Common Mistakes during App Development


There’s a lot that goes into running a good app company, so missing some stuff along the way is understandable. But in an organization where every detail counts, it can really cost you sometimes. The dream of every business entrepreneur these days is to craft a good mobile app. But they make some app development common mistakes several times, resulting in poor user experience and eventually leading to application failure. Therefore, companies need to weigh different aspects to come up with an outstanding app that provides consumers with a great user experience. We have described the Common Mistakes during App Development, we see each entrepreneur makes:

1.     Construction of an app for many platforms

After all the platforms at once, one of the main mistakes that brands make is going. Of course, by having their presence on any forum, they want to make the most of it.

However, given the amount of time and resources it takes, it’s not a smart decision. In addition, you cannot get the desired findings.

You have to decide on the platform you want to go to. Each platform has its own pros and cons, be it Android, iOS, or Windows.

Android has the highest number of applications currently, followed by iOS. When selecting the platform, you must also remember the target audience. To find out which one fits your app the best, you must review all the other factors properly.

2.     Having lot of Features and Functionalities

It’s awesome to have an app with certain functions and features that are exclusive. But it’s not a clever move to want an app with all the features you can think of.

Know that the cost and time of production will add up to any new feature. The budget is going to cost more than that of a simple app to build an app with multiple features.

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In addition, you do not know for sure if these lavish qualities would be useful to consumers.

That’s why you should first start with an app that serves your business’s primary purpose. Based on the input of users, you can then slowly add new features, update and optimize them.

3.     Construction of an app without a plan to market it

We’ve all seen the impressive download numbers coming out of the app stores at this stage. But that aggregate number doesn’t mean that just by publishing it in the app store, the app can garner big downloads. In order to better market and promote a new app, businesses with existing web presence and audiences should take advantage of their properties.

While your website landing page should not be an unnecessary advertisement for your mobile app, they should know that there is an optimized mobile app already available when your customers visit your website.

4.     Lack of Effective Planning & Designing

Before assigning an app development task to any of the development companies, it is important for companies to prepare everything about their app. They need to effectively draw on their app development plan to roughly grasp how it really looks when taken to service.

5.     Ignoring and not releasing the updates to the audience

You should recognize, as an app entrepreneur, the fact that you are creating mobile applications for other people. We all know that there are different needs and desires for users, and it is hard to build an app for everyone. Before defining the roles of apps, it is important to identify the target audience. Check what consumers really want and what sort of solution they prefer before creating an app.

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There will be people who are unsatisfied with the app’s features or results even after creating an app that has demand in the field. With growth and marketing, the role of an app entrepreneur does not end. On a daily basis, the mobile app should be enhanced according to the user’s preferences. When the bugs are fixed, an update must be published so that the public is aware of the corrections.

It is not an easy job to create a great mobile app. There are several challenges that occur when designing and app marketing. You would improve the chances of making a successful app that is covered by the press and is well monetized by preventing the above mentioned errors.

6.     Creation of apps that use a great deal of space

Compared to the desktop, mobile has minimal capacities, from storage to battery, and size to functionality. These limitations must be understood by a mobile app development company and mobile apps must be created that suit user’ needs but still function on the intended devices.

Not paying attention to the scale of the app is one of the worst errors that mobile app developers can make. After all if so much space is taken up by an app, it has a high risk of being uninstalled.

Optimize all your web properties, break down your APK and do some code obfuscation in order to reduce the size of your mobile application.. You can take a few steps here:

  • Removing unused resources
  • Resources reuse
  • Reduce the resources of library services
  • Supporting particular densities only
  • Crunching PNG files
  • Using the WebP file format
  • PNG and JPEG file compression
  • Reduce unnecessary code specifications

Last words…

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