Why Software Development Companies prefer Deno js over Node js -

Why Software Development Companies prefer Deno js over Node js

Node.js is based on C++ which uses the V8 engine to execute Ryan Dahl based JavaScript code. The V8 engine itself, originally developed for Google Chrome to run JavaScript very quickly in the browser. In the meantime, even the new version of Microsoft Edge is based on V8.

Deno is a runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript based on V8 JavaScript and written in the programming language of Rust. It’s the latest effort spearheaded by Ryan Dahl, who founded the Node.js project in 2009, and it’s an attempt to reimagine Node.js in light of JavaScript’s advances since 2009, including the TypeScript compiler.

Deno specifically performs the function of runtime manager and package manager within a single executable instead of having a separate package management system.

Deno is more secure and It supports Typescript this is the reason that every software development company prefers deno over the node.

Deno js and its advantages/ importance

DenoJS aims to be a secure and productive scripting platform that will provide a simple experience for software developers of the modern age. NodeJS developers had raised many questions about the functionality of NodeJS. They had expressed concerns about Node’s protection, how Node treated packages, and other legacy APIs within Node that, among other things, never will change.

Benefits of using Deno

Some most important benefits of Deno’s compared to Node is given below:

  • Secure by default: You need to give specific permission to access the device, network, or environment just like mobile applications. Despite this, you no longer need to be afraid of one corrupted package stealing your personal information.
  • Simplicity: Deno ships to build your application as a single executable that provides everything you need. No need to set up a package.json file, or other external config files.
  • Support for TypeScript out of the box: Deno has TypeScript at its core, which in several different ways provides a huge benefit like first-class TypeScript support.
  • Built-in utilities such as a bundler and code formatter: In another way, there is no need for those tasks for external dependencies like Prettier or Webpack.
  • Standard library: It has been a feature long-desired for JavaScript, and Deno provides one. It offers testing and date-formatting services, and more.
  • Browser compatible API: Deno strives to be as browser-friendly as possible by including, for example, a built-in fetch and the global window object. Both of these advantages turn into two things. First, you boost developer experience dramatically, contributing to potentially shorter development cycles, and second, you reduce the likelihood of downtime and loss of data due to vulnerabilities from unsecured scripts.

Node js

Node.js is awesome and will remain the de facto standard in the world of JavaScript. Yet owing to its first-class TypeScript support and modern standard library, and many more features, it is highly likely that we will eventually see Deno more adopted.

Node.js suffers from three major problems with the design, according to Dahl:

  • System module badly designed, with centralized distribution;
  • Plenty of legacy APIs which must be supported;
  • Less secure

Comparison between Deno js and node js

  • Deno’s core written in Rust programming language (core emphasis on safety) and Tokyo. Nodejs had been on C++.
  • Typescript a javascript superset designed to remove the programming errors before executing code.
  • Typescript is suitable for broad applications.
  • ES6 import declarations a decentralized approach to the management of dependencies, whereas Node.js uses CommonJS
  • No npm, meaning it doesn’t use any package manager like npm and doesn’t have the package.json for the module handling.
  • Deno removes unmanaged exceptions which are not the case for NodeJS.
  • Deno needs to have a clear device, network, and system access permissions.

Deno v1

Deno v1.0.0 is scheduled to be released on May 13. Deno is a new JavaScript run time. So think of Node as what you already know, and Deno is updated to the newer Node.js version. It’s created by the very same person that created Node.js. Built with a V8 engine, Rust & TypeScript. After 1.0, more work should be put into the Rust APIs to embedding Deno into other programs and to allow plugins that expand the functionality of Deno.

Last words

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Sanjeev Agrawal

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