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Top 21 IT Staff Augmentation Service Companies In 2024

IT Staff Augmentation Companies

The global IT staff augmentation market revenue is expected to reach $385.9 billion by 2027. With the advancements in technology, established businesses and startups are always hunting experienced software development teams. Thus, businesses rely on IT Staff Augmentation Companies to bridge the gap without spending a lot of money on the recruitment and training process. 

Staff augmentation is a versatile solution where businesses can scale up or down resources as required. Owing to its popularity, there are tons of staff augmentation companies, which adds to the confusion. This article is a complete guide about top IT staff augmentation services companies. So, without any further delay, here we go! 

What is Staff Augmentation? 

Staff augmentation is a flexible hiring model that allows startups and established enterprises to hire experienced professionals on demand. Further, they are integrated within your company’s existing teams. Generally, a staff augmentation company lends experienced and skilled professionals. This makes it easier for business owners to scale up when needed. 

Although the staff augmentation model can be applied in almost all industries, it is majorly applied in the IT sector. Since the IT sector is ever-evolving with regular updates in technology, you need access to skilled professionals. However, your in-house teams possess core understanding and expertise. However, they may do have an understanding of all the latest updates required to gain a competitive edge. Thus, companies rely on staff augmentation for quick and efficient onboarding.

Top IT Staff Augmentation Service Companies 

IT Staff Augmentation Companies

1. DreamSoft4u

DreamSoft4u is one of the world’s most renowned IT Staff Augmentation Companies, which helps your businesses scale their teams. We have a team of highly qualified professionals who boost productivity, bring a new perspective and accelerate time-to-market. We have a team of 40+ digital product developers that deliver an unbeatable experience. Over the years, we have served 500+ brands globally. Contact us today to hire the best talent globally.

2. Pwr Teams 4.8

Founded in the year 2005, Pwr Teams is a globally pioneering company to establish IT businesses worldwide. The company employs a highly qualified custom software development companies team for building robust digital solutions. For European and US businesses, the team of Pwr Teams has established over 200 teams in different industries. 

3. TEKsystems

Regarded as one of the world’s biggest and leading private talent management firms, TEKsystems offers a variety of IT staff solutions. These include staff augmentation, permanent placement, and outsourced services. Out of all, their staff augmentation services are globally accepted as they have a deep network of experienced professionals catering to different industries. 

4. Akkodis

Akkodis (previously Modis) offers consultation and project services in addition to temporary and permanent staffing solutions with an emphasis on IT and engineering staffing. It provides specialized services for technical and digital projects and focuses on industries like government, telecommunications, energy, and the automobile sector.

5. PixelCrayons

PixelCrayons is another of India’s leading IT Staff Augmentation Companies with almost 20 years of hands-on experience. The company helps startups and established enterprises get access to experienced professionals. Over the years, they have completed 12,500+ projects by serving technologies like Backend, CMS, Mobility, Blockchain & ML and FrontEnd & Full Stack.

6. ValueCoders

Looking for high-quality, experienced It professionals? ValueCoders is your ultimate choice, known for offering the best IT augmentation services. Experts here offer custom on-demand skills and resources and flexible staff augmentation. Major technologies for It staff augmentation are Web & full-stack, Java & JavaScript, Mobility and Microsoft Technologies.

7. Turing 

It is a technology company helping businesses to increase productivity. They also automate procedures with different products and services. They offer artificial intelligence and robotic process automation solutions. Turing IT staff augmentation firm services provide businesses with a number of advantages. These include Increased efficiency and productivity, Cost savings, Scalability, Improved accuracy and Competitive advantage. 


Another popular IT staff augmentation company is, wherein they have access to more than 450 experts delivering over 1500 projects. The program focuses on delivering high-quality services to achieve the expected results when hiring for Angular, WordPress, Python and JavaScript Technology. Major technologies wherein offers services are Legacy, Mobile Application development, Front End Development, Backend Development, QA testing and others. 

9. Kforce

Kforce is a professional staffing services company that offers direct hire and flexible employment to the finance and technology industries. It matches its clients with the right personnel who can start working right away by knowing their business needs and culture. It has a vast network of qualified individuals.

10. Softura 

Softura is a popular IT Staff Augmentation Company offering high-quality services to companies and startups. The company helps you by offering access to highly skilled professionals who eliminate technical obstruction and strengthen your team. With 20 years of expertise and an ability to work on all projects, Softura has evolved as a leading name. 

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11. Sumeru 

Utilize Sumeru’s more than two decades of industry experience. As a leading provider of IT staff augmentation, it has worked with over 227 prestigious companies, such as HCL, GAP, IBM, Intel, and HP. A range of services are included in Sumeru’s staff augmentation offerings to fill individual roles and build cross-platform teams and team management. 

12. Collabera

Known for offering personalized IT staff augmentation services, Collabera holds a strong national and international presence catering to clients worldwide. They majorly focus on understanding underlying business challenges. Further, tailored solutions and insights are offered.

13. Near 

Another leading IT staff augmentation service company is Near, offering experienced IT and custom software development companies teams in LatAm. Experts here streamline the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding process. Some major roles filled in engineering, data, and IT are Web designers, DevOps engineers, Front-end engineers, UX/UI designers and Mobile developers. 

14. Mondo

Mondo is renowned for providing upscale, specialized employment services to the technology and digital marketing industries. It is appealing to companies looking for a customized strategy to bring on board digital talent, such as specialists in cutting-edge technology and newly emerging digital fields. Mondo boasts of delivering candidates to clients promptly.

15. DCSL GuideSmiths Inc.

Mondo is renowned for providing upscale, specialized employment services to the technology and digital marketing industries. It is appealing to companies looking for a customized strategy to bring on board digital talent, such as specialists in cutting-edge technology and newly emerging digital fields. DCSL GuideSmiths Inc. is a full-service IT staffing and recruiting company that provides a range of services within IT Staff Augmentation, such as flexible staffing, temporary placements, and permanent staffing.

16. Ingenia Agency

The headquarters of Ingenia Agency, an IT staff augmentation company, are located in Mexico City, Ciudad de México. The company provides services in four main categories and focuses on the technology sector: Technology Solutions, Executive Search Management and Consulting Testing & Quality Assurance Services.

17. BairesDev

Leading nearshoring tech provider BairesDev focuses on providing US businesses with end-to-end custom technology solutions. The organization, which employs the top 1% of IT talent in the area, specializes in software development and provides full augmentation services that are well-suited for companies seeking to take advantage of nearshore capabilities due to comparable time zones and cultural affinities.

18. Unosquare, LLC

Headquartered in New York City, Unosquare, LLC works as a leading IT staff augmentation company specializing in technology. The company offers its services to both local and international clients. The focus is on major categories such as development, technology and consultancy services. Unosquare’s expertise spans different technologies like Application Development (C++, Net), Systems Integration, Platform and Infrastructure and IT Staff Augmentation.

19. Eliassen Group

The Eliassen Group provides talent solutions and strategic advice in the areas of technology, agile frameworks, and life sciences. It has established a name for itself by providing advisory services to assist companies to develop, innovate, and streamline operations. It is a beneficial partner for companies aiming to strategically restructure because of its combined focus on staffing and advising.

20. Inertia

Established in 2015, inertia is an IT staff augmentation company specializing in services like sales and marketing, HR, tech and engineering across different fields. These include web development, enterprise applications, creative design and systems administration. Major injuries wherein inertia is working include retail, healthcare, eCommerce, travel & tourism, and education. 

21. Geomotiv

Renowned for its exceptional technical and business expertise, Geomotiv is a top provider of IT staffing and consulting services. The company’s development team is committed to providing specialized and superior solutions in the following domains. These include:

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Software Development
  • Mobile Application Development and Testing  
  • IT Staff Augmentation. 

Benefits of Partnering with IT Staff Augmentation Company 

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

1. Access to talent worldwide 

Staff augmentation companies generally hire experts from all around the world. It allows you to work with expert and experienced professionals. You can choose from different qualified candidates who understand your requirements and meet all expectations. 

2. Flexibility and scalability 

Another major reason why businesses prefer to partner with IT staff augmentation companies is that it becomes easier to quickly scale up or down the overall workforce based on your business requirements. However, this isn’t possible in the traditional hiring setting.

3. Cost efficient 

Augmentation aids in the reduction of overhead expenditures related to hiring and office space. You can save money by only paying for the services you use for the time that you require them. Certain staff augmentation organizations can help you save even more money by putting you in touch with talent in areas where living expenses are lower.

4. Minimized training and onboarding

Experts offered by IT staff augmentation firms generally require no to very little training after the onboarding process. This is because they already possess a deep understanding of all related tasks. Additionally, they are often prepared to kickstart the project and have an understanding of all technologies. 

5. Reduces hiring time 

Staff augmentation companies reduce the hiring time as the overall hiring process is way shorter. This allows you to onboard experienced professionals way faster as compared to the traditional hiring process. This especially comes in handy during tight project deadlines.

How can DreamSoft4u Help? 

DreamSoft4u is a leading software development and Healthcare IT consulting company known for offering the best IT staff augmentation services. At DreamSoft4u, we have a team of more than 40 experts delivering top-notch IT staff augmentation services, which results in an unmatched experience. In the past two decades, we have served 500+ brands known for offering fascinating solutions. Our staff augmentation process starts with evaluating your needs, filtering candidates and post recruitment process. If you are looking for the best staff augmentation services, get in touch with DreamSoft4u today! 

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Wrapping Up

Choosing the right IT staff augmentation company is important for the success of a particular project along with gaining maximum innovation and agility. This article highlights the top IT staff augmentation service company, which has unique benefits and strengths. Out of all, one name that truly stood out is DreamSoft4u. Experts here understand your IT requirements and deliver the best solutions. 


1. Major factors to consider when hiring the best IT staff augmentation service company

When choosing the best IT staff augmentation service company, you must assess their understanding to adapt to particular requirements. Additionally, you must evaluate their expertise, scalability, communication and track record. Above all, review different case studies, seek referrals and analyze the overall pricing structure. 

2. Are there any disadvantages to choosing IT staff augmentation services? 

Like most things, there are certain cons of choosing IT staff augmentation services. These include:

  • Integration challenges 
  • Short term focus 
  • Potential for overreliance
  • Different quality of work 

Although these are major challenges, with little effort, these challenges can be tackled easily. 

3. What are the major qualities of an ideal IT staff augmentation service provider?

An ideal IT staff augments service providers who possess relevant industry experience and offer scalable solutions. They should be able to manage projects and comply with regulatory requirements. The best provider should have access to a team of experienced professionals with a great track record. 

4. Mention the complete process of hiring IT staff augmentation service provider

Here is the process for hiring an IT staff augmentation services provider:

  • Define your project requirements like roles and responsibilities, project duration and specific skills and expertise needed. 
  • Choose the right candidate who meets your IT and Outsource Software Development needs. 
  • Interview your chosen partner and negotiate with them. 
  • Onboard the newest member of your team. 

5. What is the overall cost of staff augmentation? 

The staff augmentation cost differs by factors such as expertise and overall duration. On average, staff augmentation services cost is around $200 per hour for developers. Based on your requirements and developers’ skills, the rates may increase.

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