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Simple Steps To Submit App On Google Play Store

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The utility of smartphones is expanding day by day, with around 60% of people utilizing them. People have seen taking their cell phones by their sides during their sleep too. Therefore, it becomes very crystal clear that smartphones are the next big thing after human life. Upload an app to google play is a very great topic in today era and today we discuss it.

Today, you may find an application for almost any other task. From getting groceries to getting medicines, everything is available through applications. The source of obtaining such apps is the tech giant’s “Google Play Store” platform. The platform contains millennial apps for almost every purpose. 

Application has also become the pioneer way to showcase and expand businesses. Any company that wants to reach maximum people upload an app to google play. Uploading the business on the play store is not a piece of cake. Only an android app development company can do it. It requires some specialities, processes, and execution also to launch it on the platform. 

People using smartphones can easily download the apps from the play store. Most of the apps are free to download on the google play store, and some need a few bucks. Everybody is aware of the basic functionality. But why is this platform so popular, and why is it created? Well, the information is explained in the below context. 

What Is Google Play Store? 

The tech giant Google had made an official release of its digital distribution services back on 22nd October 2008. Back then, it was known as Android Market. Then after four years, it released the new version termed Google Play on 6th March 2012. 

Since 2012, the platform has acquired more than 1 billion active Android users. The platform is operating in 190 countries, and the number is still counting. This is the growing number and popularity runs from rural to urban areas in the entire world. 

What Is The Total App Count On Google Play Store?

According to the latest estimation, during the first quarter of 2021, around 3.48 million apps were put to sea. It has made the play store the most acclaimed platform in the world. The rival platform Apple App Store stands at the second position with 2.22 million apps available. 

How To Download Apps From Play Store?

  • First, visit
  • Here a page will open showing you those millennial apps.
  • To download an app, type the app name in the search bar provided on the homepage.
  • Your app will appear. 
  • Click on the install option.
  • The app will start downloading in the background. 
  • Once the downloading finishes, open the app and enjoy. 

After getting an account of the platform, collecting information on downloading an app from the play store, etc., let’s look at some simple steps required to deploy an app on the play store.

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How To Add Your App To Google Play Store? 

Now that we have gained the utility of the play store, let’s jump to the context of “how to deploy apps in google play store.” Chronology is the key to get the successful submission of an app on the play store. So let’s get started!

1. Google’s Developer Console:-

You will need a Google Developer Console account to add an app to the play store. It is the initial and most crucial step for the submission. Without creating an account, you are prohibited from publishing an app on the android market. 

It is the backend part of the application submission process in the play store. You will need to pay a one-time registration fee of $25. It will then provide lots of features and performance attributes. The user then needs to provide all the credentials like name, city, permanent address, etc. It will take around 48 hours to get registered and approved by Google. 

2. Merchant Account:-

A merchant account is required to accept payments made by the users. It can be a downloading fee or any subscription plan. All the payments from the app will be deposited in the account only. Below we have provided some simple steps for setting up a merchant account:

  • Sign in for the developer’s account.
  • Go to the menu section and click on the reports.
  • From here, select the financial report.
  • Now, click on set up a merchant account. 
  • Add business details.
  • Hit the submit button. 
  • Enjoy, your merchant account has been set up. 

3. Create Application:-

It is among the other steps required to post an app on google play. Now that you’ve logged in to the developer’s account followed by the merchant account, it’s time to create an application. It also holds have a very few simple steps:

  • In the main menu, go on the “All Application” tab.
  • Here you will find “Create Application” and select it.
  • Now in the drop-down menu, choose the app’s default language.
  • Add application’s title (can be modified later on).
  • Now the final step is “Create.”

4. Google Play Store Listing:-

It is the point where you are fulfilling the “how to publish an app to google play store” query. The user is now requested to fill in pertinent details about the app which has been already prepared. It will need the following information from you:

  • Short Description (summary of the app).
  • Full Description (above 4000 characters).
  • Screenshot of the app (more than 7).
  • Hi-res Icon (the icon for Google Play & for device).
  • Feature Graphic (image if any).
  • Video Link (video of the app).
  • Application Type (gaming or other).
  • Category (business, travel, entertainment).

5. Upload App to Google Play:-

It is among the crucial steps which need App Bundle or APK, Signed App Release and Uploading them in the app. Here is how you will do it:

  • Click on the release management option.
  • Select app release.
  • Choose the type of release. 
  • Now hit the create release.
  • Follow the instructions to upload the app APK file. 

If you want to test the app, it can be possible from the options like Internal test, Closed test, or Open test. Afterwards, you feel like releasing it to the crowd, choose a production release. 

6. App Content Rating:-

The next phase in how to add an app to the play store is to provide a “Rating.” It is essential to do so because it is now marked as “Unrated.” Now, how will you rate your app on the play store? The answer is provided below:

  • You need to locate the content rating page in the left menu.
  • Click on the continue button.
  • Now enter your email address and confirm it.
  • Here you will select the app category.
  • Now fill up the survey for getting app ratings.
  • Save questionnaire. 
  • Hit the calculate rating option. 
  • Now click on the apply rating option.

7. Distribution & Pricing of App:-

The app will ask about the countries you are going to target. The reason why google asks for this thing is the app will not be available for all regions in the world. Apart from it, the app will be released for specific regions. 

Simultaneously, another condition that googles places is to be confident about your app’s pricing policies. Either it will be free to download for the users or will be paid. As after defining it, google will not allow the changes in the future.

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8. Publish The App:-

Once you have gone through every minute detail of the app, you are ready to apply in the google play store. For submitting the app, you have to follow the instructions given below:

  • Now go back to the App Release section.
  • Then you have to select Manage Production.
  • It will be then followed by Edit Release. 
  • Click on Review then.
  • Once you review the app, hit “Start Rollout To Production.”
  • The final step is to hit the “Confirm” button.
  • Here your app is submitted to the google play store.


So these were the crucial steps on How to Submit An App In Google Play Store? An app might get rejected during the submission process because google implies many conditions. But if you keep in mind the rules and regulations thoroughly, you will successfully submit the app to the play store. 

Sanjeev Agrawal

Sanjeev Agrawal

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