Benefits of Offshore Software Development 2022: A Complete Guide

Ultimate Guide to Benefits of Offshore Software Development 2022

Benefits of Offshore Software Development

To develop a software product is not an easy task; there are thousands of things you have to bear in mind all the time. Technical staff their team management, tech peculiarities, deadlines etc. Things become easy and less complicated after choosing the software development company. As you delegate a part of responsibilities to specialists, there is no need for a heavy focus on management and many other things.

Although outsourcing software development company can save you a lot of time and money, there are also some risks associated with it. This article will tell you more about the benefits of Offshore Software Development.

What is Offshore Software Development?

Offshore software development is outsourcing tasks to a third-party software company or developers. Such services may include software development, mobile app development, web development, web application development etc. Typically, a partner company providing development is from a foreign country.

If you don’t want to cooperate with a firm situated so far away, you may consider a variant of onshore and nearshore outsourcing. Let’s consider them in more details:

Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore software development implies that headquarter of a company you cooperate with is placed somewhere far away from your native country. As a rule, there is a significant time zone difference.

Nearshore Outsourcing

Nearshore outsourcing means that the company is pretty close to your native country. Respectively, the time zone difference is insignificant or absent at all.

Onshore Outsourcing:

Onshore outsourcing implies that the company you work with is placed within your native country.

Steps to Offshore Software Development

It’s high time to consider what steps to take before the offshore software development process started and how to find a reliable company.

Get the Work Done on Your Side

Even if you decided to delegate all tech responsibilities to the offshore software development company, there is still plenty of work for you as a stakeholder.

Decide on features for your target audience

Analyze solutions from competitors and figure out what additional features you can provide your audience with to solve their pains. If your project implies offshore website development, you can track multiple parameters of your competitors. For instance, you can learn where their traffic comes from, what technologies they have used, how they scale and so on. It’s possible thanks to a myriad of web analytics tools and this data can help you to make informed decisions.

Take care of regulations

If it’s required for your industry, you have to ensure that the product you want to create complies with the existing regulations. For instance, this can be applicable to apps using personal data or the ones connected with payments.

Define your objectives

You should define your main goals to be able to set priorities throughout the project. Also, set metrics you want to reach as this will help you to measure your success.

Identify what you need

We mean technologies to use, as well as specialists to hire (e.g. designer, developer, and marketer). If you’re not sure concerning all this, you can ask for consultation from your offshore software development company.

It’s a good idea to complete this list before contacting a company or at least take a break after consultation with its representatives to consider these points. This way, you’ll have a clear understanding of what you need and be able to define your goals.

Key Benefits of Using Our Offshore Development Service

Cost cut down

It is known that you can reduce the expenses by hiring remote programmers. Their salaries will be lower than the in-house developers’. And at the same time, you don’t spend money on facilities, utilities, and equipment.

Manage costs as your business grows – With our software development outsourcing service, you have to pay zero recruitment costs.

Talented and skilled specialists:

Different countries have a wide talent pool of professionals. They are the graduates of tech universities that constantly improve their tech skills, take part in various IT conferences and competitions.

Sharing Responsibilities

Most non-IT businesses underestimate risk management during their software development process. It’s an integral process needed while outsourcing the work to ensure lower risk during software development. So, the outsourcing company will implement best practices to ensure the best results with lower risk.

Smooth Recruitment

The increasing demand for recruiting and staffing becomes a big challenge. This is where outsourcing comes in as a one-stop solution that connects businesses with the world’s best professionals to complete the project.

The balanced approach of management:

The customer is in control of managing their project developers. You can always choose how many and what developers you need. However, it will not be time-consuming as the offshore software company is always there for you.

Offshore Software Development Disadvantages

Communication issues: Sometimes communication may slow down due to time zone difference. Actually, it is about dealing with the issues timely, but in other cases, there are many modern ways of communication like video calls, email correspondence or even instant messaging. It will just require a little bit more organization and coordination

Cultural difference: It is recommended to consider this criterion because of the cultural barriers and different work ethics. The USA, Canada, Australia find the Eastern European mindset pretty similar whereas some companies have failed the communication establishment in Asia and the Middle East. Eastern mindset is quite different from the European one.

How to choose an outsourcing agency

There are hundreds of offshore software development companies. How to choose the most reliable one? Let’s try to find this out.

Check References

What does this mean? Look through the company’s website to find some details about their previous projects or the overall expertise. Case studies, testimonials, blog posts and so on. All this can tell you a lot of things about the company and its experience.

Review References

You can search for specialized rankings on resources like Clutch. Here you get the best outsourcing companies from the region you pick based on customers’ reviews and other factors that you can look through. For example, if you’re looking for software development services, you can filter companies by many parameters including development types (e.g. mobile development companies).

Protect Your Idea

Contact a company to find out whether they sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or not. It’s very important in case you have a unique app idea and you want to be completely sure it won’t leak anywhere.

Know Your Goals

You should outline them first; make the choice of what technologies you are interested and what results your company expects.

Choose The Right Offshore Development Model

As mentioned above you can choose among project-based contracts, dedicated teams, and development centers. It will just depend on your requirements.

Ensure Regular Connection

Keep in touch with your provider, give guidance, and control the developing process. Communication is a fundamental element of success.

Hire The Best Offshore Software Development Company

We can assist you! Click here to get the best software development services!

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Not only is the decision to find a partner for your project is difficult, but finding somebody that is local also nearly impossible and that feels like a significant downside. When you decide to find your outsourcing options it becomes way more straightforward.

The high number of software development companies working in the freelancing industry makes it difficult to choose the right company. To make a wise choice, you must set your expectations upfront and remember that quality is important here.

Offshoring has both positive and negative aspects. It’s up to you to decide if it’s a viable option for your company. While the cost reduction is desirable, having a team of people totally outside your control can be difficult and might not suit you in every scenario.
But that decision is yours and you’ll want to select the best partner for your project.

When you make a decision to apply for offshore software outsourcing and look for the company with extensive experience, you are welcome to contact Dreamsoft4u. Our company will be glad to find the best solution for you. Check our website for references and expertise we deal with. If you have a question or need the expert consultation send us an email, fill in the form at our contact page, or start the discussion right now in the chat widget.

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