQOO as a vast number of Pixel telephones.

Android 12 What’s New?

Android 12 is right now accessible for some telephone marks authoritatively. It gives a large number of improvements. As recently said, the new rendition centers around another UI that adjusts to you, which Google alludes to as Material You. It also contains a few new highlights referenced by Google at I/O. Additionally, a few component overhauls increment the usefulness, soundness, and execution of android 12. Here are some of them.


1. Material You

Android telephones have forever been known for their customization, permitting you to pick the gadget, administration, and experience that is best for you. Accordingly, the OS currently has multiple billion dynamic gadgets around the world. Presently, Android 12’s new UI expands on all that you love about Android and spotlights on making a significantly modified telephone that adjusts to you.

“Android 12 incorporates the main plan update in Android’s set of experiences,” as per Google. Accordingly, Android 12 is more expressive, dynamic, and customized than any time in recent memory. While contrasting Android 12 versus Android 11, it’s pretty significant that the new UI permits you to modify your telephone with a custom variety range and overhauled gadgets completely.

2. Smooth movement

With Android 12, your telephone answers your touch quickly and easily, with smooth movement and liveliness. For instance, when you excuse your cautions on the lock screen, your clock will get bigger, telling you when you’re exceptional. Google has additionally decreased cooperation and updated the whole hidden foundation to work on the ease and effectiveness of your experience. Accordingly, your gadget will be quicker and more responsive, with further power effectiveness.

3. Android 12 is more Personalized.

Google utilizes variety extraction, which concludes which tones are predominant, which are corresponding, and which look great. While choosing a backdrop, It then, at that point, applies those tones to the whole working framework, including the notice conceal, lock screen, volume controls, new gadgets, and substantially more.

4. Revamped Notification

Google is refreshing the vibe of warnings in Android 12 to make them more current and practical. At the point when you tap on notice, it will move you straightforwardly to the application symbols or activity you need to perform instead of through a middle-person supplier. As indicated by the android application engineers” blog entry, this should make everything quicker.

Moreover, Android 12 presents another button that permits you to rest little cautions for a set timeframe. You may likewise empower versatile notices positioning, which permits Android to rearrange your alarms given how you cooperate with various google applications and reset the positioning on the off chance that you could do without it.

5. Privacy Dashboard

While looking at Android 12 versus Android 11, one of the most perceptible increases of Android 12 is a Privacy Dashboard, which furnishes clients with more noteworthy perceivability into the information that applications access. The new Privacy Dashboard gives a bound-together perspective on your consent settings as well as the information being gotten to, how often, and by which applications. Moreover, you can ask an application for data on how it got delicate information.

6. Estimated Location

Applications can now be confined to seeing just your surmised position instead of an exact one because of new rough area consent. Climate applications, for instance, don’t need your natural area to give an exact estimate.

7. Application Hibernation

Application Hibernation permits clients to put applications in a “hibernation” mode while they are not effectively being utilized. Strikingly, rested projects’ stockpiling use will be upgraded, and their authorizations will be removed.

8. Android TV remote

If you’re a piece of the Android biological system, you might involve an Android TV gadget notwithstanding your telephone, and Android 12 presently incorporates an implicit control for Android TVs. The capability is viable with Chromecast with Google TV and Android TVs coordinated into it. It gives basic programming controls, admittance to Google Assistant, and volume controls.

Beforehand, you needed to introduce an application to involve your telephone as a remote for your Android TV, yet that will presently not be vital.

9. Scrolling Screenshots

Google conveys an element that outsider producers have recently featured – looking over screen captures. With Android 12, you can show more satisfaction in a solitary screen capture. If you desire to catch a long Twitter string, for instance, utilize the new “catch more” button that seems when you snap a screen capture.

10. Smoother Autorotation

Google is likewise attempting to develop further a specific element known as autorotate. With Android 12, the working framework will currently endeavor to keep itself adjusted by utilizing your face. This utilization case is expected for the people who utilize their telephones while resting or in bed. Google says it won’t store any photos obtained utilizing this way since it will utilize its “Private Compute Core” framework to keep everything hidden.

11. Quicker Mobile Game Downloads

With the organization’s new “play as you download” capability, gaming on an Android gadget will turn out to be quicker. Android 12 empowers players to have the option to begin a game while it is downloading, as you can do on a specific control center, as per a declaration made at the Google Games Developers Conference.

12. Better Integration with Chrome OS

You can at present utilize Nearby Transfer to divide photos among a telephone and a Chromebook, yet Google is endeavoring to eliminate a portion of the rubbing. As indicated by Google, Chrome OS’s Phone Hub will be extended to incorporate another component that will permit you to see google photographs on your telephone without sitting tight for those photographs to transfer to the cloud. Wi-Fi Direct controls this element.

13. Haptic Feedback Coupled with Audio

This element is undoubtedly recognizable to you from gaming consoles. You can feel it as your regulator shakes in light of a screen blast. This capacity is implicit in Android 12. At the point when things occur on the screen, game creators can make your telephone vibrate. There are other non-gaming applications for it, such as synchronizing vibration with custom ringtones.

14. Simpler Wi-Fi sharing

This is a, to some degree, little new element. The QR code approach is as accessible as it was in earlier Android forms. In any case, a little button has been added beneath that permits you to utilize Nearby Share to give your Wi-Fi certifications to somebody’s phone.

Android 11 Feature: One Count On

The 2020 rendition of the Android working framework, known as Android 11, was delivered in the late spring of that year for Google Pixel telephones. It has since tracked down its direction to other brands’ leads, including Samsung, OnePlus, and others.

There are various minor redesigns as well as new highlights situated toward designers as opposed to the relaxed client. Coming up next are the main changes that each client ought to know about.

1. Focusing on Conversations

Correspondence and informing applications have been focused on in Android 11. From the notice conceal, you may quickly peruse and answer messages from many google applications. You may likewise ‘Star’ fundamental discussions with the goal that they show up on the lock screen regardless of whether they are in don’t upset mode. There are two kinds of notices: alarming notices and quiet notices, and you can choose which ones ought to stay dynamic.

2. Chat Bubbles

With the new adaptation, you can stick visits to the first spot on the list consistently. This permits you to perform multiple tasks while moving the exchange along as air pockets. To empower this component, essentially track down the string in the notices and long-press it. Then, at that point, pick the decision about whether to utilize the visit bubble. This choice is viable with the most well-known correspondence applications on your telephone.

3. One-Time Permissions

You can now allow applications consent to get to gadget areas just a single time. Along these lines, you don’t need to permit applications lifetime admittance to telephone status data, and they should request authorization to utilize it each time they are utilized. There is likewise the choice to reset consents on your applications, which permits you to erase authorizations from all applications that you haven’t utilized in quite a while. You will likewise be told when something happens with the goal that you can monitor it.

4. Continue on Boot

This element permits projects to get to Credential Encrypted (CE) capacity after an OTA reboot without requiring the client to initially open the gadget. In layman’s terms, this implies that the applications can quickly continue typical usefulness and get messages. More deeply study android 11 elements.

Key Difference Between Android 11 & Android 12 Operation System

S.No.Android 12Android 11
1New Lock ScreenImprovised Messaging Notifications
2.A New Theming SystemChat Heads
3.Quick Settings Visual OverhaulSimple Access To GPay
4.More Compact Notification ShadeSwift Access To Smart Home Controls
5.New Settings MenuEstimated Location Permissions
6.New Privacy DashboardPermissions Expire For Unused Apps



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So, this was all about Android 11 vs Android 12 operating system. Definitely, Android 12 has stolen the show. Big players are obsessing over Android 12 but still, Android 11 is unbeatable in many ways. Mobile app development is on the 7th cloud with the involvement of Android 11 and Android 12.


Q1. What are Android 12 new features?

Some of the new features of Android 12 include improved privacy settings, redesigned widgets, and a new Material You design language.

Q2. Is the Android 12 User Interface any different from Android 11?

Yes, there are major changes to the user interface in Android 12, including new widgets and a refreshed design language called Material You.

Q3. Which version of Android is more stable and reliable for daily use?

Both Android 11 and 12 are generally stable and reliable for daily use, but the newer version may have more features and improvements.

Q4. How can I upgrade to Android 12?

You’ll probably get a prompt to upgrade if it supports the new version. You can also go to settings on your device and see if an upgrade option is available.

Q5. Are there any compatibility issues with apps or devices in Android 12?

Some apps and devices may face issues when upgrading to Android 12. Visit the official Android website or check with the app or device manufacturer before upgrading.

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