Mean Stack Developer: Salary, Skills, Job Interview Questions in 2022

mean stack developer

If you are preparing to learn Mean Stack Development or are ready to begin your career as a mean stack developer, this article is the right place to begin. The article covers all the information one needs to know before entering the mean stack development. You can collect details like skills-set, education requirements, pay scale, and future of a developer in the Mean Stack category.

Thus, start reading the article to clear all your doubts and give you a more clear & precise picture of Mean Stack Development. You need to hire a full stack web developer which can beautifully handle your query. 

What Do You Mean by Mean Stack Development?

mean stack developer

Mean Stack Development is a branch of Full-Stack development. With a combination of four Technologies (Angular.js, Node.js, Express.js, and MongoDB), Mean Stack is formed. It is responsible for database handling, server-side handling, and building APIs for web app development

It is a part of Full-stack development but different from it. How? Let’s see.

Mean Stack is introduced with the increase in digital practices, and the software development world is shifting toward full-stack development. It is one of the technologies of full-stack development. Every developer demands powerful, quick, and fast technology to build web-based applications. Mean Stack is the one who fulfills the above requirements. It is the favorite of most developers.

Full-stack is not like Mean Stack. It requires no. of technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Angular.js, SQLite, etc. but Mean Stack requires only JavaScript. It is responsible for handling server-side and client-side software. Many points make Mean Stack different from full-stack development.

Let’s see how Mean Stack works and try to understand this technology under the umbrella of JavaScript framework.

What is Mean Stack?

Mean Stack is a free and open-source technology & a JavaScript-based framework used to develop web applications. It is a collection of fundamental technologies- MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js.

These technologies constitute Mean:

M- MongoDB  ( It is a database system written in c++ language.)

E- Express.js ( It is responsible for building web applications.)

A- Angular.js ( It is a Javascript framework operated by Google.)

N- Node js ( It is responsible for handling server-side)

Mean Stack is the ideal choice for development of hybrid apps. It delivers a fast and competent method for creating web-based applications. There are many reasons developers are interested in this open-source Stack:

  • Combination of a common language on server-side and client-side.
  • Organized technology
  • Flexible model

Mean Stack Developer

A Mean Stack Developer is a programmer of JavaScript-based applications. It has expertise in the following technologies that constitute Mean Stack- Mango.DB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js. It has in-depth knowledge of JavaScript because all applications created by Mean stack are Javascript-based. It manages and works on the front end and the backend.


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Pros and cons of Mean Stack Development


These are the following pros of Mean Stack Development:

  • Offers a simple solution to building a strong and well-organized solution.
  • It helps when you need the fast development of an application.
  • Full Stack JavaScript, and it is free.
  • It uses a single uniform language.
  • Low memory footprint/overhead.
  • Helps you in avoiding unnecessary preparations.
  • It helps you in keeping your applications well-organized.
  • It makes the code in the same form.


These are the cons of Mean Stack Development:

  • It is a good choice for small and Mid-size applications, but when it comes to large size, it is not the right one.
  • There are no exact general JS coding guidelines in Mean Stack Development.
  • It is hard to turn back to the old approach once you have finished the first site with the help of Mean Stack technology.
  • From a business point of view, it delivers poor isolation of servers.
  • You may Lose records potentially.

Mean Stack Developer Job Description

mean stack developer

Some points usually appear in the job description of Mean Stack Developer. The developer must have expertise in the following technologies- MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js.

  • One can manage Node.js, Angular.js, MongoDB, and Express.js.
  • He can create, develop, test, and deploy web apps that are fast, strong, and scalable.
  • Can maintain and design complex and extensive databases, whether relational or non-relational.
  • When needed, he can integrate a set of development environment tools and software after constructing, refining, and establishing.
  • He can identify the issues of production or non-production apps during the deployment of apps.
  • Can deploy apps on the cloud and solve the debugging issue.
  • He has the ability to architect code for the frontend and backend.
  • Always conduct a review of code for peer developers.
  • After the development of the application, test the application and fix bugs with data protection and security features.
  • For creating scalable APIs, participation with developers is necessary.
  • Build interactive consumer data
  • Coordinate with researchers, designers, and the IT team to develop apps and encourage business goals.

Mean Stack Developer Skills

Recruiter requires some skills to hire a Mean Stack developer. We have divided these skills into two parts, one is technical, and another one is a soft skill.

Technical skills

The developer should have experience and expertise in the following technologies- Express.js, MongoDB, Angular.js, and Node.js.

Developer should know CSS, HTML, AWS, UI/UX design, Java, PHP, Git, Python, Symfony, OOPS, jQuery, JSON, Cryptography, AJAX, and design framework, Bootstrap, etc.

have high-quality skills in programming for a healthy design.

It should have skills in managing the Server.

The developer should be familiar with package manager-npm.

The developer should have experience in server management, application architecture, responsive design, website performance, and cross-browser compatibility.

Developers can understand Agile methodologies, programming templates & DB architecture design, and Server-side & client-side procedures.


Soft skills

The developer should have good communication skills.

An individual should have time management skills and be a critical thinker.

He or she can work under pressure.

The developer should be a good team player and be able to lead the team.

He can coordinate with the whole team to support business goals.

The developer should have problem-solving skills.

Moreover, developers should be able to contribute as an individual.

Reasons Behind Choosing Mean Stack Development

There are many options available in the market. Why should you choose Mean Stack Development over others? Here are the reasons. Let’s see:

mean stack developer

1. Free, open-source technology

Mean Stack Development is open-source. It means it is free. It is readily available, accessible, and free of cost. Anyone can use it freely and easily. Even the technologies used in this Stack are also accessible. That’s why many businesses use this technology. It is cost-effective.

2. Flexibility

People have always doubted that only startups or small-sized businesses use open source technologies, but it is not valid. This Stack is used by startups as well as large enterprises also. With the evolution of technology and business goals, it is essential to be flexible in business, which is why this Stack is unique among other options.

3. Uniform language

All the frameworks under this stack use only one programming language- JavaScript. Only you have experience and expertise in JavaScript. But the frameworks under other stacks have many languages, creating difficulty for developers. Developers have to learn many languages if they choose other stacks.


4. User-friendly

There is a framework under Mean Stack known as the Angular framework. This framework is superbly user-friendly. It changes the user experience remarkably. It offers interactive, enhanced, and dynamic content.

5. Speed

This Stack is based on JavaScript. Web apps based on JavaScript are generally known for building single-page apps, progressive web pages, and chatbots. It becomes faster by reducing the loading pace of the app’s molding.

6. No Rewriting

You can transfer code across different frameworks, but returning to the old approach is problematic.

Salary of Mean Stack Developer in the USA, Canada, and India

mean stack developer

Many factors affect the salary of a Mean Stack developer. It may be due to their locality or experience levels. A developer in the USA will earn more as a salary than a developer in India. The salary of an experienced developer will be more than a beginner. But in this article, we will see the salary of a Mean Stack developer locality-based.

Mean Stack Developer Salary in the USA

The average salary of a Mean Stack developer in the USA is around $ 1,22,000 annually. It means a Mean Stack developer earns an average of $ 63.5 per hour.

  • A new developer in Mean Stack development in the USA earns around an average salary of $ 98,000 annually.
  • An experienced one in Mean Stack development in the USA earns around an average salary of $ 1,56,000 annually.

Mean Stack Developer Salary in Canada

The average salary of a Mean Stack developer in Canada is around $ 1,30,000 annually. It means a Mean Stack earns an average of $ 66.67 per hour.

  • The salary of a new developer in Mean Stack development in Canada is $ 95,000 annually.
  • The salary of an experienced developer in Mean Stack development in Canada is around $ 1,75,500 annually.

Mean Stack Developer Salary in India

The average salary of a Mean Stack developer in India is around $ 10,750 annually. It means a developer of Mean Stack development earns an average of $ 5.57 per hour.

A new developer in Mean Stack development in India earns $ 7387 annually.

The salary of an experienced developer in Mean Stack developer in India earns around $ 11,000 annually.

Interview questions of Mean Stack Developer

mean stack developer

Here are some questions asked in the interview by the recruiter related to Mean Stack Developer.

Q.1 What do you mean by Mean Stack development?

Q.2 What is the use of Mean Stack development?

Q.3 Define Mongo. DB.

Q.4 What is Node.js?

Q.5. What is Express.js?

Q 6 What is Angular.js?

Q.7 What are the technologies of Mean Stack Development?

Q.8 Describe data modeling.

Q.9 Why should you choose the Mean Stack development over other technology?

Q.10 What is the language of Mean Stack development?

Q.11 Describe the benefits of using Mongo. DB.

Q.12 What are the benefits of using Express.js?

Q.13 What are the benefits of using Node.js?

Q 14. Explain the benefits of Angular.js.

Q.15 Explain Cross-site Scripting.

Q.16 What are the advantages of Mean Stack?

Q.17 What are the cons of Mean Stack?

Q.18 Explain AOT?

Q.19 What are blocking codes?

Q.20 How is Angular.js different from Mongo.js?


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In this article, we discussed what Mean Stack development is, the pros and cons of Mean Stack, the reasons to choose it, and who is Mean Stack developer?. We have also mentioned the skills and requirements of a developer for Mean Stack, the salary of a Mean Stack development ( locality-based), and questions asked in the interview. We hope the above article will clarify your doubts about Mean Stack development. 


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