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Top 10 Web App Development Companies

Web App Development Companies

Businesses nowadays are looking for better and faster ways that can help them resonate with their customers’ changing behaviours and expectations. Web applications are among the solutions that can offer unparalleled customer experience. So modern-day businesses are focusing on getting one such web app solution that can benefit them in the long run. The market is crowded with a large number of Web App Development Companies capable of delivering efficient web app solutions. The problem is how to find the best web app development company that can help attain all the benefits of web apps. 

To help you out, we have compiled a list of top web app development companies that can help your business get the desired web app solution. 

Top Web App Development Companies

1. DreamSoft4u:

Founded: 2003

Location: India

Employees: 50-249

Pricing: <$25-$49/hr

DreamSoft4u is an industry-leading custom software development company in India. With a vast experience of 15+ years in the development sector, the company facilitates its client base with various development services, including mobile app development, web app development, digital marketing, mHealth apps development etc. 

For your scalable, robust, and secure web app project needs, you can consult DreamSoft4u and leverage its best-in-class web app development services as it is a reliable contender with extensive experience and expertise. Also, the company delivers the bespoke product within the given timeframe and at optimum pricing. 

2. `ValueCoders:

Founded: 2004

Location: India

Employees: 400-450

It is one of the most sought-after web development companies in India. The company facilitates modern-day businesses with the hiring ease of web developers and designers for their custom web app or website development project requirements. 

They can choose the best fit and form a dedicated team from its vast talent pool of web developers. The web app project on which the hired web developers will work will be cutting-edge in terms of technologies and trends. 

Also, the delivered end-product will be fruitful for the customer’s business. Therefore, ValueCoders remains highly demanded in web app development projects. 

3. PixelCrayons:

Founded: 2004

Location: India

Employees: 400+

Pricing: Starting from $12/hr

PixelCrayons is another strongest contender that facilitates hiring web developers and designers from India for your web app development requirements. You can consider PixelCrayons as it possesses over 18 years of industry experience and registers its name among the country’s best IT outsourcing companies. 

Since its inception in 2004, PixelCrayons has delivered the best of its work to 4800+ customers in more than 38+ countries. And, it became possible thanks to its experienced team of designers and developers, who understand clients’ requirements and hands-over bespoke end-products fulfilling all their project requirements.  

Businesses ranging from startups to small-scale businesses or established enterprises can consider PixelCrayons for their web app development companies projects. 

4. B2C Info Solutions:

Founded:  2012

Location: India

Employees: 50-249

Pricing: <$25/hr

B2C Info Solutions is a globally acknowledged mobile app development company with offices operating in the USA, UK, Singapore, and India. Besides mobile app development, the company provides a comprehensive range of IT services. Including website development, software development, digital transformations, SAP consulting, among others.  

Even the company provides the facility of hiring dedicated resources for your specific project requirements as the company possesses the best pool of talent with a minimum experience of 5+ years. This translates into a simplified development of scalable and extensive mobile app or web app solutions and software development. Therefore, businesses prefer B2C Info Solutions as a technology partner for their custom web app solutions’ needs. 

5. Dev Technosys: 


Location: India

Employees: 50-249

Pricing: $25-$49/hr

With over 10+ years of core experience in website development services, Dev Technosys is a promising web app development company. It provides businesses (startups, SMBs, and established enterprises) worldwide with its bespoke web development services. Including custom website development, enterprise web app solutions, eCommerce solutions, and others. 

Utilizing the extensive expertise of Dev Technosys, one can get its hands over a finished web app solution within less possible time and cost-effective pricing. Not only the delivered end-product will be visually stunning, but it will also be furnished with advanced features based on the latest technology standards. Therefore, considering Dev Technosys for your next web app development project would be the right choice for your organization. 

6. Konstant Infosolutions:

Founded: 2003

Location: India

Employees: 50-249

Pricing: <25/hr

Konstant Infosolutions is a renowned software development services company with offices in the USA and India. The company avails its global clientele of various development services associated with web and mobile applications. Even the company has expertise in e-commerce development, IoT, cloud computing, and mobile & wearables, among others. 

Having worked with hundreds of startups, small-medium enterprises, and top brands, a top-notch web and mobile app development company claims it provides the right business outcomes 5times faster than the competitors to its clients to monetize their business effectively. The company has vast industry experience and can be a right fit for any industry vertical business looking for web development services.  

7. Radixweb:

Founded: 2000

Location: India and USA

Employees: 50-249


Founded in 2000. Radixweb is a globally acclaimed software development company for its custom software development companies. The company has a proven track record of completing 4200+ software projects within 21+ years at a 98% on-time, on-budget project delivery rate. Other than software development, the company offers mobile app development, cloud application development, and DevOps services among its full spectrum of development services. 

The company believes in handing over its global clientele a software solution capable of transforming, accelerating, optimizing, and automating your business—the company prides itself on its workforce, which consists of diverse, passionate professionals about deliver swift and radical changes. One can consider and trust any sort of software, mobile app, and web app development services on this globally acknowledged software development company.  

8. Net Solutions:

Founded: 2000

Location: India

Employees: 250-999

Pricing: $25-$49/hr

Established in 2000, Net Solutions is a strategic design & build consultancy that focuses on collaborating creative design thinking with agile software development to deliver its clientele award-winning digital products and platforms. The company believes in delivering a digital experience with its bespoke products and platforms so that your customers can easily engage with the design and love to use your product. 

Other than software development, the company offers mobile app development, website development, web app development, Google Cloud development, and chatbot development. One can take its outstanding services and elevate their business towards success as the company has already supported many startups, enterprises, and established business organizations with its digital products. 

9. Appsshoppy:

Founded: 2010

Location: India

Employees: 50-249

Pricing: $25-$49/hr

With over ten years of experience in crafting best-in-class web and mobile app solutions, Appsshoppy easily manages to make space in the list of top 10 web app development companies in 2022. Till now, the company has delivered hundreds of projects to its clientele across diverse industry verticals within more than 14 countries. 

The company deeply understands your niche requirements and references to offer you a higher notch of value and service to address your modern business needs. And it becomes possible thanks to its highly qualified, experienced, and dynamic professionals who efficiently use their skills and technical knowledge to deliver high-end solutions. Among its services, website development and mobile app development always remain on priority. The company is renowned for providing best-in-breed web and mobile app solutions at cost-effective pricing. 

10. Prismetric:

Founded: 2008

Location: India, USA, Brazil, Qatar, HongKong

Employees: 50-249

Pricing: <25/hr

Prismetric is an IT outsourcing company that has been empowering businesses with its technology solutions through the years. The company has vast experience of more than 12 years of delivering top-notch web and mobile app solutions that reflect your business intentions and offer robust business growth. Apart from web development, and mobile app development, the company offers eCommerce development, software development, blockchain development, IoT, SAP, and big data services. 

Till now, the company has delivered several globally acknowledged projects that can easily be witnessed in its portfolio. Also, the company’s workforce, including talented and experienced designers, developers, QA, and other professionals, along with its competitive pricing, makes the brand worthy of consideration for your upcoming web app development project. 

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Time and Money Investment in Web App Development 

Clients demand an idea of the approximate time and money investment needed to develop professional web applications. On average, if you look for the cost of development, it may vary from $20,000-$80,000 depending on the publicity of the domain and UX UI Development. Additionally, this price can also increase or decrease depending on the features and design of the domain because a simple website could be much cheaper with low functionalities. Still, a professional complex domain can cost a lot of investment to the client.

In contrast, the time spent on web development is directly proportional to the complexity of the web application. A professional Web developer can create a more straightforward domain within 15 to 20 days, whereas a complex application can take 3 to 8 months. It’s just an estimated idea, but when you choose a perfect company, they will give you the correct estimate of time and investment based on your ideas about the domain.

Web application development benefits.

As more companies ditch outdated, buggy desktop software that they have been using for over a decade, web applications and PWAs are gaining popularity.

  1. Web apps can be used on different platforms without concern about compatibility with OS or devices, as long as the system is not very old.
  2. Users should only use the most recent version to avoid compatibility issues
  3. Reduce IT security risks. Your web app can be run on any browser without additional privileges.
  4. Eliminating legacy desktop software can reduce the cost and burden of your support and maintenance staff.


Hope all this information will be helpful for you to understand the necessity of web app development and what is the best approach to connect with the developers team. Additionally, we shared a list of the top 10 companies that are ultimately performing in the IT sector, and you can make a perfect choice based on your requirements and get your own customized web app software. Wait no longer to empower your business through a perfect website app in the comparative market space and build a professional business model.


Q1: What App Development Services can I get?

We offer a complete range of mobile app development services.

  • App design, 
  • App cloud migration, 
  • App testing services, and 
  • App modernization services. 

We are experts in ReactNative, Xamarin, HTML5, Cordova, Ionic, Nativescript, and more.  We have 19+ years of experience,  serving 1000+ clients across the globe. 

Q2: How can I hire a DreamSoft4u team or developers?

Our hiring models are flexible. They make your app development experience seamless. You can hire a full team of developers from us. Or even pick and choose experts as per your needs. We offer staff augmentation services too- hourly, monthly, and project basis. 

Q3: How can I share my project requirements?

To connect with us simply visit our Contact Us page, share the details in the form, and our team will get in touch with you ASAP. 

Q4:  Do you sign an NDA?

Yes, we do sign one. Your data confidentiality is always a priority for us.

Q5. How much does it cost to develop a web app?

Web app development costs are influenced by several variables, such as features, complexity, and the team’s location. While feature-rich, enterprise-level applications might cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, simple apps can start at a few thousand dollars.

Q6. What are some of the latest trends in web app development?

The world of web development is always changing. Progressive web applications (PWAs), which give app-like functionality without the need for downloads, artificial intelligence for customization and chatbots, and an emphasis on improved security and accessibility are a few noteworthy trends.

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