Clinic Tracker Development

Clinic Tracker is the best practice management software

BCapture Healthcare Insurance App in the healthcare sector. It is extensively known for its integration to EHR, billing systems of healthcare providers. It smoothly fulfills all the requirements of the healthcare premises. Our team of dreamsoft4u offers facilities like packages of telehealth, social services, and many more. It leads to the successful display and flow of healthcare business in the market.

What Does Clinic Tracker Do ?

Electronic Health Records (EHR), billing softwares, practice management, and whatnot are covered under the Clinic Tracker facility. It automates all the clinic processes like clinic routines, increasing billing efficiency, etc. A clinic tracker is a must-have suite in the healthcare premises to keep track of secondary activities and focus on the primary ones.


University training clinics


Family counseling service


Equine assisted therapy


Eating disorder clinics

What Features Does Clinic Tracker Covers For Healthcare Providers ?

A clinic trackers as mentioned above is the key to best healthcare practice management software. It contains several features that are required accelerate working and induce effective management at each work levels. The features includes:

Paperless administration

Increased efficiency & productivity

Improved efficiency of doctors & practitioners

Authentic quality of medical error

High and more accuracy is assured

Integrated system support

Better coordination b/w department

Easy access to patient health information

Anytime accessiblity to patient records


Our Expertise In Clinic Tracker Development

The development process involves the below given expertise which makes us stand out among top-notch company. The tracker provides sustainability, scalable performance, high revenues. Following our the expert covers in our clinic tracker development.

  • Cost effective
  • Swift service
  • Sustainable tool
  • It proves you are technically adept
  • Improves data security
  • Quick integration
  • Magnificent billing environment
  • Financial reporting
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Why Choose Us

Picking us for your practice management system will benefit you in many ways. We have served the healthcare sector through mind and soul. We have achieved a place wherein healthcare tool development has become our forte.


EMR facility


15+ extensive years of experience


Significant clinical record management




Customizable workflows


Executive dashboard


Payroll management tool


Accounting integration

A practice management system is known for the integration facilities it gives with other medical tools. It offers EMR, EHR, PMS, etc., integrations. Following are the benefits that come under the clinic tracker software.

  • Accounting platform
  • Task management system
  • CRM integrations
  • Electronic health records
  • Best third party solutions
  • PMS integration
  • Integration via API

The significant advantage of deploying a practice management system is to simplify workflows in the healthcare premises. A feature-rich clinic tracker can regulate and optimize monetary aspects, inventory as well, and whatnot.

  • Scheduling and tracking appointments
  • Inventory management
  • Crucial activity management
  • Billing and financial analysis
  • Patient portal
  • Details of readmission
  • Appointment cancellation
  • Clinic trackers are also capable of showcasing staff performance on mobile devices. It lets your employees perform their daily activities on cell phones to keep a sustainable track.

    • Daily tasks at cell phones
    • Reveiwing & editing PHI
    • Sharing patient’s data with fellow mates
    • Push notification
    • Instant health alerts
    • Health charts and reporting
    • Compatibility with both iOS & Android.
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    Development Process DS4U Follows For Clinic Tracker Development

    • Requirement Analysis

    • UX/UI Designing

    • Development

    • Quality Analysis

    • Deployment and Delivery

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