How to Develop a Telemedicine Application in 2022? The Startup Edition

How to Develop a Telemedicine Application in 2022? The Startup Edition

Telemedicine Application

The healthcare industry has put on the 9th cloud with the emergence of Telemedicine services during the pandemic. It allows patients to remain at their place and get affordable healthcare. IT company targeting the technological background, now upfront developing Telemedicine Application. But many startups are still struggling with “how to develop telemedicine applications?

So, here is a guide that will help the startup founders, entrepreneurs, and managers to know the following things:

  • Why is Telemedicine best for your startup now?
  • The product value of Telemedicine.
  • Use of the product value in your application.
  • Creating a telemedicine application.
  • Cost to develop a telemedicine app.
  • How are you going to find a trustworthy technical team?

Therefore, let’s begin our hunt to develop telemedicine apps for startups!

Why is Telemedicine Best for Your Startup?

Since 2019, Telemedicine has gained a high boom in the healthcare industry. Professional physicians, healthcare providers, and decision-makers have highly supported Telemedicine application development. So, why does any startup need Telemedicine? The answer is right below! 

1. The Pandemic

The below crucial points will elaborate on the success of the platform. One can easily make up their mind about building a telemedicine app for a startup.

  • Increment of telemedicine users, medical professionals, and patients by 100 times.
  • About 60% to 70% of US adults utilize the telemedicine app in their daily lives.
  • Easy to access knowledge about any health-related issues.

The unexpected outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the poor roots of traditional healthcare systems worldwide. Thus, it created room for urgent healthcare advancement, and the outcome was Telemedicine services. 

2. Venture Investments at Boom

By witnessing the overwhelming response to Telemedicine, the experts believe that the market will reach $175,5 billion by 2026. Moreover, the telehealth sector will increase at a CAGR of 22.67%. In addition to it, about 83% of healthcare companies are planning to invest in telehealth app development.

The statistics prove that the telemedicine market has received the most investment since the pandemic. And hence, telemedicine app development services will also boom in the upcoming years.

It has opened up the door for investors to invest in healthcare. The health sector worldwide is not only exaggerating in terms of revenue but also employment. It includes medical equipment, hospitals, medicine, etc. The changes in the health sector do not occur in the country only but also in the world. The whole world focuses on healthcare and supports other countries also who do not have a healthcare structure.



 According to the report of the industrial policy and promotion department, the health sector has attracted FDI of $6.8 billion from April 2000 to April 2018. The center is also planning to increase its GDP contribution to healthcare to 3% by 2022. Moreover, the health sector is attracting investors from all domains.

What Are The Benefits of Telemedicine App


Telemedicine apps have benefited both physicians & patients. Some of the advantages are listed below:

Telemedicine Application

For Physician: 

  • Doctors can monitor patients efficiently. 
  • They will have all the records of patients’ health by date. They are also able to keep the medical history of the patients.
  • Specialist doctors can’t reach every corner of the country. But, with the help of the telemedicine app, it is now possible.
  • Through apps, doctors have every detail of the patients that help the doctor in decision-making.
  • It saves time for the doctors.

 For Patients:

  • Patients can easily connect with the doctors through mobile and get medicine in a couple of minutes.
  • It saves your time, money, and energy from traveling.
  • Now, the patients have easy access to consult specialist doctors.
  • The patients will get satisfaction. The apps give you 24/7 services.



How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Telemedicine Application?

The Telemedicine App Development Cost depends upon several factors. The factors may include requirements, developer skills, estimated time, location, technology, etc. According to an estimated view, the development cost varies from $75,000 to $2,50,000

Moreover, the time to build telemedicine apps is three months to 12 months. Different types of telemedicine applications cost different. There are mainly three types of telemedicine apps:

  1. Store-and-forward 
  2. Remote monitoring, 
  3. Real-time interactive.



How to Develop A Telemedicine App From Scratch for a Startup?

There are many phases of developing the telemedicine app:

Discovery phase

It plays a crucial role in developing telemedicine applications. It eliminates all the uncertainties of the application. The development phase includes:

  • Software requirements specifications
  • The clickable prototype
  • The project goals, technology stack, and feature list
  • The project blueprint.

The technical walkthrough

It requires good planning, proper timing, and execution. For this, you have to develop an MVP. The MVP ensures the quality of the application. There are lists of technical features that must be in the MVP. For different versions of telemedicine applications have different MVPs.

  • Database design
  • Security module
  • High load user flow



How Does Telemedicine Application Make Money?

There are many ways to generate money from telemedicine applications. These are:

1.) Subscription model- Doctors and patients have to pay a fee to use the applications.

2.) Advertisement model- through in-app ads

3.) Reference model- through this model, it will not pay initially. It will pay you at a later stage.

4.) Franchising model- you can distribute applications overseas as a franchise.

Crucial Features in Telemedicine Application


Telemedicine Application

Features for the patient’s mobile app:

The following features should have in the patient’s mobile application:

  • User Profile: Register through their profile
  • Location: know the hospitals and pharmacies nearby
  • Medical Records: Maintaining entire medical history
  • Communication ways: Connect to the doctor via chat, video call, etc.
  • Doctor reviews: To know the efficiency of the doctors. The patients show the efficiency of the doctors by giving them stars or reviews, and it will help other patients to know about the doctors and their skills.
  • Payment gateways: For free and secure transactions. The payment process makes easy.

Features for the doctor’s web app

  • Doctor profile: Register through their profile and provide their information. Doctors can share their experiences and education in a specific field.
  • Managing appointments: Manage their appointment list. Doctors can shift their appointment according to their availability.
  • Scheduling: Schedule their time according to their wish.
  • Medical records: Able to access the medical history of patients. It will help the doctors to understand the current and previous conditions of patients.
  • Communication medium: Communicate with patients through chat, video-calling, calls, audio calls, etc.
  • Prescriptions: To prescribe medicine to patients.
  • Payment management: To get the fees from patients for their service



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 Features for the Admin’s webApp:

  • Personal profiles management: Each admin must have a profile. The admin can access and track the modifications. It maintains control over the features.
  • Doctor profiles management: An admin will be able to access doctors’ profile and manage it. It can access through the admin panel.
  • Patient profiles management: An admin can access and manage patients’ profiles like doctors. The admin can see the patients’ profiles, medical records, financial history, etc.
  • Analytics: An admin can understand what’s going on with the application through the admin panel.
  • Notifications Management: Both the doctors and patients receive updates through notifications. They also get relevant dates, alerts for appointments, policy updates, etc.
  • EHR System Integration: Admin can see the recent changes to a patient’s medical data. It will help with any issues or concerns.


Telemedicine app development is not a cakewalk as it seems over the Internet. But, yes, the outcomes are indeed good. It will give you a good amount of return. So, it is the right time for startups to invest in these applications. These apps are in huge demand for telemedicine applications in the market. If you are willing to invest or develop it, it is the right to do so. 

But, before it, you have to go through all the research about the apps. We have shared a detailed account of the telemedicine app startup edition. So before investing, you have to clarify your thoughts regarding challenges and concepts for developing telemedicine applications. The only. You are good to go.



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