Medical Billing Software Features You Must Need

Medical Billing Software Features You Must Need


Front-edge web-based Medical Billing Software allows medical organizations to customize their coding and billing process to expand profitability, reduce errors and accelerate claim reimbursements. However, every practice and medical facility needs software that is flexible and fit for their organization, that allows them a customized billing and procedure and process. To understand the use of telemedicine, here are some medical billing software features you must need for the financial stability of an enterprise.

What is Medical Billing Software?

In short, medical billing software is a computer application that automates the healthcare billing process. The first step in ensuring you get billing right is registering your patients. Medical claims management includes all the paperwork for patient diagnosis, treatments, and medications. Medical billing software helps process electronic and hard-copy data, so you know what patients owe and what costs insurance companies will cover.

What are 3 different types of medical billing systems in healthcare?


A closed system does not promote transfers, whereas it focuses more on one singular practice. Electronic Medical Records, also known as EMRs, are an example of a closed system. A closed system does not allow any kind of collaboration between doctors and other healthcare facilities. 


It allows transfers between healthcare practices, facilities, professionals, etc.


It is eliminated from all healthcare facilities, practices and physicians. Personal Health Records, or PHRs, are commonly used in isolated medical billing systems. All patients store their healthcare records safely, which are designed and managed by them. These isolated records are kept separately and should not replace EHRs or EMRs; it is simply to help the patient manage their health information.

Medical Billing Software Features

Medical billing software  features

1. Patient Pre-Registration

This is a huge time-saver to have all new patients complete intake forms and provide insurance information before their first appointment. It saves you and the patient time to discuss the policies in the office before their first appointment with you, and you’ll be able to verify their insurance before they arrive.

2. Appointment Scheduling Features

No one looks for the physical calendars anymore now. Applications are available there to schedule appointments online, especially for doctors. Gone are those days when you had to wait long for your medical checkup.

The ideal scheduling system displays appointments and other periods when your doctor is unavailable. Generally, busy periods and appointments are coloured differently, ensuring you can view the daily schedule easily. Hospitals can ease out their patient scheduling system by implementing it into already existing EMR and EHR software.

  • Appointment Scheduling for Patient
  • Scheduling of Physician
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Colour-Coded Scheduling
  • Appointment Waitlist

3. Automating Electronic Claim Process

This processing is an affordable medical billing solution that immediately sends the claim to another party. This software also permits the provider to post outlay at the point of care to accelerate filing. These solutions authorize insurance to entitle verification and permit the billing agent and the providers to process the claim according to the requirements of other insurance enterprises.

  • Electronic Claims Processing
  • Insurance Payers Listing
  • Tracking
  • Scrubbing
  • Claim History
  • Paper/Paperless Claims Collections
  • Claim Reconciliations
  • Electronic Remittance Advice and Alerts

Besides these electronic claim processes, the electronic tracking facet permits the finance teams to update cash flow management activity and Surveil medical claims. This medical billing software feature also has another benefit: it makes efficient internal analysis and auditing reports that can be created for unexpectedly assigned claims for patient and population criteria.

4. Promptly Resolve Repeated Errors

Comprehensive, accurate medical records are the key to perfect billing and coding. Medical billing software solutions with web-based interfaces enable providers to access stored data throughout the medical organization. Strong search capabilities help coders make well-informed decisions about ICD-10 coding for maximum reimbursement and speed up the claim life cycle, which means there are fewer repeated errors.

 The efficient workflow pattern helps to improve the billing collection, and it is the best medical billing software that offers guidance to upgrade internal efficiency and productivity.

In the healthcare industry, every organization needs enormous capabilities and aspects that depend on size, the organization’s structure, patient-client, and the care delivery model.  Each facility of medical can benefit from these aspects. This billing lessens the payroll cost and rejection error and ameliorates the cash flow.

  • These aspects help to ameliorate the repeated negative processing patterns and coding precision
  • The billing software braces the high security, compliance, and risk management protocol. It lessens the medical organization’s financial exposure of all sizes, whether major hospital systems or independent physicians.

5. Accounting & Financial Management

This is the most important feature of the billing software. If you use the money for your practice, you require accounting software. The headache of trying to manage it in-house without some kind of software help isn’t worth it!

Some EHR software offers a medical accounting module, but some practices prefer a separate medical billing software solution. Allowing patients to pay for visits and prescriptions online will make their lives much easier, and the functionality for automating the revenue cycle will do the same for your office staff.

  • Payroll
  •  Timesheets
  •  Accounts Payable and Receivable
  •  Multiple Claims
  •  Outstanding Payments
  •  Write-Off Payments
  •  Online Bill Pay
  •  Credit Card Processing
  •  Revenue Cycle Automation

6. Credit Card Payments

Credit card payment methods have become very common these days. Many patients prefer credit cards for payment. And it makes sense to choose billing software that makes accepting credit cards online and in person easy.

Fortunately, many billing software providers include credit card payments as core functionality. It’s a bonus if it saves you money with processing fees and makes it easier for your front office staff to process.

7. Encryption and Security

As a healthcare provider, you have a legal and ethical duty to protect your patient’s electronic medical records in compliance with HIPAA regulations. Any medical billing software you consider must have top-of-the-line security features.

All EMRs you collect and store on behalf of your patients must be encrypted and protected by strong passwords. Since many medical billing solutions are in the cloud, you must be confident that your patients can trust you to keep their information safe when storing and transmitting it on the web.

8. Surveil risk and regulate HIPAA Compliance

For data security purposes, your Medical billing software should be HIPAA compliant. To ensure they follow best practices, healthcare enterprises must continuously examine their billing procedure and processes. This software consists of persistent refurbishing that alleviates coding and compliance risk to increase the profitability and efficiency of an organization.

These Healthcare IT Solutions provide the organization with many features that allow them to be qualitative and quantitative data aggregators, report generation, and share information in safe and secure surroundings whether they practice in meaningful use incentive programs or are anxious about screening patient data security and privacy.


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5. Will the medical billing software integrate with my existing EHR system?

Our solutions integrate seamlessly with most existing EHR systems. However, our team will perform a compatibility test first and then make necessary adjustments, if needed, to ensure simple integration with your EHR system.

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