Wowwii e-Commerce App -

Wowwii e-Commerce App

Wowwii e-Commerce App

Wowwii is an e-Commerce website that offers buying and selling of products online. It offers multi-vendor support with high-end commissions and surplus. The system offers MLM/Affiliate features with customization available. The website also allows any user to buy anything without becoming a member.

What Does Our Wowwii App Do?

Firstly, any person can purchase and then follow the MLM/Affiliate pattern for business progress. The company allows users to be sole business owners known as IBO. There are various procedures for working with outstanding commissions. Other exciting features of the WOWWII app are given below.


Different Slabs for Commission


Nine Types of Payout


Site Replication


Choose From Category & Sub-Category

What Are The Characteristics Of The Wowwii Application?

Wowwii app works like an e-commerce platform that offers various products with the best deals and discounts. People get what they want with exciting offers and quick payment options. Users can view products under various categories and subcategories, and whatnot.

Responsive website

Multivendor with products from various brands.

Auto payout calculation

Auto tree generate

Rank management of users based on their levels

Package management

Genealogy details

Bonus management

Various reports for users and admin of the site.

Easy navigation of each product

What Is Our Expertise In Building WowiiI Application ?

Dreamsoft4u offers any user the freedom to run a business like Wowwii with all the customization possible. Secondly, you have got all the options that are available top-notch e-commerce business.

  • View product detail easily
  • Swift add to cart options
  • Easy user logins
  • Credit/Debit card facilities
  • Another authentic payment option
  • Dashboard with deals & offers
  • The facility of reward points
  • In-built facility for cashbacks
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Why Choose Us For e-Commerce App Development Like Wowwii ?

Dependency on the mobile app for doing any task has raised the bars for e-Commerce app development. Our team of developers gives their best to reach the set standards in the development and bring some incredible applications.


Massive experience in building apps


Team of professional developers


Domestic & international projects


Hold onto new technology


Understanding of platform suitability


Customization as per business need


Integration in the existing suite


Operating Around the globe

Whenever any business is put on the internet, it might think of having an app. Well, this is the optimized business and get a successful audience reach. People also offer a quick reaction towards the app rathar than that of the website.

  • Highly optimized apps
  • Personalized experience
  • Well-designed structure
  • Retention of new clients
  • No hustle & bustle
  • Choose from different options
  • Improves reliability

Such e-Commerce app like Wowwii gives a fantastic social media engagement to your business. People often share the product links, discuss their experiences, and creates fruitful brand awareness.

  • Integration of social media
  • Customer engagement
  • Powerful advertising
  • Getting the attention of potential clients
  • Push notification
  • Special offering
  • Giveaways & Discounts

Being the most flexible and user-friendly apps, yet their implementation may seem expensive. But not to worry, the expense comes with some perks. These apps swiftly pay off, and you may cover up the expense just in time.

  • Right concept to drive client
  • Client engagement for more orders
  • More order leads to more earning
  • Alerts for increasing sales
  • Marketing promotions for brand value
  • New & old returning customer
  • Timely discounts for advance sales
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We ensure to provide the best and unique service to our clients, fulfilling their requirements. We don’t say it, but our clients speak on behalf of us.

Development Process DS4U Follows For Wowwii e-Commerce App

  • Requirement Analysis

  • UX/UI Designing

  • Development

  • Quality Analysis

  • Deployment and Delivery

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