MEAN Stack vs. MERN Stack: What Do You Choose?

Mobile app development has brought itself to the next level. Together, many technologies are being used to develop mobile apps or web apps with excessive characteristics. A “stack” may refer to any mixture of languages and technologies for programming. Two key types of stacks are available, i.e. stacks of technologies and application stacks. Simply placed, in a software development phase, technology stacks indicate a cross-disciplinary approach. In this article, we will focus on understanding three of the most common stacks of technology, their viability, and qualities that make them ideal for your business. With the emergence of agile development methods, it has become increasingly important to choose the right technical architecture to help optimize the company’s ROI.

What is a Technology stack?

Basically, a technology stack means a cluster of programming languages and frameworks used to create a technology solution such as software or mobile app or website. These clusters or technology blends may be of numerous sorts, spanning several domains of programming languages and frameworks. Full-stack applies to combinations of technologies that can take care of all tasks of production, including frontend, backend, database, and testing. A full-stack developer is a professional who has the expertise to create each of these development tasks in the programming languages and software applications required. Many businesses hire full stack developers who can build the app’s frontend and backend and take care of the creation of databases and research.

What is the MEAN stack?

Mean Stack is one of the fast-growing open-source development frameworks that makes it very simple and convenient for developers to build a complex web application. MEAN Stack is a web and smartphone app creation mix of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js technologies. All these technologies are based on JavaScript and are used to create websites and web apps that are complex. Developers have the need for technologies to operate on both the front-end plus the back-end, and even more. These days, engineers realize and can overcome bugs through several app development streams. Software development companies are now cautiously seeking to recruit typical stack developers who can produce the entire web or app from scratch without discontinuing the process. In order to build web applications, programmers use this stack. They also use it to build mobile apps, but here we are talking about hybrid mobile applications and not native apps.

Benefits of MEAN stack

  • With the help of Mean Stack, it has become a lot easier to switch between the client and the server. This quality makes it fast and simple for the developers as they have to work with JavaScript. Developers with expertise in JavaScript are capable of managing the entire project with it. Here, node.js will help the developers to launch an application on the server without deploying it on a stand-alone server.
  • Another benefit with MEAN stack is that it is easy to transfer a code written in one language to another.
  • Not only MEAN is flexible but also allows the developers to test an application on a cloud platform easily. The right web application development companycan easily develop and test an application along with introducing it on the cloud. It also allows you to add more information by increasing the number of fields in the form.
  • What’s more? It has proven to be cost-efficient. It is because with MEAN stack you only need expert JavaScript experts. Whereas, in the case of LAMP stack you need developers who know to code in MySQL, PHP, and JavaScript too. As you need less number of developers for mean stack development services, the cost will automatically go down.
  • All the Mean Stack technologies are open source and therefore free. It aids in the development process and also reduces the overall cost.

What is the MERN stack?

Much like Mean Stack, a mixture of technology is Mern Stack. MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js make up Mern Stack. All four components of Mern Stack offer an end-to-end platform to function for developers. The fundamental distinction between Mean and Mern stack is React.js and Angular.js. Most developers today tend to react to Angular.

Benefits of MERN stack

  • It covers the entire web development cycle using JavaScript from front-end (client-side) to back-end (server-side) development.
  • It comes with a full suite of testing software pre-built.
  • Open source and sponsored by strong community support for frameworks.
  • With the JavaScript stack, developers just need to be JavaScript and JSON fluent.
  • Supports the architecture of the MVC (Model-View-Controller) to easily let the development process flow.
  • The four best technology available, i.e., MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js.

Similarities between MEAN and MERN stack

Both are open-source, defend against cross-site XSS scripting, have good support for documentation, help organize the UI layer, follow the architecture of MVC, and provide a wide variety of testing tools. The resemblance between the two is also attributed to the use of MongoDB, Express.js, and Node-js.

MEAN vs. MERN Stack

With each of the four technologies in these technology stacks fulfilling their purpose well; all technology stacks are very versatile and simple to work with. MongoDB is the most popular non-relational database, developer-friendly, and pre-form. Along with Express, Node guarantees the outstanding server-side performance of JS web applications. Meanwhile, the software stacks are completed by React and Angular in MERN and MEAN with powerful technology for front-end development. Essentially, with the assistance of JavaScript, all tech stacks cover whole full-stack development cycles from back-end development to front-end development. Both technology stacks are fitted with powerful collections of instruments and features. They are also open-sourced, well-documented, and enjoyed by developers all over the world. Last words… Dreamsoft4u Pvt. Ltd is one of the top Full-stack Development Company in India and USA. Every business needs a professional who is expert enough to provide complete development services right from the frontend to backend. Being a globally renowned Software Development company, we have accumulated masterly experience in working with front-end as well as back-end technologies. Enhance the features and functionalities of your website with our end-to-end full-stack development services under one roof. Want to reach us then contact us: (+1)-949-340-7490 | Mail at enquiry@localhost


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