How to Develop A Chat App in Flutter using Firebase?

How to Develop A Chat App in Flutter using Firebase?

How to Develop A Chat App in Flutter

Chat apps have blown away the market by storm. With 2 billion users utilizing WhatsApp every month, app development companies have started building chat applications. In addition to it, companies are offering customization or bespoke solutions to fulfil their user’s needs. Today, the article will discuss how to develop a Chat app in Flutter using firebase?

Flutter was announced in the year 2017 by the tech giant Google. It supports C, C++, Dart languages. The platform is utilized to build cross-platform applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, etc. It is a software development kit (SDK) having pre-written codes, customizable widgets, and whatnot.  

A trend these days states developing chat apps in flutter firebase web. Now, what is firebase? Why is it utilized with flutter? Not to worry, the article is the answer key to all your chat app development problems. Here our team has shared some important steps through which one can develop a chat app using flutter.

Developing Chat Apps In Flutter With Google Firebase

Firstly, the new developments most of the time come under Google’s umbrella. Just like others, firebase is also backed up by Google. It was framed to build mobile and web applications. It was initially a company founded in the year 2011, which Google took over in 2014. 

Since then, it has become one of the pioneer web app development services from Google. What does firebase do? Firebase is a toolkit that offers tracking analytics, reporting and resolving app crashes, building marketing and product experiments, etc. 

Firebase combined with flutter is utilized to develop power-packed, highly functional applications. Developers assigned to create apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, WeChat, etc., should utilize Flutter with Firebase. 

It allows flutter app development companies to develop a fully-functional app for both platforms, i.e., Google Play Store and iOS App Store. So, to create a flutter chat app, here are some of the common steps. 

Simple Steps to Build Chat App In Flutter With Firebase

Many companies build Flutter chat apps without firebase, which are less functional and sometimes lack compatibility. But with the firebase module, you develop a highly scalable and performing app for the client. So, here are quick steps:

1. Firebase Authentication

The very initial and vital step is to create an authentic sign-up to protect the chat app from any disguise. Now comes the understanding part. If the developer uses the Google Sign-up concept, a developer can use terminal/CMD or VS code. 

These will work as the systematic code editor and offer great support for development functions like debugging task running and version control. Now create a sign-in widget in the Sign-in. Dart, and here you will utilize the framework, appBar, body, and floating buttons. 

2. Installing Widgets For Functionality 

Concerning the Flutter chat room, it is essential to properly coordinate among the plugins to run it flawlessly. By arranging the plugins properly, the developer can create and assemble a main Firebase chat application

To install any plugin on the app, you need to follow the guidelines of incorporating “Firebaseauth, google sign in, cloud firestore, firebase storage, etc., to the app with firebase. Sometimes you might face problems installing the plugins; here, a flutter chat app developer will give you precisely. 

Which Are The Suitable Plugins for Flutter Firebase Chat App Development?

  • Firebase auth for flutter
  • Google Sign-in
  • Cloud firebase plugin in a flutter 
  • Image picker to choose images from the gallery
  • Fluttertoast to display a toast
  • Firebase cloud storage for flutter 

3. Layout of the Screen

The next task is to prepare a layout of the app screen. In a chat application, different screens are available. It holds an enlistment screen, login screen, setting screen, landing page, and chat screen. 

This load of the screen is built by creating several arrangements of codes. It is the only reason why the developer has to follow the guidelines properly. There are four prominent types of screen layout, i.e., Login screen layout, Main screen layout, Setting screen layout, Chat screen layout. 

4. Connection with Flutter & Firebase

Another essential part of the flutter chat app development is to connect it with firebase. A developer has to sign up with a Google account or Sign in to the firebase to do so. Now, you have to create a project and then construct Project Overview. 

In this segment, you have to add your Package Name. Download google-services.json and move the downloaded file in the Android app module root directory. Now add the google-services dependencies in the Project-level build. Gradle and you are good to go. 

So these were the four significant steps to build a chat app with flutter. Now we will look at the benefits of developing a chat app in a flutter with firebase.

What Are The Benefits Of Chat App In Flutter With Firebase?

Earlier, social media was only to connect with people. But now, social media is ruling the entire IT sector. We are all aware that flutter has been the most successful platform to build chat apps. There are many benefits of building a chat app with flutter. Here are some of the expected benefits of utilizing the flutter chat app base with firebase.

1. Speed

A chat app is a prominent source of connecting you to a concerned person in real-time. In some scenarios, it acts as the binding bridge where customers, potential leads, prospects could ask questions about the products and services, and you can immediately respond. 


Many businesses and banks have started sending messages on chat apps to promote their services and accept client feedback. Encountering the growth of chat apps and user handling all the stuff through it has led the entire industry to work progressively towards chat app development. 


Recently, the chat app giant Whatsapp has updated the payment option on its platform. Now, you can send or receive any amount through the Whatsapp chat app. Moreover, any influential messaging or agenda stays intact and can be brought up whenever needed. 

4. Target Advertising 

Segmented target advertising is among the essential ways of targeting and approaching consumers. You can utilize your content to reach the respective audience on time by using instant messaging facilities. Group sharing, personal sharing are also allowed to widespread the schemes, policies, and other offers from the company itself. 

5. Increase Productivity

Being in touch with the chat app gives you the freedom to connect to a more significant part of the audience. These are the core staple in the modern world. Many social media chat apps offer some perks or rewards as a bonus for promoting or engaging in their activities.

Many small to large businesses like, for instance, shopping Kurti or ethenic wear from a startup group are in trend now. Moreover, studies have also been shifted to these chat groups. Many big education groups share their educational content in these chat groups. These give larger audiences and the highest revenues, and the required visibility. 

What Is The Cost Of Chat App Development In Flutter With Firebase?

The cost of any development depends upon a few parameters. The most crucial factor is the time going to be spent and the functionality the chat will hold. After these two factors, another central point of consideration is the team involved, efforts, and technology used. After all these, the following costing generates for developing a chat app using flutter:

So, this is the estimated cost incurred from the time spent, the team involved, and other aspects. It may increase or decrease depending upon the factors implemented in the project. 


Developing mobile chat apps in a flutter with firebase is the new trend to get the most functional apps. It gives smooth working, higher productivity, excellent visibility, and huge earning, but it supports small to large scale businesses in terms of growth and prosperity. 

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Sanjeev Agrawal

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