What are the Innovative Wearable Technology Trends of 2022?

What are the Innovative Wearable Technology Trends of 2024?

Wearable Technology Trends

53.4 million was the number of smart watches sold in 2023. This was a significant jump of nearly 70% from 2022. Fair to say, 2024 could be the year of innovative Wearable Technology Trends!

  • Are you a business owner?
  • Do you want to explore wearable app development solutions?
  • Or perhaps you’re seeking an app to help you enter the market?

This blog has all the answers. We will explore what wearable app development is, the big trends driving the industry forward, and why should you invest in this technology. 

Why Should You Invest in Wearable Technology?

Any business can initiate modern wearable devices to increase the number of users. It helps modify the business up to a great scope, and you can evolve yourself from your other competitors. These (wearables) can help you operate/run your mobile, which means there are great chances that users will get attracted to these.

Wearable devices app development is a real game-changer for all trade quarters, mainly fitness, healthcare, gaming, etc. Modern wearable issue real-time information and keep the user updated with important notifications.

Here, let’s look at the top Wearable Technology Trends in 2024.

Innovative Wearable Technology Trends 2024 – Future of Wearable Apps

Wearable Technology Trends

1. Data Security will Enhance

In the time ahead, safety in wearable application development will be uplifted as it is compulsory to ensure users that their data is safe. As regards protection, the developers must keep improving data security because most users deal with consumer data to earn money. This security system will work as an extra coating on wearable devices.

2. E-Payment Facility

It will become possible to make online payments more securely globally; contactless payment is taking over the marketplace rapidly. It simplified the method of e-payment for users.

3. Involvement of IoT in Wearables

The combination of lnternet of things with wearable devices will take over the marketplace in upcoming years. It’s the future of IT automation in almost all trade sectors.

4. GPS Technology will Get Better

At present, most businesses are run online. People give orders through the app, and the product they choose is delivered to their homes/ doorsteps. In the future, this GPS technology will get better and more advanced.

5. It Will Gain Huge Popularity in Gaming Industry

As stated by the upcoming trends of wearable technologies, it is said that they will play a crucial role in uplifting the gaming industry. Users will be able to play the games of their choice on small wearable devices. In the upcoming years, developers will pay more attention to intensifying the user experience with the wearable gadgets like taking care of UI/UX, voice recognition, compatibility, etc., of the app.

6. User Interactivity and Engagement will Get Better

It has been predicted that it will depend on wearable devices in upcoming years instead of using just mobiles. People will be able to buy the devices of their choice just with some simple steps. Developers will pay more attention to develop user-friendly apps in the time ahead. It will redeem the time the users usually spend tapping the screen multiple times. User interactivity will be taken care every aspect. 

7. Focus On App Discoverability

Creators have to design the wearable app to give the best output to the user. Compatibility is necessary with wearable devices to satisfy the user. It helps the wearable apps to connect and share data easily without any problem. Developers will pay more attention to increasing the app clarity in wearable devices, but the pattern and strategy of developing these apps will remain the same.

8. Role of Wearables in the Healthcare Industry

Modern wearable devices will play an important role in upcoming years in the healthcare sector. Smartwatches nowadays show heartbeat rate, pulse rate, sugar level, and blood pressure. These facilities will soon increase in the upcoming years, like checking treatment dates, appointment booking, medicine prescriptions, etc., and can be checked in smartwatches and other wearable devices connected with these apps.

These will help people take care of their health and give suggestions on healthcare measures that should be followed. It will be better than standing in a long line to get your blood pressure and sugar level checked.

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What are the Benefits of Wearable App Development Solutions?

The wearable app development has benefited the Healthcare Industry majorly. People after the pandemic have become more cautious about their health. Therefore, we have shared a few benefits that have driven wearable app solutions into big play:

1. Increase Productivity

It has increased productivity by leaps and bounds. People earlier were less occupied with their healthcare things. Not following healthy meals, no workouts or exercise, no jogs, but now with wearable devices like smartwatches, smart bands, google glasses, etc. People can instantly gain an insight into their health metrics.

2. Workplace Safety

After the pandemic, every other mind was terrified of getting into contact with the contaminating disease. Workplaces were shut, people were working from their places, and whatnot happened. But, the only thing that kept them safe was wearable technology. It is high blood pressure, sugar, increased heartbeat, or some other health disorder. Wearable technology trends keeps people more cautious and healthy.

3. Improves Communication

Wearable apps have provided ease of conversation as well. People can talk through their smartwatches while driving, can attend to & abort calls, check important notifications, and many other things. All just a tap away.

4. Making Business Successful

It is the better way for employee wellness, fitness, and safety which impacts employee presence at the workplace. Simultaneously, growing utilization and becoming a fashion statement has driven massive success for wearable app development companies around the globe.

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To wrap up let us first highlight the key takeaways: 

  • Wearable app development offers great opportunities in healthcare, finance, personal fitness, and gaming
  • Key trends for 2024 include e-payments, fitness apps, voice assistants on smartwatches,  and data security. 

If you are looking for a wearable app development company that can help you maximize wearable tech benefits, DreamSOft4u is a great choice. We have an extensive team of wearable tech developers and designers. They have experience in building wearable techs for all industry segments -including healthcare, logistics, and gaming. 

We are happy to answer all your questions. Tell us about your wearable tech project and we will find the right team, the right tech stack, and the right development roadmap for you.
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Q1. How do your designers keep wearable app design super clean and clear?

Designing over tiny screens is of course a challenge, but we love such challenges. Here’s how we do it:

  • Icons over words: Pictures are quicker to see.
  • Short & sweet: Less text, easy to read.
  • Smart colors: Highlight what matters.
  • Taps & swipes: Simple touches for control.

Q2. OK, Can you tell me more about the wearable app design process?

Here’s a brief outline of our wearable app development process: 

  1. We will first figure out the goal and needs of your wearable app.  
  2. Next, we will ensure the right app design-  make it clear and easy to use.
  3. In the next phase, we will code it to function perfectly.
  4. Once built, we will then test it on real wearables.
  5. And, lastly, we will polish the app’s look and feel for a great UX.

Q3. What is wearable technology in healthcare?

Wearable tech in healthcare can be a smartwatch, motion sensors that athletes wear, or any other device that collects user data and helps them:

  • Stay fit
  • Monitor health conditions
  • Manage chronic diseases

Q4. Does wearable technology improve health?

Yes, wearable technology can be a great tool to improve the health of patients, as well as people in general. Wearable technology can help people:

  • Monitor their daily activity levels (such as total steps walked each day)
  • Measure vitals such as heart rate, oxygen level, blood pressure, etc
  • Understand sleep patterns and quality
  • And more

Q5. Can I hire wearable app developers from DreamSoft4u?

Yes, you can higher a full-stack wearable app development team or even developers with specific skill sets (depending on your project needs). Let’s discuss your needs and make the right choice for your project. Contact us today!

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