A Complete Guide to Online Pharmacy App Development


Medicines are important in every house especially these days when we are faced with the limitations imposed by the challenge of COVID-19. In fact, it lets us face the difficulties of buying medicines. Health and healthcare are one of the sectors with the highest growth. With the rise of pharmacies across the street, they have been a threat to deal with. In this article we’ll discuss a Complete Guide to Online Pharmacy App Development.

Reasons Why Your Pharmacy Needs an App

Health providers need to be able to deliver on their patients’ demands in order to keep their business afloat and keep their customers coming back. Here are some reasons why your pharmacy needs an app.

1. Convenience

From wherever they are comfortable, give patients the option to refill prescriptions. You automatically reduce the hassle and increase the likelihood when they are supposed to refill their medications.

2. Saves Time

Time-saving goes hand-in-hand with convenience. If patients can refill from the palm of their hand rather than going through the process of calling or visiting the pharmacy in person, they save time and effort every time they need to refill a prescription.

3. Fewer Phone Calls

The first line of defence against phone calls is your website and the app. To prove this, ask yourself the question: How much time are you spending on the phone? How many of those calls will be required to refill prescriptions? Let them do the work for your app. Your patient refills through the app of your pharmacy for every prescription that is one less phone call you need to take. Less phone time means more face-to-face time with patients in-store

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4. Better Customer Service

Waiting in the line because somebody is on the call will make frustrate. Community pharmacies are known for their personal, first-name approach to patient assistance. You can connect with the population of patients if you having an app and who want to take medicines digitally. Who prefer to come to pharmacy physically It also frees up some of your own time to consult with those patients.

Important Factors to Consider during Online Pharmacy App Development

While developing an online pharmacy app one should consider the following factors:

  • UI/UX – while building an app, keep in mind this that the app should design user-friendly.
  • Compatibility with different platforms – Your pharmacy application should be compatible with the various devices, platforms, and software that customers may prefer to use.
  • Security and compliance –sensitive information will be included in the pharmacy app. It should therefore abide by the rules and regulations within the regions to which it is catering.
  • Scalability –You can plan the expansion of your business by increasing the user numbers. It implies a demand for scalable solutions that the experienced custom software development company can deliver as an integral part of your project.

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How to build Online Pharmacy Application?

Here are some steps to create a successful medicine delivery app:

#Step 1 Discovery Phase –

It’s important to research the competitors at this point, and k  now just what they’re missing so you can get ahead. Besides that, the target consumer expectations are listed for a more successful marketing strategy.

#Step 2 Requirements gathering-

The second step is to compile the requirements of the app. This stage generally includes consultations and thorough conversations with the intervention of experts from the technological and design departments. Its purpose is to provide the pharmacy application with a comprehensive definition of the functional and non-functional specifications.

#Step 3 Feature List –

Take the premise of your software and envision what will be a better iteration of your software. Making sure the product backlog is full of features that complement your application and serve the needs of your users

#Step 4 Prototyping –

In reality, it is the process of taking the concept and translating it into an application with some simple functions. By a prototype, it is possible to market the project to prospective customers who can actually see the real results rather than simply imagine or read product summary. The aim of providing an interactive interface prototype is to illustrate how product features are described at the end of the customer.

#Step 5 UI/UX Design –

The design of your pharmacy app should have a user-friendly and functional interface responsive to the latest UI/UX trends. Design is not only about how will your app look, but it’s about how a user will experience the app. Design is a way of making technology useful. So look for a web app developer who puts design first.

#Step 6 iOS & Android development-

Mobile developers are engaged to be working on the project at this stage. To design software that is compliant with Android devices, you’ll need mobile app development company to produce an application that runs on the Apple platform and Android experts.

#Step 7 Backend development-

We’ve entered a very fragile stage in the growth of medical smartphone applications. It means building the application’s server-side, and you’ll require professional assistance from highly qualified backend developers.

#Step 8 QA testing-

The next stage’s goal is to guarantee the pharmacy app’s error-free service, because if your app will be error-free only then it will work better. Only a trained QA team can conduct all testing processes required

#Step 9 Upload to store-

Creating a pharmacy app for patients isn’t enough. You need to properly launch your pharmacy and then help its successful existence.

Types of Pharmacy Apps

Building your app will need to match the existing online pharmacy business model and align with the strategies you are implementing in your pharmacy. You may choose between these types:

#1 Apps for Pharmacy Marketplaces

Having a marketplace business model for ordering and delivering medicine services enables nearby pharmacies to list their store in the app to avoid monopoly while at the same time benefiting all the business involved. This makes it easier for consumers to order medicinal products from local suppliers.

#2 Apps for Online Pharmacy Store

An online pharmacy store is best suited for independent pharmacies and medical businesses where the company is able to connect and interact directly with its clients. The products are sold directly through the app and are delivered directly by the stores.

#3 Apps for Pharmacy Store Chains

Having a pharmacy network application in one brand can help boost sales and loyalty of the customer.

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Features of Pharmacy App, You should have

There are four panels which are discussed below:

1. Customer Panel

  • Prescription Upload: In this feature, prescription of any customers should be easily uploaded so that pharmacists can see from their devices.
  • Easy Register/login: Login and registrations system via email, social media accounts, or telephone numbers should be easy of app.
  • Search Option: In search option try to include some advanced search filters.
  • Medicine Information: Producer prices, details, and descriptions of available medicines should be easily seen.
  • Find Substitutes: Give them information about their medication substitutes and cheaper options.
  • Refill Prescription: Customers can get their prescriptions faster with an order history feature.
  • Medicine Reminders: In this feature, Medicine intake alerts and notifications are a must-have element of the set of features.
  • Payments and Offers: In any app there should be various payment options.
  • Manage Profile: In this feature users can easily manage their profiles, mode of payment, addresses of delivery, and details of payment.

2. Admin Panel

  • Manage Inventory: It includes managing admins the event that they need to identify product expiry dates, see stock prices, and control item pricing.
  • Manage Orders: Admins should be able to monitor and track the status of all issued orders as the order process progresses.
  • Manage customers: Admins should also provide a reliable customer records database for customer information
  • Payments and Offers: This section includes payments and offers-deals and various user discount options as well as how payments are treated.
  • Content Management: Includes FAQs, conditions, and terms.
  • Marketing Tool: Admins may use this method to control ads, marketing communications, and marketing campaigns.

3. Pharmacist Panel

  • Dedicated interface: Your distributor pharmacist will use the online console to handle orders and inventories easier
  • Order Notification: Pharmacists are told of new orders via e-mail or online alert on time.
  • Digitize Prescription: Pharmacists view digital prescriptions and easily access.
  • Support: Customer support should be readily accessible for customer needs which are essential to customer satisfaction and retention.

4. Driver Panel

  • Driver Login:Drivers will easily log in using their preferred login credentials such as password, phone number, or social media accounts.
  • Driver Profile: This helps Couriers to store the history of delivery.
  • Delivery Information / Status: This functionality helps the driver to make required updates to delivery status development.
  • Map Tracking: Couriers should use maps to manage optimal route and path of distribution
  • Push Notifications: Couriers should also be able to receive notifications and alerts when placing orders.

Last words

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