What Do You Know about Full Stack Development -

What Do You Know about Full Stack Development


Full stack development is an extensive word that umbrellas various stages of web development such as ‘project management, front end as well as back end technologies, database management system, and quality assurance.

Front end technologies are the outer covers through which you interact with, while the back end is a server side technology that (user can’t see in the browser) handles the user authentication, database interactions, logic, server authentication to name a few.

Digging deep, let’s distill down and understand the front end and back end technologies on the layers of the type of programming languages/frameworks involved in it.

1. Technologies Encapsulating the Frontend

The most commonly used front end technologies are:


HTML is the foundation of any website development process. It’s the building block that turns the text into images, tables, and links. The latest version of HTML is HTML5.


A scripting language used to enhance the look and feel of HTML pages by infusing rich and interactive effects. It is commonly found embedded in HTML code.


It is a JavaScript based open source structural framework built for dynamic web apps, beautiful web interfaces, and large scale/ high-performance applications.

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Node JS is an open source, server side platform wrapped around the JavaScript language for building scalable, event driven applications.


It is a fast and flexible JavaScript library maintained by Facebook and Instagram that enables us to efficiently build dynamic user experiences.


Visual Basic Script is a component based scripting language developed by Microsoft. It enhances wen functionality with lightweight speed.


jQuery is a concise and fast JavaScript library that simplifies the HTML’s client side scripting and can be used to simplify event handling, HTML document traversing, Ajax interactions and animation for speedy website development.


Bootstrap contains HTML and CSS based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions.

Other than this there are other frontend technologies like Ember JS and Material UI as well.

2. Technologies behind Back End

As discussed in the opening paragraph, backend or server side technologies are responsible for how the site works updates and changes. The most hard-hitting backend programming languages are:

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Counted as the most popular language for web development, PHP’s syntax is quite similar to C and Java. The classic and popular frameworks for PHP are Zend Framework and Symphony.


Probably, a simpler syntax than PHP, Python is designed to have a legible code and is well tested. The most popular framework for Python is Django.


Designed to be a fun language, Ruby is often called as a programmer’s best friend. Twitter was built using Ruby. The most popular framework for Ruby is ‘Ruby on Rails’.


Designed to be concise, many of Scala’s design decisions are aimed to address criticisms of Java. Scala is an object-oriented and runs on Java platform.

Node.js (and JavaScript)

Node.js is an open source, cross platform Java script runtime environment used for executing JavaScript code server side. It’s best known to build real time Web APIs.

3. Database Management System

MySQL is the most popular DBMS for websites. The other names in the database field are SQL Server, Oracle or DB2.

4. Quality Assurance


Full stack development also includes quality assurance and testing responsibilities. In this stage, engineers oversee the entire development process, from start to finish and check the security concerns, bugs throughout the program.

This was the breadth and depth of full stack development that comes with a fulltime service of full stack developer or full stacks Web Development Company. Right from the project analysis, UI UX design, and front and backend development to Quality Assurance this promising line says it all.

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