12 Best Grocery Delivery Apps in USA to Shop Online

12+Best Grocery Delivery Apps in USA to Shop Online (2024)

Grocery Delivery Apps

When COVID hits, people are not allowed to go outside for grocery shopping. Instead, they prefer grocery delivery apps to get delivery at the doorstep. These are essential parts of human life for day-to-day survival, and that creates one of the biggest needs in the market. 

Many organizations capture this opportunity, start their online grocery delivery apps, and allow customers to get fresh groceries at their doorstep during the COVID. 

Even after COVID, customers find online grocery shopping a much more suitable option, and now most people prefer to get groceries at their doorstep, especially in the USA. Because now people don’t need to interrupt their fixed routine, waiting in the long queue. It becomes easier for customers to buy groceries online and save time.

The global grocery delivery market is expected to reach a revenue of $1,271 billion by 2028. It clearly shows the promising future of online grocery demand, and it’s a big market that allows other businesses to make space.

Here, we have compiled a list of top grocery delivery apps in the USA and everything about grocery delivery apps.

Grocery Delivery App: Overview

A grocery delivery app is an on-demand mobile app. It allows customers to order groceries via the app and get the delivery at the doorstep. It has a list of grocery stores and their grocery items. So, users can explore the stores and their items, pick the items to the cart, and order them easily. This app works as a medium between grocery stores and customers to connect online over the app and make them order quickly.

The on-demand grocery app comes with all the necessary features that are required. Such as real-time order tracking, multiple payment options, scheduled delivery, add-to-cart, and inventory management. 

So, customers need to physically go to the grocery store, do negotiations, and wait in the long queue. Now, they can simply open the mobile app, choose the grocery items, and order in one tap. It becomes easier for businesses to build a grocery app, you just need to hire dedicated developers, share your requirements and they’ll build a cost-effective solution for your business.

Four Types of Grocery Business App Models

Grocery Delivery App

1. Single Store Model

A single-store grocery app is a dedicated on-demand mobile app for any grocery business owner who wants to sell groceries online through the app. It means customers can order groceries from one store only and get them delivered to their doorstep. Many local grocery stores want to take their business online, and for them, the single-store model is a best-fit approach to building an online grocery business.

2. Aggregator Model

Aggregator model-based grocery apps act like a marketplace. Where so many grocery stores and retailers list themselves and offer their range of grocery items It allows customers to explore so many grocery stores around their location, add items to the cart, and order groceries in one tap. It’s a win-win collaborative model where multiple retailers list their stores in one place and grow their business revenue through the app. It’s a popular business model that customers use in day-to-day life to order groceries from nearby stores.

3. Pick Up In Store Model

It allows customers to order their groceries online and collect them from the store. It is a convenient model that allows customers to get the groceries at their suitable time and save delivery charges. So the cost to develop an AI App for the pick-up model is less.

4. Hybrid Model

A hybrid model is the most popular model in the grocery business. It’s a combination of aggregation and pick-up store model. Grocery delivery apps for Android and iOS come with all the necessary features and flexibility a customer is looking for, such as multiple grocery store options to pick the store, scheduled delivery or pick up options, and also allow businesses to explore other features, such as loyalty programs and coupons to attract customers and grow business.

12 Top Grocery Delivery Apps in the USA to Shop Online

1. Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is an add-on service that Amazon Prime offers to deliver fresh groceries to their customer’s doorstep within 2 hours with extra discounts. In the USA, Amazon Fresh is heavily used in day-to-day grocery needs. Whether it’s fresh vegetables, fruits, frozen foods, or other items. You can easily find them on Amazon Fresh and order them with a few clicks.

2. Instacart


It is one of the biggest grocery delivery apps in the USA. It collaborates with a large chain of retailers and local grocery stores. It provides fresh groceries and same-day delivery for customers. Customers go to the app, add items to the cart, and place an order. It’s a trusted name for ordering groceries online with a wide range of products. You can take an Instacart membership, which allows you to get free deliveries on orders.

3. Walmart Grocery

Walmart Grocery

It is one of the leading grocery delivery apps in the USA. It’s known for its heavily discounted prices, millions of products to select, and the safest delivery at the customer’s doorstep. It’s also running several offers for new users, such as getting free shipping for a whole year to do online grocery shopping. For customer satisfaction, Walmart is a trusted name, and nearly 50 million downloads for Android and 10 million users from iPhones show how it’s a preferred choice for online grocery shopping.

4. DoorDash


It is another popular name for delivering groceries within an hour. It’s the most highly-rated mobile app with 39 million downloads. DoorDash has a big collaboration with more than 20,000 supermarkets and local restaurants across the USA. It means you can order fresh groceries as well as food from nearby locations at your doorstep. There’s also a pickup and take-away feature available for users who have easy accessibility and can save delivery charges. Its mobile-friendly app gives customers a seamless experience to shop for fresh groceries within a few clicks at their convenience and flexibility.

5. FreshDirect


It is a grocery delivery app that allows customers to do fresh grocery shopping. They collaborated with local farmers, dairies, and fisheries. And deliver fresh and top-quality groceries, meat, seafood, bakery, dairy, and liquor items to their customers. It’s the most preferred app for East Coast people, and they use it to order fresh groceries at their homes or offices. It also gives flexibility to customers to schedule orders as per their time suitability.

6. Uber Eats

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is another globally used grocery delivery app which is used in the USA. It’s a combined platform for ordering groceries as well as food from restaurants. Customers can easily order their favorite food near the restaurants and order groceries to their doorstep. One of the biggest advantages of using Uber Eats for ordering groceries is the seamless experience, real-time tracking, and fast delivery. Its on-demand app is so user-friendly that it makes grocery shopping easier with one tap.

7. Postmates


It’s the latest grocery delivery app. It is popular because of its fastest and most accurate delivery. It delivers more than eight million orders every month. It collaborates with grocery stores, restaurants, and retailers to provide fresh items and food at the customer’s doorstep. It provides both deliveries as well as pick-up services at the customer’s convenience and flexibility. Most working professionals prefer this app to get food or groceries at the exact time.

8. Kroger


Kroger is the all-time best grocery delivery app in the USA because customers are getting crazy deals, discounts, and other benefits to customers which make them loyal to Kroger. There’s a seamless grocery shopping experience on this app where you can find a large variety of items, create a shopping list in minutes, and order according to suitability, such as pick-up or doorstep delivery. It’s a money-saving app where you can get discounts as well as smart suggestions as per your needs to make shopping fast and simple.

9. Hungryroot


Hungryroot is a popular name around the west coast of the US. One thing that makes this app stand out from other delivery apps is that it delivers both healthy nutritious meal subscriptions and fresh groceries. Most health lovers prefer this app because it allows them to order their healthy meals as well as groceries for their meal preparation in the same app. Also, the meal is customizable and can be cooked and delivered as per customers’ suggestions to ensure satisfaction.

10. Thrive Market

Thrive Market

Many people prefer only organic grocery items, Thrive Market is the first choice for them. It’s a grocery delivery app that is dedicated to delivering only organic products and grocery items. The delivery is also carbon neutral and reasonably priced. It’s a suitable option for paleo, keto, and vegan diets to get fresh and well-packaged food. It is open 24/7 and allows customers to order at their suitable time.

11. Safeway


Safeway is the most popular grocery delivery app in North America. It offers a wide range of groceries and fast delivery for customers. You can get the groceries delivered to your doorstep with free shipping.

12. Shipt


It has some of the most popular retailers listed on the app, including Publix, and Costco. It allows customers to explore different retail stores and order groceries quickly. There are multiple payment and delivery options available. It makes it convenient for customers to order groceries online and have them delivered to their doorstep within an hour.

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Benefits of Having a Grocery Delivery App

Having a grocery delivery app can give you several benefits in your business, such as:

1. High ROI

By going online and offering a grocery delivery service, you can increase your sales and reach out to more customers, which leads to high ROI.

2. Expand Customer Base

Almost all your potential customers have smartphones. By using an app for your grocery delivery services, you’re expanding your customers’ reach and growing your business.

3. Data-driven Insights

With a grocery delivery app, you can get customer details and other important insights such as customers’ needs, behaviors, preferences, patterns, etc, which will help you identify customers’ needs, and you can make data-driven decisions to grow your overall business. 

4. Improve Brand Reputation

A mobile app is the most convenient way to reach out to potential customers. And it builds a strong perception of the brand. So, if you have a mobile app for your business or are planning to hire mobile app developers, then a grocery app can increase your brand reputation in the market.

5. Operational Efficiency

A grocery delivery app can help businesses make operations smoother, including customer management, inventory control, and logistics, and automate repetitive tasks that lead to operational efficiency in the business. So the cost of developing apps from scratch remains lower.

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Wrapping Up!

Buying groceries has changed, and customers now prefer to shop online rather than go physically or wait in a long queue. In the USA, customers quickly adapt to online grocery convenience because it helps in their busy lifestyles and makes shopping easier. We’ve listed some of the best grocery delivery apps that are currently the top preference for ordering groceries in the USA. It also helps any business who is planning to build a grocery delivery app for their brand to get a better idea. We hope this guide helps you find a suitable one. Now, you’re ready to take further action by hiring a mobile app development company to build a custom grocery delivery app for your brand.


Q.1 What are some key features to consider during grocery delivery app development?

Building a grocery delivery must include features such as quick registration, product search, add to cart, real-time order tracking, multiple payment and delivery options, etc.

Q.2 What are the benefits of grocery delivery apps for customers?

They can explore the wide range of products, place a one-click order, and get delivered to the doorstep or a pick-up in-store option.

Q.3 How do grocery delivery apps work?

Customers go to the grocery app, add items to the cart, and choose the delivery mode.

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