The emerging need for Real Estate Mobile Application -

The emerging need for Real Estate Mobile Application


For the real estate market, times have changed and because of the growth of Real Estate application it is being competitive like never before. Real estate has long been a lucrative business, and now with the evolution of smartphones, it has become even more prominent.

The trend of online property searching is an all-time high, and this trend has fueled a fierce competition in the real estate market.

Technology has always been opening doors to newer opportunities and simplifying life for us. It has broken barriers and helped us re-imagine the world by making life easier and convenient, faster and flexible in so many ways.

Technology plays a critical role in shaping real estate strategies, and with the investment pressures today’s retailers face, that need is greater than ever before. There are many real estate apps for Android.

In this article, we will discuss about the benefits and features of Real Estate Mobile Application.

Benefits of Real Estate Mobile App Development

What do you get out of real estate mobile app development? It is worthwhile exploring the benefits before diving headlong into getting an app:

Extended reach:

Many of the people, particularly youngsters nowadays use mobile devices to buy and search a property. To cater for the increasing number of smartphone users and thereby optimize their market reach, providing a smartphone app for the real estate sector is necessary. The mobile app should be able to create a direct connection between buyers and sellers to increase ROIs, etc., to make deals effective.

Instant deals:

Your app provides a common platform for buyers and sellers to connect. This meeting point helps to clear doubts and queries and encourages faster decision making. Through your real estate app, buyers can get a fair idea of the current market trends, while sellers can access the popularity of their listing. Some features of the mobile real estate app, like mortgage calculator, maps, bid alerts and other push notifications will improve user engagement.

Integrating other listings:

The option to integrate multiple listing services (MLS) can benefit your marketplace standing. Buyers and sellers can access listings of other real estate agents through your app as well. This will not only expand your client reach but also help you to earn a commission on their transactions in a fair deal.

Brand equity:

Create your business name and credibility with your real estate app. Make your business name popular and reap the rewards of business growth and increased income. Real estate mobile app development leads users to recognize the brand name associated with your app. Your app creates a business identity for you.

Earning Commissions:

With mobile real estate apps, you can create a property list in a well-researched manner that users prefer to engage with. This is not the limit – the app owners can allow other property sellers or dealers to list their properties to find buyers. This helps consumers to access a wide variety of choices and to select the best one according to their choice, budget, etc. In case, other sellers find buyers interested to buy their properties, then they have to share the commission with app owners based on terms and agreements.

Build client base:

Your app serves as a constant reminder of your business to those who have installed it on their portable devices. Most app users tend not to delete apps, in case they might need it in the future. It is easy to build a regular client base in this manner. Your app users will probably share your information within their circle. You can ask regular users to share your app.

Provide users with locality information:

A real estate mobile app can help users understand geographic location with the help of a map. It can also assist users with information about the locality and surroundings, as well as information about distances from essential services. This information can be vital in helping clients decide on the property.

There are several real estate apps for agents which will help an agent with lead generation, expense tracking, and open house management.

Features Every Real Estate Mobile Apps Should Have

Some essential real estate mobile app features are:

Interactive app:

The application will prompt users for options and provide suggestions

Filters and Categories:

If you want your app to be best home buying app you need to simplify the property searching process, you will need to provide advanced search options to users. Add categories and filters so that users can easily locate properties that suit their needs.

Easy to navigate:

Anything that is complicated is going to remain unused. A commercial real estate app is an easy-to-navigate app is one of the secrets to encouraging people to use it.

User Profiles (User, Sellers & Agents):

Users should be able to create their profiles in the app so that they can perform different activities in the app. There should be different profiles for a different set of users.


An app with a rich and appealing design enhances user experience.

Favorites (Shortlisting):

Your app should allow users to shortlist and save their favorite properties. It helps them make their decision-making process much easier. Users can access their favorite properties along with all the details in their profiles.

Notification option:

The app will give updates, in particular about new properties for sale or property queries. The user should be able to select the kind of notifications they would like to receive.

Call or Direct Messaging:

Providing users with in-depth property information is just one part. You got to take the users to the next stage of sales funnel by adding the call or direct messaging feature.

Last words…

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