Important Features of a Good Mobile Device Management (MDM) -

Important Features of a Good Mobile Device Management (MDM)


Having a good mobile device management (mdm )system is very important for an enterprise because not only it saves a considerable amount of time but also a lot of money.  With a good mdm solution in place, the management of the enterprise can focus on its main responsibilities while coordinating with other departments in a hassle-free way.

Having a good mobile device management system will also consume less time to gather and analyze data since it can present the desired information and reporting instantly in various easy-to-read formats.

This post highlights some important features of a good mobile device management system that you should never miss out.

Reporting & Business Intelligence


For effective management of mobile workforce communications, an enterprise should focus on two main things: Reporting & Business Intelligence. The reporting feature of a mobile device management system collects and presents all the desired information in a very short time in various easy to read formats. The system also makes the most relevant information readily available so that the management doesn’t need to dig around to find the desired information or data.

The main objective of device manager system is to make things easier for the management. The dashboard of a mobile device management must present snapshots of all the important relevant data so that management can quickly identify usage device patterns and cost-trends requiring further attention.

The system must be also capable to send email notifications to the management in order to seek their immediate attention so that it can alter the telecommunications and data plans based on the finding in order to keep costs as low as possible.

Workflow Automation


The workflow automation feature streamlines the entire mobile device management process right from the placement of an order. The system can also be integrated with the features like auto approval processing and purchase order notifications in order to streamline the order placement process of the enterprise. Also, the system can be interfaced with various vendors in order to fulfill orders in on time, effortlessly.

The enterprise can also incorporate the existing manual process of mobile device procurement into its mobile deice management system in order to save and efforts as the system will take over the roles performed by the management in order to allow it to focus on its main responsibilities. The workflow automation feature of the mobile device management system will also allow it to work seamlessly on its own.

Enterprise System Integration


The most important feature of a good mobile device management system is that it can be integrated with other essential enterprise systems such as accounting, human resource management etc. Obtaining mobile deice cost center reports into the mobile device management software is now a very simple task as the value reports separated by commas can be exported instantly, thus saving both time and efforts required to obtain data from one enterprise system to another.

This feature of mobile device management system also enables various departments of an enterprise to collaborate instead of working against each other. You can easily obtain data of other enterprise system without seeking the assistance of the information manager.

In short, the enterprise system integration feature of the mobile device management system is the biggest reason to take advantage of its various advanced features.  Are you spending most of your crucial working hours in mobile device management? Do you need have a right mobile device management plan?

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Sanjeev Agrawal

Sanjeev Agrawal

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