EHR Checklist-Find the Best EHR for Your Practice -

EHR Checklist-Find the Best EHR for Your Practice

 Electronic health records (EHR) system is one of the largest business and technological choices that your practice has to make. EHR is increasingly critical for the functioning of medical practices. They report patient experiences, facilitate clinical decision-making and control the financial success of a practice. These complicated software systems focus mainly on the clinical side of day-to-day activities, but also provide integration with practice management software that performs key administrative and billing functions. Implementation of EHR in healthcare sector is not as simple as it sounds. In introducing an electronic health records system, there are several possible obstacles. The EHR is one of the most common Healthcare IT solutions in India.

Although various providers which have different EHR selection parameters based on their particular requirements and business goals, when determining the best EHR software, we assume these variables should rank highest:


While the initial expenditure must fit into the budget, there are also long-term costs that must be considered associated with EHRs. The prices of EHR systems usually differ depending on the manufacturer, the characteristics you chose to use and the number of providers or users in a facility. Find out about the licensing fees, initial activation costs, and how much each new functionality, such as a practice management system, would add to the cost when requesting an estimate. Usually, the expense is based on a monthly subscription fee compounded by the number of users for smaller activities. However, depending on the details of individual practice, method, and provider, pricing will fluctuate. Also do not forget to measure the return on investment (ROI) when calculating costs.

Follow a Timeline

Meeting the deadlines as the EHR implementation process is carried out is a challenge. By establishing a practical strategy, aim to hold the timetable slips as low as possible. Communicate with the staff about how much the implementation team would cost with a single day of delay.

Implementation and Training

It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to implement, so it’s important to know what the strategy for your vendor is to get your system up and running. Furthermore, several vendors provide training for doctors and staff to ensure that everybody in the practice is up to speed with the new software. Occasionally, once the system is introduced at no additional cost, a provider can provide one-on-one assistance for a limited period.


A medical practice is unable to survive by itself on an EHR. It requires other medical software to really excel, such as practice management, scheduling, revenue cycle management and analytics.

It’s imperative that you understand how well it interacts and integrates with these other systems when looking for your new EHR framework. If it doesn’t, you’ll waste a lot of valuable time flipping between systems back and forth and entering data manually that could otherwise be synced automatically.

Patient Portal Features to Check In EHR Software

In addition to clinical and administrative roles, as well as enhancing their overall experience, EHRs play a critical role in engaging efficiently with patients. The EHR can provide you with a user-friendly patient portal. Some assessment features include:

  • Online booking
  • Options for desktop and mobile/texting
  • Desktop and mobile use
  • Automatic and missed appointment reminders
  • Built-in and third-party patient portals
  • Medication refill requests
  • View results of lab
  • Patient-Provider communication
  • Education content access
  • Alerts and capabilities for phones and emails

Support a positive patient experience

  • Healthcare delivery is evolving, and both the patient and the profession will benefit from adapting. The “Just right” fit delivers the following without a completely separate process being added.
  • Telehealth that works with the patient portal in conjunction .
  • Unlimited access to your practice and a versatile interface that can be tailored to your device of choice in order to complete documentation at the same time as clinical treatment.
  • The opportunity to exchange knowledge within the practice and to minimize the administrative burden on both the provider and the patient

Flexible & Simple Patient Check-In

A simple, comfortable check-in experience for your patients should be given by your EHR. As it sets up the original patient experience, the check-in process should be fast and simple. A good EHR system will auto-populate the check-in details of your patient on its chart and sync it to its EHR record. You may simply hand out an iPad or set up a Kiosk with a mobile EHR and allow patients to self-check-in. The automated self-check-in method minimizes documentation and increases the effectiveness of practice.

Interoperability is key

For EHR utilization, interoperability offers considerable value. By attempting to save money by delaying opportunities to interface with other networks that can collect and/or provide patient information, don’t short change your investment.

Templates and Order Sets

How many days a week do you treat the same disease in various patients? As you treat patients, a practical framework will help you to create order sets and templates. Later, when you see patients with identical diagnoses, you will re-use these order sets, significantly saving time and speeding up the clinical experience.

Last words…

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