Employee Staff Portal

Employee Staff Portal

An employee staff portal is a tool that falls under the human resource department. It controls all the employee activity and acts as a code of conduct for the organization’s staff. Our team of dreamsoft4u offers a highly scalable employee portal or its integrations at a very affordable process. One can highly recommend the software to others as well.

What Stand Outs Our Employee Staff Portal From Others?

It is the quality hours spent by the developers in the preparation of software. Moreover, they hold a grasp on the latest technology, platform suitability, and other paramount understanding. It makes our software and integration perform well and establishes us as the ultimate option for staffing portal development.


Easy staff management


Scalable documentation


Internal job posting


Latest updates

What Are The Common Features Of Our Employee Staffing Portal ?

Before you get a hand at our software, let us show you some of the exciting features of our suite. It will make your HR activities more effective. Simultaneously, you will be astonished after seeing the progress it will deliver to you and your employees.

Employee directory

Employee handbook

Policy management

Swift requests & approvals

Beneficial update

Learning management

Payroll and compensation news

Attendance track

Reward & recognition

Appraisal policies

What Makes Us Experts In HR Portal Development ?

Expertise in software and integration depends on the shoulders of the developers. Similarly, the technology we utilize gives a very smooth working over the software. So let us take you on a tour of our expertise.

  • Premium job segment
  • Free consultation
  • A direct approach to the HR dept.
  • Quick uploading of job posting
  • Lag-free portal
  • Swift response submission
  • Hassle-free navigation
  • Alerts for new jobs
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Reasons To Choose Us for Your Employee Portal Integration or Development

With the extensive work quality and a team of highly qualified staff, it becomes smooth to deliver a sustainable, restorative software to the businesses. More reasons you can check by the below points.


15+ years of experience


A highly qualified team of professionals


Building high-class employee portal


Client centric dashboard building


On-demand customization


Educating on each step


Technical support


After sales service

Key to every effective management is a good communication. It is achievable only when an employee and the human resource department can interact equally. Similarly effective communication can engage more staff in other activities.

  • Easy interactions
  • Create non-confrontational space
  • Good sharing of ideas and express
  • Easy acknowledgment of success
  • Easy access to document
  • Access to financial calendar
  • Policies & other benefits

The human resource portal works as the bridge between the employee and the department. It offers all the functioning of the company at one place. Simultaneously, asks the employee to act accordingly.

  • Bulletin board for announcements
  • Mass communication by portal
  • Engagement in hierarchy
  • Easy logins of attendance
  • Swift enrollments of employee
  • Paid time off requests
  • Simple candidate evaluation
  • Now that you have company’s vision and mission, you can achieve it with a smart hr portal. Employee portals are the best way eradicating unnecessary communication, disputes, and other mischievous activities.

    • Building blocks for scalable growth
    • Higher management
    • Forecasting future requirements
    • Making plans and policies
    • Achieving the set vision & mission
    • Overcoming the disputes
    • Creating new infrastructure for working
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    Development Process DS4U Follows For Employee Staff Portal

    • Requirement Analysis

    • UX/UI Designing

    • Development

    • Quality Analysis

    • Deployment and Delivery

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