A Guide on Audiobook App Development -

A Guide on Audiobook App Development

Even in the midst of our busy lives, thanks to new technology, Audiobook apps help us to be wrapped up in the world of literature. On the ride to college, at the gym, or even cleaning the kitchen, we can get our virtual bookshelves right on our smartphones and listen to our favorite spoken books because of the mobile app development companies.

Why should you consider building an app for Audiobooks?

Audiobooks are the Publishing industry’s fastest-growing market. Many retailers have already discovered that audiobook app creation is worth investing in, and publishers see audiobooks as an ideal way to advertise their catalogs.

The number of audiobooks accessible online has grown from 20,000 to over 60,000 books since 2013. Audiobooks had more than a million more downloads than eBooks in 2015. It is an industry valued at about USD 2.8 billion.

What business model might an Audiobook app follow?

The best pricing model appears to be the one that Audible follows. It is a common form of service subscription with a monthly or annual fee, with unique usable trial duration. When you have subscribed, you get access to the whole collection, and every month you get 1 free book.

In reality, this strategy is incredibly realistic as a daily listener downloads about 17 books a year. And Audible is not the only one that uses this plan. Some giants, such as audiobooks.com, iTunes, and Downpour, work much the same way as well. Some providers, such as Scribd, began with an unlimited subscription package that offered access as many titles as possible to be. But as profits were not happy with this, they moved to a limited monthly subscription soon.

Spotify and Playster has their premium subscriptions with free, unlimited access to audiobooks. This poses a certain serious competition to the business model of Audible. Audible, though, is searching for a model that, according to their general manager, will broaden their audience while pleasing the copyright owners.

What features a Mobile Audiobook App Must Have

It should be stable

Having read many reviews of audiobook apps for both Android and iOS, we can tell that in audiobook players performance problems arise more frequently than in other apps.

The most common concern is the playback on audiobooks. As you listen to an audiobook, the apps will either pause or quit.

Therefore, fix stability bugs so that users can listen to audiobooks without any interruptions should be the highest priority for app developers.

It should offer a choice between offline playback and streaming

Any people like the entire audiobook downloaded for offline use. Others would prefer streaming, especially those with phones or tablets that have limited internal memory.

Not good enough an app that downloads all audiobooks for offline use. An app that can only play audiobooks if you are linked to the internet is not good enough, either.

A great audiobook app could provide the user with control over-audio books to download and which to delete for streaming.

It should offer free audiobooks to test

There are audiobook apps that provide access to thousands of free public domain audiobooks.

A few free audiobooks should be offered by other apps, especially the ones offered by audiobook stores. The customer should be able to view these example audiobooks directly after downloading the app.

The customer may want to try the software before picking up the audiobook platform, to compare functionality, playback quality to settings.

Asking the customer to order an audiobook is not the best thing to do because the only thing she or he needs is to evaluate the app.

It should sync the last-reached location

If the audiobook platform serves cloud content, their app should be able to launch the audiobook at the same place the user left on another connected smartphone.

It’s a standard feature of book-related apps, but we can still double-check if the one we seem to like the most is available.

It should offer full content in a subscription

These days, subscription-based access to all of a digital platform’s content is normal. With your monthly pass, you can play every Netflix movie or TV show or HBO Go; there’s no need to purchase anything special.

Sadly, sites offering downloadable ebooks and audiobooks are behind the advancement of streamlined subscription-based offerings. That is what just Scribd does and Audible attempts to do with the launch of the Audible Plus subscription package.

Where can you find content for your audiobook app?

The contents are king. It’s the heart and soul behind every mobile app development. There are many ways to get professional content for your app.

In-house manufactured book

You can of course still record your own books. But to keep in mind, there are two things. First, that doesn’t guarantee you’re free from fees. You’d have to recruit voice actors, buy licenses if appropriate, and you have to invest a lot of time and effort into that. And the second point is that this does not genuinely result in books of such good quality. It’ll be a very long journey, moreover, before your library is rich enough to draw a crowd.


A more practical to loading up a library is an approach such as ACX. It creates a forum for those interested in the creation of an audiobook app to come together. Clients post an ad for an audiobook, and narrators or studios may select which titles they want to make. It is as easy as that.


Instead of selling content to customers, some companies offer APIs that enable retailers to access their titles and in turn, sell them to customers. A clear example of the API business model in use is Findaway. It has more than 100,000 titles and dealings with more than 200 publishers. Both Scribd and Playster use their API. The demand for audiobook app design is fit for investment and creativity. It is at its best and can be an impressive endeavor if the concept is properly pursued.

Audiobook App Industry Trends 2020

The Audiobook Smartphone App Market is expected to expand at a volume rate of 27.0 percent, hitting USD 19.39 billion by 2027 from 2019 onwards. As many buyers are inclined to listen to the audible version of books, novels, the poetry of various genres, the global audiobook mobile app and audiobook desktop app market is currently seeing tremendous growth.

Smart Speakers

The future of audiobooks rests in smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa, Apple HomePod, and Google Home. 19 percent of audiobook listeners have listened to an audiobook on one of their devices, according to a study by the Audiobook Publishers Association, a figure predicted to increase with the proliferation of Smart Speaker devices.

On the Retail Front

More genre-related streaming services, one that is similar to Audible Romance, will be introduced by Audible App.

In their Super Point Loyalty Program, Kobo can incorporate more innovation-Through the program, when consumers purchases a Kobo audiobook, they get points that can be collected from a selection of more than 1.5 million titles for prizes.

More Languages

Publishers from across the globe will begin translating their forthcoming titles into foreign languages and will commit more resources to audiobook production. The general aim of publishers is to increase the amount of title they published in 2019 by more than 40 percent.

Last words…

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