A Guide on Responsive Web Design -

A Guide on Responsive Web Design

What is Responsive Web Design?

As smartphones were beginning to dominate, web designers faced some new challenges. Web designers had to tackle problems with window width, screen size, multiple input devices, and many other idiosyncrasies that had to be addressed forever.

Simply put, Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an approach that lets design and code adapt to the screen size of a device. Responsive web design is important to every Web Application Development because it offers an optimized browsing experience. Here let’s see A Guide on Responsive Web Design that help you to make your website great and well on your desktop (or laptop), tablet, and browser for your mobile phone.

The key benefit of responsive web design is that websites load easily without distortion, so users don’t need to manually resize anything to display content. It also saves your business precious time.

How it works?

Responsive web design works through Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), using different settings to represent specific style properties depending on the screen size, orientation, resolution, color functionality, and other user interface characteristics. The viewport and media queries are only a few examples of CSS properties related to responsive web design.

Sites that are responsive use fluid grids. All page components are measured by percentage, instead of pixels. So if you have three columns, you’d decide how wide they should be in relation to the other columns, and not how wide each should be. As in the media, images are fairly resized too, so an image may stay within its column or relative design feature.

Importance of Responsive Web Design

There are some other very important reasons why you should ask Web Application Development Company to move your company website to responsive design:

#1 Mobile usage is increasing

Take a step out into the real world and you can see many people on their cell phones. It seems like just about anyone with their mobile is connected to the hip. Nonetheless, there are other businesses that have not yet picked up on this phenomenon and are losing out on making it easier for their customers to experience it.

#2 Faster Website Loading Times

Statistics show that people tend to abandon those websites which take more than three seconds to complete loading content. Luckily, websites with responsive design tend to load much faster irrespective of the computer used to access them because they are designed with responsive images and dynamic grids, enabling faster loading of web pages, which in effect has a direct positive impact on the duration of your website visitors.

#3 Increase conversion rates

In addition to all the search benefits and keeping users happy, responsive design has the potential to lift the coveted conversion rates from all smartphone users around the world. Why?

If a website doesn’t operate on mobile devices or tablets, users won’t be able to move.

#4 Social media has gone mobile

We’re guessing you’re inbound marketing involved. But even if you aren’t, you still know how important the modern age of blogging and social media is. If you haven’t incorporated a social media strategy in your marketing plan, there are a lot of leads that you skip. Nevertheless, social media has gone mobile now as well and more people have social media at their disposal.

#5 Better user experience

Responsive web design can enhance user experience that translates into a positive view of your brand and company. When your customer is able to quickly navigate your website on all channels, they will be more likely to come to you in the future for more business, and that more than likely means a higher conversion rate for your website. In a world where so much traffic comes from mobile devices, it’s critical that your website accommodates this factor.

#6 Easier to manage

Looking at SEO, you would have to run different SEO campaigns for each if you have a different desktop and mobile websites. Wouldn’t one SEO campaign and one website just be easier to manage? Having a single website will make the customers happier but also more cost-effective is more importantly responsive design.

#7 Stay ahead of competition

You’ve got to stay ahead of the competition in the business world. And, as more and more people use their mobile devices to browse and make online purchases, making a mobile-friendly website has to appeal to that audience. Any of the rivals may not use responsive designs, meaning they miss out on potential customers. And, that’s where you can stay ahead and steal away those customers or at least contend with those that have introduced responsive websites already.

Last Words…

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Sanjeev Agrawal

Sanjeev Agrawal

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