9 Effective Tips for Managing an Offshore Software Development Company

9 Effective Tips for Managing an Offshore Software Development Company


Offshore Software Development is the method of designing software solutions where the owner of the company assigns all or part of the development tasks to a third party. The key reasons for using such an approach are typically lack of specialists with the appropriate qualification level and/or lack of the human capital needed to develop software.

It’s no easy job to find a highly skilled and professional Offshore Software Development Company in a small budget. It is self-evident that professionals with great experience and skills would need a handsome package. Look at the following tips to help you handle your offshore development team.

#Tip 1: Keep your task tracking tool actual.


By looking at the tasks board, the strategic state of the project must be easy to visualize. Increasing tasks will be published early, increasing ones need your attention and whether you can provide the backlog items with further details or schedule the new milestones. Task management and task tracking software can assist you in setting deadlines on the project schedule between various tasks so getting one or even a bunch of them is important. When our client fails to create the planning process or does not have the resources in place, we will assist them in setting it all up.

#Tip 2: Maintain Constant Communication


To maximize the project’s profitability, an organization must interact efficiently and sensibly with its outsourced partner. The software development team will know the specifications, goals, and objectives of your project. You need to clarify the vision of the company to your offshore developers and answer questions relevant to their project. In addition, you must not talk in English too quickly because your offshore team can have non-native speakers.

#Tip 3: Use Visual Aids and Simple Language


Clear communication is important for the fast creation of a project. If you outsource software development to non-English native language countries, you can run into communication issues.

Nonetheless, by switching to plain English you can help your team solve the problem, which means avoiding metaphors and cultural references in your voice. When your thoughts or business objectives need to be conveyed to your outsourced teams consider using visual aids, images, and maps. This way, you are more likely to have good contact, resulting in a higher quality of the product.

#Tip 4: Hire the right engineers


Implementing communication and project management systems will not bear fruit if you hire offshore engineers who have no understanding of your company’s vision and objectives.

Before working with an offshore team makes sure you hire people with the technical skills, mindset, and attitude you’re looking for. Make sure you express this through a concise job description to potential candidates, so they’re transparent on your aspirations.

#Tip 5: Provide adequate time to train:


Only the best developers need time to understand the product and technology. Too often, management is giving up on an offshore team because they didn’t give them the time and/or training they needed. More training would lead to the creation of a more successful team.

#Tip 6: Make use of Video Conferencing


It works well to do regular scrum meetings over the phone or via Slack. But video adds the real human dimension which can support creating a team. It is important to know your team and develop true human relationships with them than you ever get.

Even video will allow you to better recognize the feelings and moods of people. Make sure your team is satisfied and getting the work, is crucial. Hiding behind a Keyboard is simpler. Sometimes it’s easier to just ask them if they’re progressing on a project.

In particular, love building a relationship with team, joking, and building that relationship with them. Video conferencing is a great way to do it via Skype, Zoom, or some other platform.

#Tip 7: Set SMART Goals

SMART is essentially a method of developing clear, achievable objectives for yourself or your employees.

SMART goals leave no room for misunderstanding or confusion. We have a simple target, a time limit and there should be no doubt whether they have been accomplished or not.

It is a valuable strategy for developers offshore. You encourage remote workers to make progress without worrying if they are going in the right direction by leaving no wiggle room when defining performance.

In our in-depth guide to Best Practices for Offshore Growth, we detailed SMART targets that you absolutely should read if you haven’t already.

#Tip 8: Make Use of Overlapping Hours

Time-zone variations pose a major obstacle to working with offshore construction teams. Using hours that overlap helps to minimize this risk. Overlapping hours apply to the hours during which the teams in-house and off-shore work. In the case of outsourcing to India, for example, India’s end of the shift may coincide with the start of the shift in the USA.

Another way to have or increase overlapping hours is to adjust offshore or in-house team shift timings or both teams. If you think the other way around, time-zone variations have a continuous efficiency benefit, i.e. while your team is sleeping in the U.S., work is still going on in India.

#Tip 9: Visit the Offshore Team Annually

It is important in developing a good offshore team is to visit the offshore team and its facilities each year. Going over to your offshore team and spending a few days lets you know the workers well and see what actually happens on the field. In fact, face-to-face experiences often help to build a true image of your company and to improve your business goals.

The significant factor of visiting the offshore team physically is productivity increase. If they understand who they’re dealing with, and most importantly why, they will boost the quality of service and overall productivity.

Last words…

For over 16 years, Dreamsoft4u Pvt. Ltd. works as a prominent software development services company in USA. We have a team of best software developers who apply their technological expertise, skills and knowledge to deliver reliable offshore development services.

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