Benefits of EMR and EHR for Healthcare Industry


Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is an electronic form Medical Software of client records and allows clinics to easily track patient data across a health information system. The EMR contains critical patient data such as demographics, vital signs, clinical encounters, labs, screening, and scheduling data. Here we are discussing the benefits of EMR and EHR in healthcare industry.

This data is tracked across a health information system such as a hospital to allow for easier follow up and data access to the patient data. This quick and easy can increase the quality of care provided to the patient and increase the patient’s quality of life.

As EMRs are introduced into more and more clinics and hospitals across the globe you will need to consider the advantage provided by them for your institution. The eventual move to EMRs will be completed in the near future and early adapters will benefit the most as they will be able to provide the best possible quality of care to their patients. This in turn will increase the number of patients who are willing to go to the clinic or hospital for care and increase the bottom line.

There will be pitfalls before successful implementation and this is to be considered prior to the settling of a particular EMR application. In the end the better quality of care and life for the patient is always the end goal for a medical provider and EMRs will assist with that goal.

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Benefits of EMR:

1.    Save Paper Document Management & Storage Costs:

The estimated cost of creating, tracking and maintaining paper charts is $8 per record compared to $1 per year per electronic record. The paperless office practice saves staff time by gaining immediate EMR access to any chart with less wasted time spent filing, searching for, pulling charts and shuffling paper notes.


Nursing home software documentation with electronic medical records eliminates staff time deciphering illegible notes. Transforming how records are created (transcription), stored and retrieved with EMR software requires fewer staff to perform these tasks.

2.    Reduce Malpractice Insurance:

Liability insurers increasingly recognize EMR as one important method of reducing liability and exposure. Electronic drug regimen review improves safety by reducing medication errors. Some offer significant discounts to those physicians using an EMR. Improved documentation increases accuracy, reduces medical errors and record auditing with improved legibility, quality of patient care and safety.

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3.    Participate in Pay-For-Performance Programs:


The old adage if you cannot monitor it you cannot manage it applies here. Pay-for-Performance (P4P) programs offer bonuses for demonstrating better patient health outcomes and cost efficient care. EMR software technology is perfectly suited to assure adherence to strict quality control data EMR reporting guidelines with substantial rewards for quality improvement.

4.    Optimize Reimbursement:

Automated charge capture with medical billing and medical coding accurately documents the true work of each encounter and avoids unintentional down coding or upcoming. Combined with easy ICD-9 code searches and suggested E&M codes, the EMR returns the proper reimbursement for each visit or procedure. Accurate coding speeds up the claims process with fewer rejections and lower DAR.

Subsidies may also be available through hospitals or regional healthcare systems for EMR software vendor purchases meeting the following criteria:

•    EMR can exchange data with other EMR software. •    EMR features e-prescribing functionality. •    Hospital does not restrict the EMR software interoperability.

Last Words…

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